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  1. Thanks everybody for the support. I do have the Evernote Clipper add-in but using it is somewhat of a hassle: You have to go to "sent items" and "clip the message." I thought the automatic forwarding would resolve that issue as long as the header was preserved... I have been testing the automatic forwarding feature in 2 email accounts and could not make it show the header yet...
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply... That’s exactly the issue, I set up a forwrding rule on both accounts but the result is not as expected, the email is forwarded but the header does not show...
  3. I have tried this with 2 distinct email addresses (gmail & yahoo) and both do not show the header. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for the support. Would you happen to know the name of the plug in? Thanks,
  4. Thanks for the comments. The use of syntaxis is not very friendly in my mind, particularly with the range and number of tags and notebooks I have created over time. The addition of a "multiple-tag/notebook-selection-menu" would tremendously help. DTLow - I understand Evernote/Mac has more advanced search features, but I use Windows. Don Dz - I have saved searches that help but cannot replace the requested function primarily because of the dynamic nature of most searches. I might not be a skillful user, but I find it almost impossible and very time consuming trying to anticipate all the options in tags/notebooks. I have added special characters (+ & $ #), keywords and numbers to better organize my notes which makes syntaxis even more complex.
  5. You seem to have a great deal of expertise in Evernote. So, you probably feel comfortable with syntaxis system but I find it very unfriendly. I just submitted a suggestion to implement a Search Menu that would allow to more easily select/deselect notebooks and tags in searches in line with what lisec has suggested. The syntax process is cumbersome to me and prone to mistakes. I think being able to save a query and then play with menus of notebooks/tags would be great.
  6. I have been using Evernote for some years now. I think one of the most important functions is Search. I keep using simple searches with some syntaxis but I would like to suggest a specific Menu be implemented, which would allow the selection/deselection of multiple notebooks and/or tags to facilitate the searching process. The use of syntaxis is cumbersome and prone to mistakes. Thank you,
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