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  1. Started using Catalina Beta and my Web clipper icon has vanished from Safari 13. Tried to find it on Apple Safari extensions and Evernote site. On the evernote site when I click on get clipper it takes back to the Apple site. Tried apple App Store as well. Where can I get it? Derek
  2. Thats great, problem solved. Many thanks. Derek
  3. Thanks that has solved the problem. If I want to keep the notebook after I have finished with it, and save disc space, is there a way of removing the downloaded files? Thanks.
  4. Yes I have a data plan and Evernote Premium. My question is is there any way to have files like these permanently downloaded to the phone so you don't have to relay on data or WiFi I was taking the train from Frankfurt airport after just landing. Now I come to think of it, the o2 roaming plan on my 5S may have automatically turned off data as I was in another EU country. Derek
  5. Recently I was travelling and had put all the travel arrangements onto Evernote. When I went to present my train ticket barcode to the ticket collector it had to try and download it, there was no WiFi so it could not. I had opened it on my iPhone before I left. How do I get files to be on my iPhone without having to use WiFi? Derek
  6. Suddenly the evernote app will not open on my Mac, and the icon in the application folder has changed from the usual green and white elephant to a blank with diverders in it. I have downloaded the app again from the app store with no change. Many thanks Derek
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