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  1. The thing I dislike about iOS most is Apple deciding I shouldn't be able to share files easily between apps, e.g. opening a file in one app that I created in another app. This is the crappiest idea ever. It's like taking your shoes off before going through the airport line. Security theatre.
  2. 'm using Evernote extension on Mac in Chrome. In Safari, when I am on a page and click the little elephant to capture a page to EN, I can use the left/right arrows to move the selection on the page around, and use the up/down arrows to grow and shrink the selection. In Chrome, the arrow keys do nothing. I can click the +/- button to grow and shrink the selection, but the arrow keys just operate the page content as usual and are not intercepted by the extension.
  3. I was skeptical about this but it is interesting that the download version is 7.1, and the App Store version is 7.0.3 as of now for OS X. Anyhow, I replaced the App Store version Evernote made a separate copy of my notes for whatever reason and then continued... After installing the new version, the link is working. I did not have to do the "drag to Firefox" dance you did. I will revisit in a day or two and see if it mysteriously breaks again. So far, this is working.
  4. UPDATE: WITHOUT changing anything at all in the note, I am now getting "Evernote does not have permission to open" errors again. OK, this is weird. I tried your suggestion and it worked. I looked back at my original file link and it was identical. I tested the original and now it works. I changed nothing between when it was giving me permission error and now. So I have no idea what the problem is but it's "fixed." at least for now. Thanks for the help. I still don't know what the problem was. Hmm.... why was I getting that "“Evernote” does not have permission to open " error?
  5. As I mentioned, the URL I'm using works in Chrome and Safari. It is a correct file:// URL which opens the file in other apps. Evernote tries to open it and gets permission errors. Finder does not have a "Copy blah blah as Pathname". Man, the upload limits on this forum are ridiculously small. I can copy the file, but then it gets pasted as a file in Evernote. What Finder are you using that has these different menu options?
  6. To answer your question, I dropped the file into the Terminal, which gets a correctly quoted path for the file. The path is correct, is that what you are asking? There are no typos in it. If I copy the path as specified in Evernote with "copy link", then paste it into my browser, the file opens fine for me. So there is no reason Evernote could not do the same thing as far as I know. It looks like a bug to me.
  7. Are you saying that when you click on the "Test.pdf" link in your note, that it opens your document on your hard drive? How is your setup different I wonder, because I also get "does not have permission" with a similar situation.
  8. Hello Two bugs with file:// URLs. First, backslashes make them completely break. Second, even without backslashes, they don't work. I get "does not have permission." I want to include a link to a file on my hard drive in one of my notes. The path to the file is the following: /Volumes/2\ TB\ SSD\ external/current_projects_SSD/Performing\ Arts/comedy/breaking-comedys-dna_\(v.1.4.4\).pdf When I copy this path into Evernote I see that the '\' characters get turned into HTML "%5C" codes. So I right click on some tex and select "Link-->Add..." and add this: file:///Volumes/2\ TB\ SSD\ external/current_projects_SSD/Performing\ Arts/comedy/breaking-comedys-dna_\(v.1.4.4\).pdf I then click "OK". If I then right click on the text and do "Link--> Edit..." the link has been changed to: file:///Volumes/2%5C%20TB%5C%20SSD%5C%20external/current_projects_SSD/Performing%5C%20Arts/comedy/breaking-comedys-dna_%5C(v.1.4.4%5C).pdf As you can see, the backslashes are preserved here. It should look like this: file:///Volumes/2%20TB%20SSD%20external/current_projects_SSD/Performing%20Arts/comedy/breaking-comedys-dna_(v.1.4.4).pdf If I make these changes, removing the '%5C' characters, then it gives me this error: The application “Evernote” does not have permission to open “breaking-comedys-dna_(v.1.4.4).pdf.” Can Evernote be fixed to work on Mac with file paths? Thanks.
  9. I'm getting this error when I try to markup a picture in Mac OS Photos.app using the Skitch extension. Can anyone help? See attached screenshot for what it looks like in real time, very exciting! I've seen others with this problem on the Apple forum but never seen any solution. Thanks.
  10. I have a numbered list in a note. I wish to indent an item. On my laptop, I would press the tab key. There is no tab key on iOS. How to indent on iOS? Thank you for any help!
  11. From my perspective the benefit is that Evernote *theoretically* can focus on their primary business and spend less time maintaining servers. However, in practicality, it might not really help anyone except Evernote's shareholders as they become more efficient. Shrug, no harm to me either way, and I see potential benefit if they truly focus on making their products better as a result.
  12. 100% agree here. Really want this feature. I use Evernote at work and don't want my search results from OKCupid showing up onscreen when searching for something on Google with a colleague. So I disable the help on the web. But I store technical notes and personal notes with Evernote and the twain should not mix. Could get two Evernote accounts, but I have Premium and want Premium features all the time. So what should I do?
  13. Yes! I'm right now trying to type the single quoted expression 'rcook' and evernote keeps changing it to stupid curvy single quotes that don't work in SQL Please stop it.
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