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  1. In version 10 of Evernote for Windows, I would like the following: 1) Ability to sort a note list by "Location" (i.e., notebook), and also the other columns that you could sort by in Legacy: tag, URL. 2) Ability to apply font styling (bold, text color, etc.) in code block.
  2. Yes your description of 6.25 behavior is correct. In version 10, adding a filter does respect the notebook context (add Mike P pointed out), but neither search nor holding the ctrl key while clicking a tag, respect the notebook context.
  3. Something that has always bothered me about EverNote is that there is a lack of notebook isolation. That is, there is no concept of "opening" a notebok. You can click on a notebook in the left panel, but as soon as you then do a search or if you click on a tag, it returns a collection of stuff from all different notebooks. I would like to "open" a particular notebook and then have all my searches and filtering etc be local to that notebook.
  4. I would like the ability to apply styling (bold, font color, etc.) in a code block. Like you could in Legacy.
  5. The new Evernote is definitely more aesthetically pleasing to work with. 3 comments: 1. Seems like a bug: If you click on a tag that has nested sub-tags, then it automatically applied a filter on every sub-tag, and applies an "All" operator to them. If it applied an "Any" operator that might make sense. In fact that was an option at one time in the old Evernote. But with the "All" operator, you usually get zero matches. 2. The new UI is good, but one idea: How about just a little color in the little icons on the left-side nav bar? I think that would make the overall visual "pop" just a bit more, while still maintaining the overall no-nonsense visual effect. 3. I would like the ability to apply styling (bold, italic, color) to text in a code block.
  6. When I click on a tag which has subtags, EverNote automatically adds a filter for every subtag, and applies an "All" operator to the search. Of course, there are then no matches. This is not the behavior in iOS, where only a filter for the selected tag itself is added. Wasn't the idea that all platforms would act alike?
  7. In Evernote V10, it seems like if you open a note wide enough, tere's a point where the the width of the note maxes out, and then the note is centered on the oage with wide margins. Any line wider than this maximum wraps. This can be a problem when you have lines that you do not want to wrap. Is there some way to control this behavior?
  8. bobc

    Beta testing

    In the bottom right of the note window on the browser it says either "Saving" or "All notes saved".
  9. bobc

    Beta testing

    In the Web version, when I click on my name, I just see an option to "switch to the previous version of Evernote". Does this mean I'm in the beta? In Windows version, I have no link. The email invitation did not supply a link.
  10. bobc

    Beta testing

    Yes, same here... The email has a button labeled "Start" but it just takes you to the Web version, and I don't know if I'm looking at a beta or production. And if I open Evernote Windows, and go to Help / About, it says " (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)" -- How do I get to the pre-release???
  11. bobc

    Beta testing

    I got an email from Evernote Team asking me to test the new note editor as part of the Evernote beta program. But I'm not clear what platform (or platforms) I should be testing on. And how can I tell if I am running the production or the beta version of Evernote?
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