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  1. It's clear that this is a company in decline. Apple introduced several features today that will hasten that demise. That's what Evernote gets for not listening to the users. I've been with the service for years, but I have turned off subscription autorenew.
  2. The addition of the Home screen (and that users are forced to use it) is a bug. Please log this as a SEV1.
  3. Evernote team - can we see a "Legacy" build that works on the M1 Macs? Many of us don't want to upgrade to v10 as long as it uses Electron.
  4. So the price for being a free user is that you get a buggy and bloated experience with less fidelity?
  5. If the future is Electron, then there's nothing they can do to fix the situation. It's a regressive steaming pile of bugs and sloth.
  6. I guess I'll only temporarily be a customer then. Folks, the problem here is that the Evernote development team unwisely chose to essentially wrap the Evernote web page in Electron. Ask them why they need code to support Xbox joysticks in Evernote. I bet they can't come up with a good reason.
  7. You say "legacy," I say "functioning." Electron is a non-starter. Long-time customer now looking to migrate.
  8. Let's be honest. Electron is a game changer, for the worse. I've been using Evernote for years, but now I will try to re-install the old version until I can migrate off. This article sums up the problem nicely: Electron is Flash for the desktop. Why does a note-taking program need code for Xbox 360 controllers? That is the definition of bloat.
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