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  1. I completely agree. The current behavior could be improved. My expectation is what I enter a new task (when I hit the plus button on the side bar), I would like the task to be in the default task note, not the note that happens to be displayed. (If I was interested in entering a task within the note, I would use the plus button that's within the note menu bar.)
  2. I've done some additional testing, and the search does continue to be inconsistent. I've attached the image I used initially. If I search "Tanzania" in this attached image, it will be found fine in the Legacy version, but consistently won't be found in the newer version. However, I search for other text like "Ethiopia," it does work in either version.
  3. Here's a screenshot example, comparing the results from Legacy Evernote v. the current version for the Mac. I just created a note where I made a screenshot from a Wikipedia page of the populations of various countries. In the Legacy version, it will find "Tanzania" in the screenshot. It won't find it the current version of Evernote.
  4. In the legacy version, search of text in an image works great and is a key feature. For example, this works well with screenshots of Powerpoint slides pasted into Evernote. However, in the newer version, this is inconsistent and does not work very often.
  5. One great aspect of Evernote is to be able to search the text in an image (e.g. from a screen capture). It works 80% of the time in the updated version for the Mac, but when it doesn't find the query, that can be frustrating. I'm also running the legacy version, and search in the legacy version works fine.
  6. I have upgraded the iOS version to 10.1, and this seems to be less of an issue and may even be resolved (using this with Evernote on Mac).
  7. I am also having the same problem with duplication of notes when editing them on my iPad (using version 10.0.4).
  8. To follow up on this I haven't noticed this duplication problem before the big update to the Mac version of Evernote.
  9. I'm having the same issue too with the iOS version. It doesn't happen with all notes, just some notes when I start editing them, and it creates a duplicate, triplicate note. Then it seems to think that there's a conflict among the notes, "note conflict." This is a "plain" note, without attachments, no check boxes.
  10. I'm having the same issue to, with iOS. Editing a note creates a duplicate, triplicate note, etc.
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