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  1. Thank you for your response. Actually this is one of the first things I tried. My 120MB+ PDF saved only 2-3MB with this service. My PDFPenPro does a better job but not good enough to make it less than 50MB to work with new Evernote limitation.
  2. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately splitting a document won't work for my needs. Brother has a really good PDF compression algorithm before outputting to a file, but I lost this amazing function when I returned their useless document scanner. I wonder where they got the compression software from. It was quite amazing. A 120MB+ PDF became less than 50MB without compromising the integrity. The only requirement was the original be 300dpi or compression won't even kick in. And this compression just apply while the data is still coached within iPrint & Scan software. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  3. After 5 month of agony, finding out I can go back to Legacy version was ecstatic. Since yesterday, I am back to my happy Evernote life! All the lost functions are back, and the performance is back! Now I am very curious. Can someone pitch me what's so great about the new Evernote ( Mac desktop version) about? I don't see it. To me, nothing about this new version is good.
  4. This is incredible! I am truly ecstatic! Everything I have been suffering since the new Evernote is gone. All the Notes are opening with any latencies. 50+MB PDF are displayed. Work Chat is working as it used to be. This is truly incredible. Thank you! Thank you!
  5. Not for me, with any browsers I have. They are exact the same. Not only that, it takes 2 min to login for me. At least the desktop version doesn't do that.
  6. I have a note that is a accumulative record since January 2017. It contains more than 1,100 rows of tables with hyperlinks and check boxes. I had no problem until the new Evernote GUI. Since then, it is getting slower and slower. As of today, it takes more than a minute to load and more than 15 seconds to see what I just typed. I cannot create a new note since the point of doing this is to find the old ones then copy/past to create a new entry that tracks the date/time. The only solution I can think of is to move all the data of this note to a spreadsheet but I don't know how. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Oh, sorry, I am already 10.9.10 now. It seems 50MB is the cutoff point. This change is new to v10.8.5 since I had no problem viewing 1 page on all the scanned magazines. Now they are all attachment and this is hard. Do you have any cheap way to reduce PDF file size without compromising the image quality? PDFPen Pro got me 20MB but that's not enough to make it smaller than 50MB.
  8. Yes, sorry about that. This forum doesn't send out notification when my post has a response even though I have email notification selected in my profile. Thank you for ⌘+/ shortcut. To my surprise, ⌘+1~9 is already assigned to random notes. How can I edit them? I can't find "edit shortcut" option. Thank you for your help.
  9. I am on Mac so I assume it Opt+Cmd+1 but that get me to the dashboard instead of all Notes.
  10. My macOS version just updated to v10.8.5 today, and realized the PDFs I had as View As 1 page is all showing as attachment, and the option to change is gone. What's weird is there are some PDF files that still gives me the option to change but the majority of the PDF notes are not showing that option (see the screenshot) and just sitting there as attachment. HELP! I am loosing my mind. Evernote became so hard to use since v10. I am seriously considering canceling my subscription. So far the changes has been nothing but pain.
  11. Mac v10.1.7 update has been quite upsetting. How come they took away so many features. Or am I blind and just can't find the features I am used to? Since none of my support tickets have been answered, hope someone could help me here. When I create a note in a shared notebook, I used hit [Share] which opens a chat with the link to the note where I write a message about the note. This feature is gone. I need it back so badly. Preferences is gone. How do I disable Evernote from the menu bar? I don't want to have it there. How do you customize keyboard shortcuts? This feature is also gone. ⌘ + ⇧ + A is no longer showing me All Notes. How do I jump back to All Notes when I am in a specific notebook? The notification icon is gone. I need it to see what others updated when. Sync icon is gone. I need it when I can't wait for 5 min. Window position is not remembered. Every time I start and login Mac app, it opens centered where I don't want it to be. Why this way? Frustrating. Copying Link is gone. How one is supposed to copy a link? Thank you for any help! I am loosing my mind! -Hiro
  12. I have 1TB internal SSD but most of the spaces are used for my sample libraries for my performing. This can't be external drive for the access speed reason (also not a list I will take for live performance reason). My last question. Can Evernote db on an external drive? Can symlink work?
  13. Thank you both for chiming in. So, is the consensus is that the Mac users are pretty much doomed? I am about 22GB in on this MBP. I scan a lot of old magazines so I have then with me when I write articles. I did not know that is the space all of 5 Macs I use is using for Evernote. This is really tough.
  14. Evernote local db is taking a log of space. I need to regain storage spaces by purging Evernote local db. I was actually pulling my hair why Evernote takes so much space on local db. The option to make selected notebooks available off line suggests it shouldn't eat up so much local spaces if you selected none. Any help would be appreciated.
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