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  1. I have upgraded the iOS version to 10.1, and this seems to be less of an issue and may even be resolved (using this with Evernote on Mac).
  2. I am also having the same problem with duplication of notes when editing them on my iPad (using version 10.0.4).
  3. To follow up on this I haven't noticed this duplication problem before the big update to the Mac version of Evernote.
  4. I'm having the same issue too with the iOS version. It doesn't happen with all notes, just some notes when I start editing them, and it creates a duplicate, triplicate note. Then it seems to think that there's a conflict among the notes, "note conflict." This is a "plain" note, without attachments, no check boxes.
  5. I'm having the same issue to, with iOS. Editing a note creates a duplicate, triplicate note, etc.
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