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  1. Hi, I currently have v6.16.1 b1465 installed on my Mac. It tells me there is an update, but crashes imediately after showing the loader. And the version numbers last year are way higher? There is Preview, Beta, Home ... can anyone clear things up for me? This is really confusing. What's the latest version for MacOS. Does the stable version already include the new editor? Thanks, Michael
  2. Any news or ETA about the new editor coming to MacOS? I'm attending the beta just for this and stay with Evernote because of this hope to get a better editor soon! I hope the Evernote editor experience is unified soon on all platforms, this has real potential. Best, Michael
  3. Hi, at home I use ScanSnap and scan invoices and receipts in black/white mode Advantages: better readability much smaller file size good printable It's saved with ocr with optimal compression. I would be glad if Evernote manages to to this, because 90% of the scannings are b/w. Now it works okay, but often there is a pice of colored background in the png. Best, Michael
  4. Me too, and U2F Keys cost about 8 Euro, other Yubikeys (FIDO2 etc.) about 60. I own one and would be glad, if Evernote added U2F. U2F already supported by: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Bitwarden, LastPass, and more ... See: http://www.dongleauth.info/ Evernote stands for security and has a lot of sensitive data stored. I'd appreciate if there is even further improvement by adding hardware authentication. Thanks in advance! Michael
  5. Hi DTLow, thanks for your answer. Sure, I also use CamScanner. This app has a monochrome mode (but saves all in jpg/pdf). I can use an external app and import it to Evernote somehow like everything else, but that's not the point of the feature request ... I think Evernote itself has a great automatic camera and could benefit from a b/w mode. Best, Michael
  6. Dear DTLow, I'm talking about the mobile app, Android. I have a ScanSnap at home, but it's about a mobile solution. Best, Michael
  7. Hi, most of the time I need to capture monochrome documents and I think most people do. But Evernote often saves it as a color picture, because it recognizes some color dot. This needs more space and reduces the document quality/contrast. So my wish to the Evernote team is a Monochrome Document Mode! Thanks! Michael
  8. Hi gazumped, thanks for the answer. I made a structured list, a protocol, and after inserting a xml-file only a flat list was left; I had to rebuild the hierarchy. The rest of the files I sent per mail and inserted them with the desktop app. Best, Michael
  9. Hi, I just edited an existing note in Ubuntu 16.04.1 / Firefox, which I created on the Mac. Inserted a path and 2 small files. The result is that all the hierarchy was destroyed and I have a flat list now. I can't revert to a former edition, because evernote only saves states a few time per day. This is bad. I wanted to revert to the oder web version, but button removed. :-( Is evernote web only fully functional on Chromium? I went back to old the version, but after an upload via button, this time in Chromium, the note was destroyed again (!). Please fix.
  10. Yes, Evernote is simple, but in this case it's way too simple. I definitely miss some basic styling/structure options like in html: h1,h2,h3;pre (with gray box, non-proportional for code snippets) - and perhaps some other. -- a central style.css would be useful or an alternaive a way to adjust look&feel for all notes. Without this I find it very hard to get the information structured, and this is for what evernote stands, isn't it. Please guys, add these basic functions to the editor! Best regards, mandrael
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