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  1. Hi @JMichaelTX - as you can probably intuit, this is a first step that helps us clear the way for these types of scenarios. Keep watching the Beta forums for more feature work in the future.
  2. @lisec do you have on-demand sync on? I can also PM you to get more details so we can troubleshoot - let me know!
  3. Today we're releasing version 6.5 Beta 2 - you can download it here. We're excited to announce two new features. Shared view: can now quickly browse all notes you've received via Work Chat from the "Shared" section in the left panel. On demand sync: an option if you want note content to be downloaded only when you see the note in the note list. This is ideal for users with many thousands of notes who want to save some disk space. You can enable this by checking the "Enable on demand sync" option under Tools>Options>Synchronization. If you do not check this option, Evernote will download all the notes content in advance. In addition we've fixed many bugs between Beta 1 & Beta 2. We continue to work on stability and fixed 4 crashes and addressed a few localization issues. Let us know what you think about the above capabilities and if you spot any issues. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Windows team! Evernote for Windows 6.5 Beta Notes New: Easily browse notes and notebooks you've received via Work Chat from the "Shared" section in the left panel. Choose to only download recently and frequently used notes using on demand sync by checking the "Enable on demand sync" option under Tools>Options>Synchronization. Improved: Improved handling of large resources on 32-bit systems. Fixed: An intermittent error syncing when connecting to a business account for the first time. Issues with the printing of notes with tables.
  4. @righteousdork @JMichaelTX @lonewolf I took a look and even in those old posts we weren't sharing the full list of bugs we were fixing. As you can imagine there's alot that can be exposed even in the titles of bugs around our implementations. Let me stew on how to give you all more visibility into some of the fixes we're pulling in on a regular basis - perhaps sharing a subset in every release. Look for an update on this when we release our next Beta.
  5. @EdH we were finding users were accidentally creating local notebooks, and surprised when their content didn't sync. We want to make sure that the users that are creating these are very intentional about it as a result. Regarding indent/outdent, can you tell me what type of scenario you'd find that useful for? Also tagging @EvernoteAlex so he can see your feedback on indenting as he's driving our editor improvements at the moment.
  6. @JMichaelTX we fixed about 5 dozen bugs. As a rule we don't provide full details of fixed issues unless an issue is hitting a large portion of our users, but happy to comment if you want to pass along a specific bug you're curious about. In terms of the typical process we follow from a testing standpoint, we have automated as well as manual testing passes we go through.
  7. Hi folks, Excited to announce Evernote for Mac, version 6.11 Beta 2! You can download it here. In this Beta, we've made changes which we think will improve the workflows the beta community had noted affected them as a result of the work we've done to more clearly separate business and personal content. We embarked on this change because we do not make the separation clear enough today for users, and make it difficult to make the right distinction between where a user's notes will be/should be placed (business notes are owned by the business, and that has a number of implications.) We're keen to understand if these changes improve your workflows, and any suggestions you have for improving these or other tasks across business and personal. When switching between business and personal, we'll restore previously opened single note windows Use the keyboard shortcut or new right-click menu option to move notes more quickly across business and personal We've made it easier to start a search in your other account by providing a link to searching in that context We're looking forwards to hearing what you think, and if these changes improve your workflows compared to Beta 1 and 6.10. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac team Version 6.11 Beta 2 Release Notes New: Support for Tabs on macOS 10.12. Reduce clutter and organize your windows using tabs instead of separate windows. Create a new tab by selecting File > New Tab. This is not supported on older versions of macOS. Business and personal notes are now separated. You only see what you need, when you need it, making it easier to browse and search to find what you need, and create notes in the right place. Just click the user name in the toolbar, if you want to switch to another account. Improved: Single note windows are restored when opening the app or when switching between Business and Personal. More quickly move your notes across Business and Personal by using the Ctrl+Option+⌘+M shortcut or selecting that option directly from the right-click menu. More quickly start searching in Business when in Personal (or vice versa) by using the added entry point in search suggestions.
  8. Thanks @sdolan for your thoughts. Regarding the highlighted, it's indeed a bug and we're addressing it presently. I'm a bit curious about how you organize your notes so will PM you for some more details to better understand the scenarios where you find yourself searching across multiple contexts. In terms of how to think about this release, this is our first of several betas. We plan on making improvements based on the feedback iteratively so you'll start seeing changes come in and we'll ask for feedback again once we've done our first round of changes to assess again where things are and if you still are finding certain workflows complex. We generally find that being able to share progress as we're making it helps us assess if we're headed in the right direction, so stay tuned for that and looking forwards to getting additional feedback then.
  9. @EdH thanks for reporting - the team is taking a look.
  10. Thanks for reporting - will investigate. May PM you if we need additional logs.
  11. @uriah working on addressing the issue you're hitting, a couple of other users are also facing the same. We'll release a hotfix when available. thanks for reporting!
  12. @JacquesF thanks for the question. This release doesn't have color customization for tags, but it's a request we're tracking and keeping in mind for the future.
  13. Thanks for reporting @LSS1 - the team will investigate.
  14. @Toph definitely not something we're seeing in our internal testing. Will PM you so we can get logs and debug - thanks for reporting!
  15. @bbinder thanks for reporting & filing a ticket with the support team. We'll take a look!