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  1. in Evernote Widnows 6.7.4 and next versions there is a bug with the Print to PDF. Some images of the notes are just vanished in the PDF created. (this happen randomly). ticket # 2320336
  2. Could you add smaller shortcuts for the advanced search, please ? I am mostly use the advanced searchg with "tag:" and almost never the "notebook:" filter just because it's too long to write.. Could you add a second shortcut "nb:" to filter by "notebook:", please ? This is a minor request .. it will be awesome to see it soon. ps: I know I can save my usual searchs and I know I can first select the nb then use the advanced search.
  3. Evernote for Windows 6.7 GA

    BUG REPORT on v6.7.4.5741 print notes with multiples images doesn't not print all images .. some (randomly) as not printed but the blank "area" of the image is printed)
  4. Issues tracker system?

    Hello, @Austin G @Justin Street @Chantal Leonard @emerick @gbarry Anyone from Evernote could reply please ? Thank you.
  5. Fix Code Block PLEASE

    I confirm this bug on Iphone. Code blocks are unreadable.
  6. on IOS11 the display bug for text in block code.
  7. I am wondering if you can consider opening an issues tracker system? On the forum it's quite impossible to easily follow the bugs (even with the activity feed). Almost every posts are polluted by useless information and there are also a lot of duplicate issues that make the follow-up harder. If not possible could you explain why not, please?
  8. Evernote for Windows 6.6 GA Released

    The paste issue (ctrl+shift+v) seems fix on the latest beta realease v6.7.1.5538 (305538) Prerelease Many thanks for your quick action. why not a simple past as plain-text anymore? ctrl+shift+v should paste as plain-text. No formatting, no links, nothing. plain text only.
  9. Evernote for Windows 6.6 GA Released

    hello, I've just updated to and have the same issue with the copy/paste in plain text. This make Evernote useless for me. How to reinstall previous version, please ? A fix will be release soon or are you still investigating.. ? - I copy/paste a lot from Google Chrome to Evernote. Now it's impossible to paste in plain text. - I don't understand all the work done on the tables formatting. Is it still possible to insert a simple table without all the fancy options ? It's so hard to write long data in two column and keep something readable at the first try...
  10. thank you @qot. The script wasn't working here (win10). - added a coma after IfWinActive. - added send {tab} line between style & size to switch to the size field. - (!'ve commented the WinWait line as it seems ok without (at least here..) . #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^1::SetFontStyle("bold", 18) ^2::SetFontStyle("italic", 16) ^3::SetFontStyle("bold", 14) ^Space::SetFontStyle("regular", 12) #IfWinActive SetFontStyle(weight, size) { currentSendMode := A_SendMode ; Get the current Send Mode SendMode Event ; Event mode works better in the Font dialog Send {Home}+{End} ; Select the current line Send ^d ; Open the Font dialog box ;WinWait Font, ,5 Sleep 200 Send !y%weight% ; Style Send {tab} Send !s%size% ; Size Send {Enter} SendMode %currentSendMode% }
  11. autohokey is great (I am using it also for evernote (Vim-like controls). Thank you for you script qot. However this is really a shame that we still need an external software to be able to work efficiently in Evernote. We are talking about basic content formatting (for years now...).. :x.
  12. for evernote windows: - a source code button. - a reset formatting button (really working..) - simple heading formatting (h1 to h6) - table formatting (spacing, padding..) - custom color for highlight (or just use another color ... because yellow is the same of the search results and this is really confusing)
  13. windows How to change line spacing

    if it's too difficult to fix the formatting issue maybe there are others approach? ex: provide a "source code" button to allow the switch to the note source code (like we have in usual a wysiwyg). Doing this you let us a chance to try to fix the html issues..
  14. windows Highlight text

    hi, I am wondering if you can think to change the background color for the highlight? For now the yellow color is used but this make the search function confused because the words highlighted by the search are also in yellow (at least on Evernote Windows) Either change the highlight during the search or change the highlight color for the body text. Thank your for your feedback.
  15. mac Extra Line Breaks w/ Copy/Paste

    any news for the editor review ?