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  1. @PinkElephant.... Excellent post!!! I never knew it was possible to downgrade and run two versions of Evernote simultaneously.
  2. It is very likely that you have stumbled upon another bug within the application. I have been using the Evernote platform for more than 9 years and this last 6 months have been the most problematic.
  3. Do you have the same issue with newly created notes? I performed a test by merging two newly created notes and two notes that I imported two weeks ago. The newly created notes merged without error. The older notes failed. I copied the note content from the old notes to a newly created note, and it merged. Based on this non-scientific test, I'm willing to wager that the bug fix applied in the recent Evernote release only addresses new notes and not the older ones.
  4. @pmcgill2970, Do you still receive the error if you completely close Evernote and reopen it? I occasionally receive the error, even with the latest update. It seems to happen with older notes that I am attempting to merge.
  5. Ok. That makes sense. I'll hold tight on the merging for now until the big fix is released.
  6. I wonder if the new bug fix release is held up with Apple Support. The App Store isn't showing an update for Evernote.
  7. That's the version I have loaded that was released on 12/7.
  8. I receive the attached error when I attempt to perform a note merge. It doesn't matter if it's 2 or 10 notes. I guess the only options I have left is 1) downgrade to the previous version 2) Start looking at migrating completely off of Evernote entirely to perhaps Bear or similar.
  9. Not to go on a complete rant about Evernote's latest update; well, maybe just a tiny one. I heavily rely on the "Merge" feature as part of my organizational workflow. I accept the fact that there will be bugs from time to time. Therefore, I am okay with doing a little copying and pasting to allow the bug fix process to work in the background. However, this latest bug has impacted both the note merging capability and the copy-paste function (i.e., notes don't merge, and copy-paste won't save). The "Contact Support" feature that was previously provided as a handy dropdown option is nowhere to be found; see added frustration. Additionally, any attempt to directly contact Evernote Support to create a support ticket is followed by an endless loop of signing in to Evernote, create a support ticket, sign in to Evernote.... This issue is related to Evernote for MAC_OSX.
  10. I am receiving the following error "We were unable to merge all of the items. Please retry." when attempting to merge notes in the latest MAC OSX version of Evernote.
  11. Thank you Jeff, and yes, I meant to type notebooks. Unlike the Android version, the iOS version doesn't save where you last left off. Which for me, this creates far more clicks than I want to perform. In translation, this is going backwards in tech, and not forward. It's simplicity of workflow that brought me to love Evernote but of late, that objective is getting downgraded in priority with each new release.
  12. When I open Evernote iOS, I receive a list of all my notes. I, and probably many others don't use Evernote that way. Therefore, I'd like to be able to select whether I want to be presented a list of my folders (or folder shortcuts). Think LESS clicks, not more.
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