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  1. How dare you ? This is not a feature request this is one more regression of the V10.
  2. To backup your encrypted notes you should export as enex format instead of html. I agree with you this is a pita that there is no solution (or even a simple alert on the export html screen) during encrypted notes export attempt. ps: You can use "encryption:" in the search field to list all encrypted notes. Hope it helps
  3. and emojis are not displayed if you use the "Present" view mode ..
  4. Could you create a real page on evernote.com with the releases list + detailled changelog, please please please? Something simple.. well structured, well formated and consistent for each release.
  5. What has changed between 6.15.3 (307881) and 6.15.4 307934 ? Is there a page somewhere with more details ? thank you
  6. bug report. My Iphone 5s (iOS 12) is in french. The EV update message when a new release is out is usually in english. Here what the latest EV update looks like : hmm What should I do ?
  7. xaa


    nb: on the Windows version the reminder section at the top is missing from the "side list" view
  8. thank you Cals but it's not working. (no other app opened either in case you ask ;))
  9. minor bug: the shortcut (ctrl+shift+c) to create a checkbox doesn't work anymore.
  10. Hello Ethan, hmm you should download the beta versions only to avoid this kind of issues. The templates development and bug reporting are still in progress. IMHO that's just awesome that EV don't have included it in the GA. That's a first and it's very very appracied ahah ! This maybe the best move I saw from Evernote for a long time. Public releases must be always STABLE and RELIABLE. New features must stay in beta for while to discover any bugs or unattented behaviors. For me it's seems EV finally start listening the community request. So Well Done EV ?
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