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  1. Ok this is madness! Dupes x10. I'm submittinga ticket. No fixie. Evenote becomes NEVERnote in my book.
  2. To chime in on this matter for the recent record: Never before have I had a duplicate note problem in Evernote until this past week on October 19th. Before I go into my details, I'll note that I am working from a Windows 10 Pro laptop with the downloaded version of the Evernote App, version copied from the About Evernote tab under Help in the app menu shown here: 10.47.7-win-ddl-public (3730) Editor: v159.2.19536 Service: v1.59.4 © 2019 - 2022 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved Also note that I don't use the web app so I know this was not open while this happened, and my phone app wasn't open either because I rarely use that right now being between jobs. Anyhow... So, a few days ago I had created two notes that I was bouncing back and forth between as I was researching a couple of topics at once. Both notes were open in their own windows and expanded completely to fill my entire screen on one monitor, while doing my research on another. What I didn't realize that was behind the scenes in my Evernote app window, each of these notes were being duplicated - so that I ended up with 4 copies of each note. And at the top of the app screen - a thin blue bar appeared and it still appears right now even when I've dismissed it once it keeps coming back even when I'm not actively viewing, selecting, nor have open a version of this referenced note. I've attached a screenshot of the alert message. For those who can't view the attachment, it reads as follows: "We found more than one version of NOTEBOOK TITLE . You can view the alternate here." Note that the underlined instances of text within this message is linked to the referenced note. I viewed the Note Info and Note History for one set of notes and it's seems that the original version was the only one that I ever edited or updated. As for the 3 duplicates, each shows that the CREATED date/time and UPDATED date/time are the same dates/times - and they were created in a quick succession...so, something was happening in the short span of time to create 3 copies of my note. Who knows what I was doing then. ORIGINAL Tuesday, Oct 18, 2022, 10:25 PM Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 7:39 PM DUPE 1 Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 6:49 AM Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 6:49 AM DUPE 2 Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 6:49 AM Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 6:49 AM DUPE 3 Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 6:50 AM Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022, 6:50 AM Next I exported my log files and extracted them. Opened my code/text editor and started searching for the time code, but that was too tedious, so I began looking the link components - here's what I see of the links for each of these notes - the original and 3 duplicates. Comparing each link I find that each component is the same between all four of them - except for this string of characters in the section that I typed in RED, as shown the original link in the list below. evernote:///view/199451362/s349/ d7f479e5-0aa7-a53d-ccaf-07d869f26abd/ c5a6781d-3ac5-4f56-8e16-c1ee709ee21f - ORIGINAL evernote:///view/199451362/s349/ 19824b43-bc67-4265-b4d8-cc9ca7a3756e/ c5a6781d-3ac5-4f56-8e16-c1ee709ee21f - DUPE 1 evernote:///view/199451362/s349/ 936734ca-eb7b-4ea8-9c41-a39b4f4a639d/ c5a6781d-3ac5-4f56-8e16-c1ee709ee21f - DUPE 2 evernote:///view/199451362/s349/ 646971bc-2a21-48f7-843b-1b812f5cf405/ c5a6781d-3ac5-4f56-8e16-c1ee709ee21f - DUPE 3 I decided to do a search for this ID in my text editor and then isolate the results to show only those log file lines where this string apperaed along side them. I just started to slowly scroll and visually scan the results....and that' where I ran into TWO instances of the following - one right after the other. INSTANCE #1: Line 1057: {"name":"electron.main","hostname":"MSI","pid":42716,"level":40,"msg":" conduit-electron-worker [[\"Note content conflict detected, copying original note to a backup before proceeding\",\"d7f479e5-0aa7-a53d-ccaf-07d869f26abd\"]]","time":"2022-10-19T10:49:41.864Z","src":{"file":"C:\\Users\\sherr\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Evernote\\resources\\app.asar\\node_modules\\conduit-utils\\node_modules\\en-ts-utils\\src\\logger.ts","line":202,"func":"warn"},"v":0} INSTANCE #2 Line 1060: {"name":"electron.main","hostname":"MSI","pid":42716,"level":40,"msg":" conduit-electron-worker [[\"Note content conflict detected, copying original note to a backup before proceeding\",\"d7f479e5-0aa7-a53d-ccaf-07d869f26abd\"]]","time":"2022-10-19T10:49:42.505Z","src":{"file":"C:\\Users\\sherr\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Evernote\\resources\\app.asar\\node_modules\\conduit-utils\\node_modules\\en-ts-utils\\src\\logger.ts","line":202,"func":"warn"},"v":0} Notice the log note for each of these instances reads "Note content conflict detected, copying original note to a backup before proceeding" and notice the time for both of these is 10:49 - which stumped me too at first until it dawned on me that the time shown here is UTC instead of my local time. So this translates to my local time as 06:49 am - just like the note times listed for my notes. The exact times are these - talk about a split second... 10:49.41.864Z - 6:49 AM - DUPE 1 10:49:42.505Z - 6:49 AM - DUPE 2 Now I'll bet that I find Mr. 10:50 here when I scan further.... and INDEED I DID FIND IT! INSTANCE #3 - 6:50 AM Line 1187: {"name":"electron.main","hostname":"MSI","pid":42716,"level":40,"msg":" conduit-electron-worker [[\"Note content conflict detected, copying original note to a backup before proceeding\",\"d7f479e5-0aa7-a53d-ccaf-07d869f26abd\"]]","time":"2022-10-19T10:50:16.216Z","src":{"file":"C:\\Users\\sherr\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Evernote\\resources\\app.asar\\node_modules\\conduit-utils\\node_modules\\en-ts-utils\\src\\logger.ts","line":202,"func":"warn"},"v":0} 10:50:16.216Z - - 6:50 AM - DUPE 3 So, what I learned is that where duplicates are created, they are only snapshots of the moment a conflict happened and the dupe creation was triggered - but the duplicate note did NOT become the version I was editing in that moment. In other words, the duplicate note did not swap places with my original without me knowing. BUT it could have easily become the version I was editing had I become confused or accidentally opened the snapshot instead of the original if I'd stopped and came back to make changes minutes or even hours later after working on something else. By then, based on how my sorting and file displays are setup in Evernote, the original and dupe files may have not appeared in succession within my list of files and I could have opened any one of the dupes instead. Then, based on the explicit error message in the log files, these duplicates are being created ON PURPOSE and by some operation that is returning a conflict due to some circumstance that Evernote knows about already. There is an explicit error shown in the log files that was written into the application to trigger and recover from the conflict. Again, the log error says there was a conflict, so the app is copying the original note to make a back up before proceeding. But this is never communicated to the user. Instead dupes just appear without any explanation - AND definitely not appearing as a backup. And my question is then, a back up for whom or for what is the intent of this file creation? So, along with these questions, and in general with how the entire yet to be disclosed conflict, I think it's safe to say that Evernote's conflict handling in this case is not fully baked. AND, based on how many years back the comments and questions about the duplicate note issue appears in these forums, I have to believe that Evernote is fully aware of this problem, but they've not been able to figure out a solution to solve the root of this conflict. Perhaps the way the notes save have an inherit flaw deep into the foundation of the app that if unwound to fix this issue would unwind a major functionality of the app is some way. That's the only thing I can think of as to why this still exists. The solution that's in place to handle this conflict however, I think, is the biggest problem. Referring back to this backup being created to handle the conflict. It's obvious the backup isn't for the user's convenience, so why even bother bringing these backups into the user's space in the UI where it causes confusion and risk? If they are neccessary to some conflict handling operation, couldn't Evernote instead just create these backups in the background of the app and use them as needed behind the scenes, then dispose of them whenever their usefulness to the system expires? I mean, ideally we users wouldn't even see these things, right? However, if for some reason it's not possible to suppress them from user view, could Evernote instead - in the very least - communicate the conflict and the resulting duplicate file creation and name them acccordingly? It's still ugly, but something like that would go a long way to gracefully degrade and recover the conflict vs. the way it's handled now. For example, could there not at least be a method to update the name of the duplicate file so that it reads something like: "Your Evernote Note Name (conflict backup copy 1)" and then for each subsequent duplicate created for any one note, increase the copy number incrementally "(conflict backup copy X)" ???? I'd even go for an insert into the top of the duplicate note explaining why the file was created...even a vauge message would be better what we have now...which is whole lot of nothing. So, that's all I can find about these dupes from my perspective. I haven't seen it happen again on my system since the instances on 10/19, but they sure are bothersome. If this helps anyone solve this issue - fantastic! If not, well then I've documented my experience. Thanks, Sherry
  3. Hello - recently I began to notice an odd behavior with the Evernote app on my laptop w/Windows 10 Pro v21H1, with the latest version of Evernote installed: 10.25.6-win-ddl-public (3073) Editor: v135.2.17285 Service: v1.42.2 The issue is that, periodically, while the app is open, but minimized in my task bar while I am working on something else, the app window will pop open to force itself to be the active app - front and center. So, I'll minimize the window again OR I'll click on back to the app I was working in to try and continue my work. Here comes the Evernote app window again. Front and center, popping up from the taskbar on its own... This behavior is becoming super annoying. The only thing that will stop the issue while it's occurring is for me to quit the app. That's not ideal of course because I use the it regularly so I want to have it open in the background while I'm working. Any ideas? Thanks! Sherry
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