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  1. I am receiving the following error "We were unable to merge all of the items. Please retry." when attempting to merge notes in the latest MAC OSX version of Evernote.
  2. Thank you Jeff, and yes, I meant to type notebooks. Unlike the Android version, the iOS version doesn't save where you last left off. Which for me, this creates far more clicks than I want to perform. In translation, this is going backwards in tech, and not forward. It's simplicity of workflow that brought me to love Evernote but of late, that objective is getting downgraded in priority with each new release.
  3. When I open Evernote iOS, I receive a list of all my notes. I, and probably many others don't use Evernote that way. Therefore, I'd like to be able to select whether I want to be presented a list of my folders (or folder shortcuts). Think LESS clicks, not more.
  4. Thank you Gazumped. Hopefully the Evernote Gods are reading this posting and they will provide their development powers to address the slight oversight.
  5. @gazumpedthis only appears to work for pictures/images saved to the camera roll or to use the camera to snap a photo. Great, but what if I want to attach a PDF, xls, or other file type. This take us back to the original issue. If Evernote could find a way to add functionality / integration with Dropbox, Box, etc. we would be on the fast track to an improved UX. To add context as to why this is important, mobile first initiatives are in flight and the trends that I'm seeing indicate that consumers are discarding their laptops / desktops in favor of mobile devices I.e. iPads, Surface devic
  6. From a user experience standpoint, having to leave Evernote to go to email to complete what should be a simple in app task seems rather cumbersome. I would think a developer could simply add the attachment functionality directly in the menu bar of the note. In fact, the small camera icon is already there (add photo attachment from Photos or camera). The ability to add attachments from, Dropbox, Box, One Drive, etc. should be fairly simple.
  7. I would assume this to be a simple request. I'd like to add an attachment from Dropbox / Box / One Drive / iCloud Drive, etc to an existing note. This option is available in the desktop version but not in the iOS version. There doesn't even appear to be a way to merge multiple notes in the iOS version. The workaround that I've been using is to create a new note with the attachment and merge them at a later time via the desktop version. Time consuming and not practical for longterm solution. With most, including myself, looking to leverage my iPad more, this would help to close the fu
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