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Forum Digest: Nov '21

Shane D.


Welcome to the November edition of the Evernote Forum Digest

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Can someone steer me to technical support? 

Some how I have lost an important file and I am unable to retrieve it.  Possibly someone has experienced this before and can help. 


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Does the note with the missing content still exist ? Keep it that way, if the note is gone, no recovery possible.

Are you a subscriber ? 

Then the solution is to open the note, open note information (behind the 3 dots top right) and select note history. This allows to go back to earlier versions and restore the note with the content.

If you at no subscriber, you don’t have access to note history. In this case you need to subscribe to get access. At least Personal plan, 1 month.


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Will there be an Apple Calendar integration, with some other limitations of Evernote I am doubting the added value of using Evernote premium. I am not sure about the benefits of a Calendar template, compared to an integration of existing schedules that it does not cover yet.

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The calendar template is a plain note template, like the ones used for planning ahead: Jour Fix, Project timeline and the most important of all - holidays & vacation.

There is no integration to any digital calendar. Use it at your discretion.

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