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Duplicate Notes get created automatically!

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I was simply typing in a note for approximately 2 hours. When I was done editing it, I could see that 3 duplicate notes got created automatically. Each of the duplicate notes was created at different times. For example if I wanted to write 100 lines in my note. When I was done, I would see multiple notes created with the same file name automatically - one with all 100 sentences, 2nd with 70 sentences, 3rd with 50 sentences, etc.. I never created any "duplicate copy" of any note 'manually' myself deliberately.

I am afraid this unpredictability in Evernote should not delete my precious note(s) altogether someday! Please have a look at the timestamps of all the notes (encircled in red) in the attached screenshot and suggest.

Evernote issue.png

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OK, if you're using Evernote in Chrome, you may want to look a the Web client beta forums. There have been previous reports of this issue, going back almost a year:



I haven't experienced it in my use of the Web beta. I suspect it may relate to the browser--EN seems to have issues with Chrome; I don't know about Safari.

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This is still happening on the web client (Chrome). do you have plans to fix this ? Or I should use OneNote or some other software?  Having to delete duplicate note every 2-3 minute isn't a feasible work-around.  P.S.  I'm on LAN, not wifi.   

Does this work on other browser?

(Sorry I replied on an older thread)

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