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  1. Mac v10.1.7 update has been quite upsetting. How come they took away so many features. Or am I blind and just can't find the features I am used to? Since none of my support tickets have been answered, hope someone could help me here. When I create a note in a shared notebook, I used hit [Share] which opens a chat with the link to the note where I write a message about the note. This feature is gone. I need it back so badly. Preferences is gone. How do I disable Evernote from the menu bar? I don't want to have it there. How do you customize keyboard shortcuts? This feature is
  2. I have 1TB internal SSD but most of the spaces are used for my sample libraries for my performing. This can't be external drive for the access speed reason (also not a list I will take for live performance reason). My last question. Can Evernote db on an external drive? Can symlink work?
  3. Thank you both for chiming in. So, is the consensus is that the Mac users are pretty much doomed? I am about 22GB in on this MBP. I scan a lot of old magazines so I have then with me when I write articles. I did not know that is the space all of 5 Macs I use is using for Evernote. This is really tough.
  4. Evernote local db is taking a log of space. I need to regain storage spaces by purging Evernote local db. I was actually pulling my hair why Evernote takes so much space on local db. The option to make selected notebooks available off line suggests it shouldn't eat up so much local spaces if you selected none. Any help would be appreciated.
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