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  1. You’re not alone. Was happening in the beta also.
  2. Right now there is no way to hide completed tasks within a note. Hopefully that is something we can do soon. I have either been deleting completed tasks or moving them to another note to clean the visual clutter up.
  3. Open up the task slide over (choose tasks early access on left menu) and in the upper right select the three dots for the following menu
  4. True. I agree with you that a middle ground subscription would be a great offering. I’m sure there is data to back up not offering it though. And I’ve been wondering how hard coding a mid level tier is with feature sets as well - probably another factor that goes with cost. I had been on Plus since the last price increase until about a month ago. v10 is at a point that works well for me, the new tasks, home customization, and a couple little things finally pushed me back into Premium. While I agree that $70/yr is a stiff subscription cost - with how much I use EN and what I use it for the cost is worth it.
  5. You basically just described the old plan layout with the Plus plan as the $35/middle tier. Doubtful another tier comes back after they took it away in what, 2018?
  6. I’ve been wondering the same thing since the beta. Honestly, Tasks was enough to finally push me from Plus to Premium again. And I also assume Premium users will have full access. Plus users might have some access that basic users do it have, though maybe not if Home is an example.
  7. I have found the best way to do subtasks is to create a new task note and not use the default task note. With this method the tasks within the note would be considered subtasks. Not optimal as there is then no due date or anything on the "container" task(I like to set weekly check-in's for parent tasks). But it works well - I have a few task notes set up with various "sub-tasks" in each note.
  8. Did you update to most recent app through the app store? EN is rolling updates out so you might not have it yet. I am not sure about Android, but it appeared in my iOS app after I updated the other day.
  9. Not sure what you mean here. I have a couple of task filters set as saved searches. You can set multiple filters and then save the filters as a saved search - at least on iOS. The * doesn’t work to well for tasks as there is no search syntax yet, unless that changed with Early Access
  10. Using the filter options you can created saved searches. But at the end of the beta there was not task specific syntax for searching.
  11. Runs smooth on my 12 Pro. It would run great on the 12 also. Honestly not sure what the minimum iPhone would be to run it smooth though. Some others can chime in with what they use.
  12. Curious how it’s blocking things for you and on what device? I’ve not had it block anything and is just a + until I touch it on any device. screenshot?
  13. this was a very welcome change and addition for sure!
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