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  1. Evernote, please don't be subtle with any indicator. It needs to be big and bright… perhaps in your new green color? ?
  2. The beta may expire in the near future. This is a newer version that will run on your Mac: Evernote 6.13.3 (OS X El Capitan (10.11) and above)- http://cdn1.evernote.com/mac-smd/public/Evernote_RELEASE_6.13.3_455969.zip
  4. There is a newer Mail plugin that (as of Mojave) still works with Evernote. https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/export-an-email-to-evernote-using-evernote-exporter/
  5. It was 'spun off' with version 2.0 if I recall correctly. More information here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/evernote/
  6. The bug where you select a note in the left column, and the selection blinks once before the highlight settles on All Notes is still in this build ?
  7. The problem is, which note? ?
  8. It doesn't need to be as complicated. Make your sub-notes, then select all of them, and create a Table of Contents: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAY2Wyl-7WxLl7Q9N3926pjmTFGiqyLf2_k
  9. Doubtful. These are the release notes in the App Store:
  10. The release notes are a little sparse, but I see you, new Evernote logo! ?
  11. If you want a more 'full-featured' experience, assign a key command to "New Note Window" — and it will give you a new Evernote window the size of a note. This will have the different formatting options that the Quick Note does not.
  12. I'm going to move this ticket to the web clipper forum.
  13. Tell you what — I don't feel comfortable having you potentially lose your important data. Have you reached out to @Evernotehelps on Twitter?
  14. If you right-click on your PDF, you can choose to "View as Attachment" , which I think is what you're asking for…
  15. Make sure to not save the PDF anywhere else except in the folder that Evernote creates for it. Otherwise, the changes will not be synced back.
  16. The 'click on a note in Favorites and it blinks momentarily before the highlight jumps to All Notes' bug is still there ?
  17. If you use Spark for iOS or Mac, it will embed a link back to the email message, even if you move it to another folder.
  18. Sounds like a Romance film starring Ryan Gosling ?
  19. When I create a new note from my ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ, I am using watchOS' built in voice-to-text dictation to "write" my notes. I don't think that Apple allows watch apps to record audio from it's microphone. If the watch needed to dictate as well as record, it would require too many resources. If this wasn't the case, Apple would have a voice memos app on their watch.
  20. If it were me, I would reach out to @Evernotehelps on Twitter to make sure no data is lost when combining accounts.
  21. I would export the images, then using a purpose-built tool like Acrobat Pro, or PDFpen Pro, create the PDF. This way, you can control the layout, and the level of compression.
  22. My "pet" bug has been fixed! Thank you so much!
  23. This is fixed… sort of. If I select a note in my Shortcuts, the highlight continues to jump to "All Notes"
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