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  1. Hi PinkElephant. Thanks for taking the time. You are right, perhaps I am approaching this from the wrong angle. I would probably need to tap into the Force. -The Kid
  2. Hi Guys, First of all. It seems super difficult to give just direct feedback / improvement suggestions. In the end I need to come to some forum where I need to come up with a username for an account that I already have and try to come up with a username not in use for many times. So I am writing here, feeling that it is not the best place to give this feedback .. or maybe it is. Is there a good place? Perhaps Evernote does not want feedback. I have been faithful user of evernote some ten years now. I have paid good money for it for couple of years. What I find, is that the quality of Evernote is deteriorating. More features are coming and the UX is getting worse and worse. It has become increasingly more difficult to use Evernote to the purpose I adopted it. To make and take notes and save them for good. I dont want to even describe how your electron / desktop app does not work. Thus I use the web version on my computer. Today that one announced when I was writing a note that "issue with syncing" or alike with a popup and made it impossible for me to just write. Man.. If I knew of a solution now that would do what I wanted to do (take notes and save them for good with reasonable search algorithms), I would swap immediatly, trusting that import export functionalities work between these two software. I am very close of starting that quest. Daniel of the username that was very hard to find Customer Success Manager in company x
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