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  1. I am currently taking a Front-End Engineering career path and the Intermediate Python course on Codecademy, mostly as a hobby, but also because I like how the code I write results in something tangible being created. Besides coding, I love listening to audiobooks (Sci-Fi and fantasy), watching anime, and playing video games. Evernote serves as my memory repository. 

  2. In my case I had to do comprehensive rebuild of my saved-searches and tag structure. I am studying with Codecademy, so I have a lot of notes on lessons organized in notebook stacks and using tags. Some of the notebooks had an ampersand character in their name in place of word "and" to save space. Many tags were multi-word with dashes between words. When running saved search that contained both of those things, I either did not get any results or got a wrong amount of notes. By using legacy version of Evernote, I renamed all my multi-word tags using so called camelCase, removed an "&" character from the name of some of the notebooks and edited saved searches that used the old syntax to reflect the change. During all of this, I had to do a lot of force reload of Evernote 10.29 to propagate changes made in the legacy version faster. Took me a couple of days to do all of this.
  3. I do not know how it works on Mac, but I think you can achieve something similar in Windows by using Evernote taskbar icon. If you right click Evernote icon on the taskbar, the third option down is "New Note" (Ctrl + Alt + N). It will open a blank note in its own window where you can do what you want with the note. You can even set-up an Evernote icon so that it will open new note window by default when you left-click on the icon. All you have to do is to right-click on the elephant icon and select Options => Evernote Icon Actions=> New Note. After that, all you have to do is click the Evernote icon in the taskbar and do your thing. I hope it is what are you looking for.
  4. When clipping an article on the web with the Firefox new web clipper as a "Simplified Article", I get a big problem. The problem is caused by the way the above option is making an article appear in the note in Evernote: which is in the center of the note, instead of taking a whole space available to it. When I chose Tools => Simplify Formatting to make the note text take the whole available space, some line is inserted across the note that I can't get rid of. At first I thought that it might be caused by the fact that this particular note is long, but when I clipped the short note by following the same steps("Simplified Article"/Tools => Simplify Formatting) the line was inserted again. When I clip the note using an "Article" option in web clipper the note takes all available space and no line. The line is prevalent across devices: Windows and Android. This line is not a rule that gets inserted sometimes. Here is the links to the note file exported in ENEX and HTML formats: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dtOrtdHk9JKucvFm05ODpBHQJwcCtaVf/view?usp=sharing - ENEX format https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XL2h0d9AgWlrAz_UdO9Z7FNRkOwHIKR-/view?usp=sharing - HTML format. In html format exported file the line appears across the image. Update: If I select Remove Formatting first on the clipped simplified article and then chose "Simplify Formatting" then note takes all available space and no line. However, If I select "Simplify Formatting" directly then the line is getting inserted.
  5. Problem solved. There was a conflict with the AMD Radeon video driver software that comes per-installed with the video driver. After reassigning the couple of keys in the software, I also discovered the conflict with the key that control code block, everything is back to normal as far as Evernote is concerned. I might discover that I created the conflict somewhere else. Oh, well.
  6. I had just discovered that keyboard shortcut for inserting checkbox into the note, Ctrl + Shift + C, does not work. I can still insert a checkbox by clicking the icon on the format toolbar, but not when using keyboard shortcut. I thought that it might be a conflict with some other program, so I shutdown most of them and tried again. No go. Tell me if I am wrong, but when Evernote is active, it should take precedence over other programs in terms of keyboard shortcuts, right? I know it's not a PhraseExpress since I use phrases as shortcuts. Not a big deal to me personally as I can still click an icon, and I do not use checkboxes that often, just thought I mentioned it.
  7. It's a keyboard shortcut for the repeat button. It is a last button on the note formatting toolbar from left to right.
  8. Thank you. It saved me a lot of time and effort. The only thing that will make it even better in IMHO if the color picker in the dialog box had an option to select more colors or maybe was the same as it is in the format toolbar. But I guess I'll deal.
  9. As a workaround to multiple cursor issue, you can use CTRL + D key combination after selecting a text you want to format. When you press this key, you will get a dialog box that will lets you select font, font style, size, effect, and color. To apply changes you selected in this dialog box to another word or phrase, just select it/them and press F4.
  10. keisoko

    Beta testing

    In the Evernote desktop client select Help --> About. If you see word "Prerelease" after the version number it means that you are running the beta version of Evernote.
  11. Below, please find a picture of the top of the forwarded e-mail that I sent to Evernote by using its add-on for Gmail on the web. I am not sure if that is what you are looking for, but I hope it can be of some help to you.
  12. You are welcome. I am glad it came in handy.
  13. I am sorry, the link has been fixed in the original post. I am sorry again.
  14. This morning Mozilla became aware of the issue with Firefox add-ons. Mozilla requires they will be digitally signed to improve security. The certificate they use to make it happen had expired, which lead to the add-ons being disabled. You can follow the steps described in Add-ons disabled or fail to install on Firefox to solve this problem. Good luck.
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