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  1. I am really disappointed in Version 10. I was really excited when the invite popped up when I launched the app today. But, as soon as it installed I immediately jumped to find Preferences to make sure my settings were still in tact, as well as find out if anything new was available. I was super confused when I couldn't find them so came here to see what I could learn. And all I can say is it seems that Evernote WAY UNDERESTIMATED just how important Preferences are to so many users for an abundance of critical reasons. Did they not see how much users interacted with those settings o
  2. I am also unable to get a response from support...but my problem is that I'm not able even submit a ticket. The green submit button is DEAD. It's not clickable. What gives? I've tried multiple times after reloads. Login, logout, login again..etc. No go! Submit-a-request-–-Evernote-Help-Learning (1).webm
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