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  1. I'm missing this feature for years. In many notes I'm keeping quotes from various sources: Quotes from interviews, mixed with my thoughts Quotes from conversation in messengers with my mates For quotes I need a block, similar to "Code", that has two editable parts: Header, that holds meta-information, like "John Smith in Skype 2020.12.18 wrote" Body, that holds content with formatted text, images, tables, files etc. I've created a design mockup with different variants of quote block and a new button "Quote" in "Insert" menu. Take a look at the attached image.
  2. Please, implement a feature of adjusting line height, to correspond the size of font in question. When I set small size for my text, like 9px, inter-line distance remains for default font size (14px) and my text look vertically dispersed.
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