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  1. I'm with @mat_rhein. Adding Markdown would be a huge plus. Over the past few months, I've started moving more of my content into Evernote primarily so I know where everything is and only have to search in one place. And while I agree with @gazumped that the power of EN is the search and findability, I really lament the drawbacks of the editor. The one thing I won't do in EN is journaling because I use DayOne and the interface is so easy to use that it makes me WANT to journal, where often I find the EN editor makes me want to go use Word then save it in EN.
  2. I had this same issue happen today, and then I saw there was an update for EN that I hadn't downloaded yet. Once I installed the update, the extension came back.
  3. I think "In App Note Links", "Private link", and "Classic Note Links" are essentially the same thing. The difference I'm seeing between "Copy Note Link" and "Copy Classic Link" is that the first one generates a url to the note, while the second uses internal note link property. The only attribute that I'm seeing can be accessed via AppleScript is the note link which starts with "evernote:///view/..."
  4. @DTLow, It appears the only link stored as a note property is what I think you mean by "Classic". Example: evernote:///view/234233143/s6/787ee3bb-3e13-48e3-aaee-bcf9677dbe77/787ee3bb-3e13-48e3-aaee-bcf9677dbe77/. By "Public", I'm assuming you mean the link used to share a note with someone else. It looks like EN generates this link when you select the option to share a note. And it's not static. If you share a note, then turn off sharing, then turn it back on, you'll get a different link than the first time. So there is something EN is doing behind the scenes to generate that. Not sure what you mean by "Private" link.
  5. Yes, I'm aware of those options and steps. Just wanted a one-click method, so if someone already had a script out there that would be great. If not I'll work on one my own.
  6. I'd like to be able to create a shortcut from outside of EN that goes directly to the note. Something that I could add for example to the toolbar on Finder.
  7. @JMichaelTX, the original page with the script isn't working. Can you provide the script you use?
  8. Oh, Evernote Helper. I thought you were referring to some sort to native Mac feature.
  9. Also, I second the idea of being able to append a clipping to an existing note. There are many use cases where this would be a handy feature.
  10. What is this "helper" you speak of? I have had a Mac for years and don't know what you're referring to.
  11. I also have this same issue with the clipper on Safari. I am running El Capitan with clipper 6.7 (eeaba56/ I also noticed that if I clip the page when it's having the issue, some of the content gets cut off. However I found reloading the page and trying again seems to fix the issue.
  12. This may already be documented somewhere, but I couldn't find it. So I apologize if this is a duplicate. One issue I constantly encounter is having the focus in an Evernote list after a search, jump to the first note, even though I selected a lower note. For example, I run a search for notes with a certain tag, and it returns a list of 25 notes. I scroll down and select the 15th note in the list to view. But rather than displaying that note, it jumps to the first note in the results and displays that one. So I have to scroll down again to the 15th note and select it. This time it works. This happens consistently whenever I do searches.
  13. The most recent update (v6.0.5) has fixed this.
  14. I have the same issue. And thanks Vatark for the workaround.
  15. I'm also a fan of the horizontal view. Personally I prefer seeing all the data about my notes (Created Date, Modified, Title, Notebook, Tags). While I can add these columns in the vertical list view, I can't see all the data. Without making my note view super skinny. I also have a sidebar up that I use all the time so that is also taking real estate. Personally, I'm not going to use reminders. I have other places I store tasks and reminders. But I always use the horizontal view. So this upgrade removed functionality for me. As others have said, I don't see why could couldn't keep the horizontal view. If the reminders was the problem, then don't show reminders in the horizontal view. Only have them displayed in the other views. As far as soliciting feedback from people, as others have said, I don't come here unless I have an issue. Why not send an email to your paying customers (which I am one of), and ask for our input that way. Surely you had to know this change would cause issues for people.
  16. What happened to the list view being horizontally arranged? The latest update seems to have removed it. Unless I'm missing something.
  17. This may be an added feature since this question was asked, but if you view the PDF as an attachment in the note (as opposed to in inline) you can rename it. Just right click on the file and you get an option "rename attachment". Select that and you get a dialog window to rename the file. Once you're done save it and viola, file is renamed.
  18. I have a different scenario that I'm hoping Applescript could solve, unfortunately I haven't used it all that much. I want to use Evernote as a relationship management tool. So I'd like to be able to link from evernote to my contact, and vice versa. Using the evernote link for a note, I've been able to add it to a url field on my contact, so that works. And using this Applescript, I can go find the file in explorer, and create a link in evernote. However that is a pain. I'd love to be on a contact and select a script that would create the link for me. Even better would be if it would create a link, then create a new evernote, and insert the link, but I know that is asking a lot.
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