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  1. Uninstalling and reinstalling worked to clear the stuck notes. If anyone else is having the same problem wait a day or two to see if they import and then reinstall to fix.
  2. Done - multiple times. First rule of troubleshooting - restart It did not clear any of the pending uploads. I think I am going to end up uninstalling and installing it to phone again. And then the joy of downloading offline notebooks again 🙂 This is good to hear that it is working for you. I am on same iOS version though my imports were tried on previous EN version before 10.1 was released. Maybe 10.1 fixed the importing without any mention (general bug fixes) in release notes?
  3. Does it work for you in the iOS app using the share sheet? I am not talking specifically web pages, but actual files as well. At this point I am not going to try using the share sheet option again as the one way that I have found to work for sure is email into EN - which really defeats the purpose of sharing directly into the app. Getting stuck on importing is a bug that EN is aware or per a ticket I had going on. I was told it could take up to 24 hours..... so I am not sure if they know it can drag on for 4+ days as my phone is still trying to import from Monday. They are all stuck
  4. Was hopeful that this update would fix the importing from iOS share sheet it did not. I still have 4 notes that are stuck on importing from earlier this week 🤔
  5. In talking with support it turns out that the problem with importing on iOS is something the developers are aware of. They are "working on the large wait time in a release in the upcoming weeks." I posted about the same thing here:
  6. I have a few notes that are stuck on importing. They have been importing for more than a day and a few hours on my iPhone running latest iOS 14.1They each shared through the safari share sheet to en. One was a webpage, one a screenshot, and another a PDF. anyone else running into this?
  7. I have been a user for 10 years and paying for Premium or Plus pretty much the whole time. Not what some would consider a power user, but I have some set workflows that still are working just fine for the most part. I am leaning towards liking this new app and see it is a positive direction. Both the Mac and iOS versions. Are there hiccups? Yep. Can you use legacy? On Mac, yep! I am going to be patient and see how things shake out. But again I think it is making steps in the right direction. Maybe some more beta testing would have been better though. I am hopeful that they resolve the o
  8. I have same thing posted here maybe we can get these merged into a single thread/request
  9. I tried signing in with Apple and was unable to use it. Also had a problem with Note disappearing from both iPhone and iPad.
  10. Yep notebook, not folder. I only have a handful of notebooks, but work mainly in 1 or 2 of them. The rest are file cabinet types. Adding the option to select which notebook you open up to would be nice. You should also be able to keep all notes as an option.
  11. It would be nice if in the iOS app we could specify what folder notebook the app opened up to. Right now every time it opens it goes right to all notes. I don’t want to see all of my notes when I open up the app. Just would like to go the default notebook - or another of my choosing. sorry if I missed this request being posted elsewhere
  12. Thanks. I did notice that internal links opened up the web app in this new Mac app....kinda sucky. But glad to see it is on the near future road map, hopefully near future....
  13. What is the difference between Classic Note Links and note links?
  14. This. If the tab cold just go away when there are no reminders.
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