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  1. Usually use my scansnap but the power supply is rooted. So, I use my Android phone to capture a document, choose my notebook, click Add (green + sign), select Camera, switch to Manual, frame the doc, switch to Auto, let it capture, tap the thumbnail lower left, check it is set to Document or Colour Document and NOT Image, tap save. Go to my desktop (Windows 10 laptop), sync, check the note, (info does not tell me the file type), click File/Save Attachments, save it somewhere, and of course it is a PNG file and not a PDF. I want a PDF, is this too much to ask?? Thanks!!
  2. I used to do this all the time, simply drag the page # spot on the top of a PDF in an EN note and drag it into my Gmail compose window for an email I have already started. No longer works. Windows 10, EN Premium. I've tried right clicking the PDF and changing to 'View as Attachment' and then dragging it but it still won't work. Also tried copying but it won't past into a Gmail compose window. Thanks!
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