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  1. Working for me - Evernote is calling it an Anchor Link. Notice the link to the right of the heading. I copied into another note and it jumped directly to the link. I have also set up a ToC at the top of the note and if I copy the link from the ToC it also jumps to correct spot in the note. I am on:
  2. I just submitted a bug report as I am running into this same problem. Tasks pane and widget on MacOS are showing as past due - however, the task is correct inside the note. On most recent macOS release from App Store.
  3. This is what tags are for. Add a tag to a note and that same tag can live in multiple folders.
  4. I haven’t opened my desktop app yet to see the change myself. Best thing for you to do is use the feedback option to send feedback directly to Evernote. This is a user based forum - and I don’t recall the last time anyone from Evernote participated here.
  5. I routinely delete completed tasks.
  6. This is a very independent/personal opinion. For me V10 is waaaaay better than legacy ever was. It goes back to the years old argument/complaints about v10 or Legacy - of which there are many many many posts about already.
  7. I noticed the same thing. I have been on personal for a while now and OCR as worked just fine.
  8. It looks like EN is not limiting the features of the free accounts anymore. They have moved to a limitation on the number of notes/notebooks free accounts can create. Note history is only available on the desktop apps - it has not been available on the mobile apps.
  9. Found this on X/Twitter. Curious that @Federico Simionato did not post this on the user forum as well (at least that I have seen).
  10. Note title column is resizable now. However, it is only resizable to so much. It would be nice if we could make the column smaller. I use a view with note on the left and have that as small as possible also - it'd be nice if could make the note list column a little smaller, but can hide it if need be. Screenshot below shows it as small as I can make it - I also have created and updated dates as columns. This is on a 15" MBP and maybe its different on different screens Here is same with it larger title column.
  11. I just tried again - no resizing it. Quit app and reloaded and not able to resize the note name column.
  12. After using the new interface all day yesterday I do not mind it. Modernizing the UI so it is inline with other apps is nice. There are a few little things that are off and I do not like: The background color of the notes list for example - I just do not like the color. It does not seem to go well with the whites. Seems like a washed out light brown when I would prefer something more grey with a little more contrast than currently. I like that web clips and attachments are outlined now. However, I would think that pictures/screenshots added to notes would be outlined also? Though having a setting to turn the outline on/off for each type of attachment would be nice. Just like the view as attachment/title/preview option. This is the biggest thing driving me nuts so far. I should be able to resize the Note Title column.
  13. I use Evernote for work as well as personal. I keep things separate using Stacks. The work side is pretty much 90% pdf files of teaching resources. The web clipper is awesome for grabbing files when looking for new resources. I think it is a great idea for keeping files in EN as the search is great and I am able to dump all the files into a single folder. I organize by tag so I make sure I tag every resource I save. I just export .enex files per folder once a year for backups.
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