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  1. Yes it's just the back button in Firefox, the expected behaviour would be to return back to the table of contents page. If this is a limitation I guess I'll have to create 'back' note links.
  2. I have table of contents pages setup with internal note links. When I click on a note link thats located in another notebook, then press back, it will not return to the table of contents page. Unsure if this is a limitation of the web client or a bug. Thanks. I am using Firefox 92.0.1 (64-bit).
  3. It seems to be opening and restoring tabs normally if I close Evernote before restart. Thanks for your help
  4. I didn't shut down Evernote before restarting. Before moving to Evernote Legacy I was using Evernote 7.14 and it's always restored Evernote and tabs fine without closing prior to restart.
  5. After restarting my mac, a progress bar appears saying "Verifying Evernote Legacy". It takes several minutes to verify, then launches without restoring my tabs. Does anyone know any solutions to stop Evernote verifying after every restart?
  6. Tabs are essential to my workflow so very disappointed to see them removed in EN10. Reverting back to the legacy version.
  7. With the side menu in icon mode, hovering over the icon for Notes, Notebooks or Tags causes the pop out menu to appear. When clicking back to your note on the right hand side, the expected behaviour would be for the pop out menu to close. However it remains active unless a note, notebook or tag from the menu is clicked.
  8. When I click 'Check For Updates' in Evernote 7.14, I get the following message: 'You're up-to-date! Evernote 7.14 is currently the newest version available'. I would like to update to Evernote 10. Could someone please let me know the best way to do this?
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