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  1. Sure, they could have many reasons for not caring. You have named one. I agree that is a possible theory for why they do not care about this problem. But let's not really worry to much about the level of concern. 😉 Cheers!
  2. The fact that podcast apps do this routinely, as well as calendar, email and rival note taking apps, tells me it is a matter of developers not wanting to implement it. Could be some philosophy they hold, could be various things, but since they don't address the question nor bother to implement the fix, I think it's fair to just assume it's because they don't care. Cheers.
  3. It's true that all file storage is sandboxed. However, you can pass information to other applications with the "Share" button and this can pass links and even entire files. The formatting of these links is up to the developer. Evernote iOS could certainly be told to open certain entries via the Share feature.
  4. When I create an internal note link in Evernote, it does the correct thing, UNTIL I copy the link and try to paste it somewhere else. Then it apparently intercepts the actual internal link and instead generates an external link to evernote.com. I don't want to go to a website, or I wouldn't have made it an internal link. I want a link that opens Evernote. This works fine on my desktop. Is this not a possibility on iPad? Thanks for any help.
  5. That's a beautiful perspective, but I'd rather continue working on my project than have to deal with an Evernote bug personally. :-). And yet here I am! LOL
  6. Not complaining about being asked, but if you need permissions and know how to check and see you don't have them and the user is asking for it, wouldn't it make sense then to point them to the preferences? Anyhow, I got mine baby. Cheers
  7. I had not, but enabling it fixed my problem! Many thanks this was such a long-awaited feature. Why didn't they announce this to the people that give a damn about it on this forum? Rude. 🙂 Interesting that Evernote did not ask me to update these settings. I would have expected Evernote to prompt me for this. anyhow, I'm thrilled to get this broken functionality back! I can finally go back to the standard version.
  8. I tested it on my Mac and while it tries to work, it does not work for me actually yet. It will not open any file:// links no matter how I try. But it's hopeful that it's claiming to want to...
  9. One alternative is to downgrade to an older version of Evernote. Contact tech support and they will give you a link to an older version that still supports file:// links. That's what I do. It sucks but there is nothing else out there to compete and paraphrasing one user here, "companies don't do things for their customers, they do things for their bottom line." Don't hold your breath on this one, nobody is listening. 😜 Cheers!
  10. The latest version contains an option to do the opposite: import a whole folder now without linking to it. I still use Evernote Classic because of Evernote's breaking this feature.
  11. Thanks for sharing that! Now that I just realized Evernote stopped supporting links to files on my hard drive, I'm pissed and moving off this heap of *****. Obsidian looks amazing, and being based on markdown, you can have your own data and Evernote cannot break it. Like they just broke my data. I had to downgrade to version 7. And yes I really want those collapsible bullets and other features of obsidian. I hope it works! Is there an export from Evernote to Obsidian?
  12. Yeah I've seen that several times too. This bug is so old I'm seeing different versions of it.
  13. Wow, this is the hardest popup problem I've seen since that vacation in Thailand giggity
  14. I just saw it again, with version 10.5.7 just now on OS X. Good news. I'm up to date AGAIN with the same version! :-)
  15. Where are ANY options? Evernote on OS X does not have a Preferences pane! What kind of application gives users zero choice about their environment?
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