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  1. bobc

    Beta testing

    In the bottom right of the note window on the browser it says either "Saving" or "All notes saved".
  2. bobc

    Beta testing

    In the Web version, when I click on my name, I just see an option to "switch to the previous version of Evernote". Does this mean I'm in the beta? In Windows version, I have no link. The email invitation did not supply a link.
  3. bobc

    Beta testing

    Yes, same here... The email has a button labeled "Start" but it just takes you to the Web version, and I don't know if I'm looking at a beta or production. And if I open Evernote Windows, and go to Help / About, it says " (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)" -- How do I get to the pre-release???
  4. bobc

    Beta testing

    I got an email from Evernote Team asking me to test the new note editor as part of the Evernote beta program. But I'm not clear what platform (or platforms) I should be testing on. And how can I tell if I am running the production or the beta version of Evernote?
  5. Here are the things about EverNote that I find problematic: 1. Tags and notebooks You click on a notebook in the side panel, and you have "opened" that notebook. If you do a search, the results are restricted to that notebook. Good. And if you search for "tag:MyTag", again the results are restricted to the notebook. But now say I want to do the same thing but utilizing the tag list on the left panel.The first problem is that all the tags are shown, even tags that only occur in other notebooks. Argh. Why is that? Well ok, so I click on MyTag, And all of a sudden, the results are no longer restricted to the notebook that I was using! In fact, at the top of the screen where it showed the name of the notebook that I was in, it suddenly says "All Notebooks". 2. Tag hierarchy in iOS I read a post by Ian Small that said consistency across platforms is a goal. I hope this means showing the tag hierarchy in iOS. Why is the tag hierarchy shown in Windows, but not iOS? I have seen comments from within Evernote that tags are unimportant, but I disagree. Search is one aspect of information management, but metadata about how notes are organized and how they relate to each other is information in itself, and that's where tags come in. I saw one comment where someone suggested that part of the reason why you shoudn't use tags is that the hierarchy isn't shown in iOS! 3. Windows UI The Windows UI is about the most visually unappealing of any modern application that I have seen.
  6. What really bothers me about Evernote (for Windows) is there's no concept of "opening a notebook". I can click on a notebook and then do searches, and the results are from within that note book. That's fine. But if I click on a tag, the notebook reference is gone, and the results are from across all note books. I can hold down the control key while I click a tag, and that works, but then I have to keep holding down the control key as I browse different tags.
  7. I can't seem to figure out how to display the tag hirerarchy in the Web beta. In other words, I can't see sub-tags nested under their parent tags. What am I missing?
  8. Original, non-beta, was much better -- just one example: how do you display the tag hierarchy? Other than that, it is visually primative and kludgy (sp?).
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