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  1. Would love to have "Actual Size" the default. "Automatically resize" is showing me a fraction of the PDF's content and is of no use. Have to change it to "Actual Size" every single time I view a note with a PDF.
  2. FYI the support person sympathized with the situation but said that this was expected behavior and suggested I post here. Let me know if anyone gets a different response.
  3. I just submitted a support request for this too (Ticket 2408065): Every time I move a note to a shared notebook (which is every time I move a note), I now get a warning about "People this notebook is shared with ...". I can't see a way to switch off this warning, and it is rapidly becoming really really really annoying. Really. I understand the need to display it once, but please let me turn it off once I've acknowledged it. I have two notebooks ("inbox" and "personal"). Stuff comes into "inbox" and I tag it and then move it to "personal" which is shared with my wife. Having to acknowledge this message every single time I move a note is intensely annoying , especially when trying to file a hundred notes at the end of the month. Please give me an option to turn it off.
  4. Hi Darryl, I've just submitted it for certification in Canada. Unfortunately it isn't just a question of checking an additional checkbox. Hopefully it will be approved quickly. Damian
  5. FWIW I'm seeing the same issue right now. Just sent this as DM to @EvernoteHelps: On web, notes I created today via auto file import on Windows appear in "All Notes". Note properties show they are in the default notebook, but when I go to default notebook they are not there. Both old and new Web UI. Same behavior when using API (findNotesMetadata with default notebook as filter does not return notes). Known issue? (Damian - former Evernoter).
  6. I've just published an Amazon Echo skill which lets you create Evernote notes. To enable it, say "Alexa, enable the My Notebook skill". You'll need to link to your Evernote account in the Alexa app (it just asks for permission to write notes). Then you can say "Alexa, tell My Notebook I've hidden the kids ipads under the sofa". It will respond with "I've added I've hidden the kids ipads under the sofa to Evernote",. Now you'll never have the embarrassing situation where you confiscate your kids' screens and then forget where you put them. Or is that just me?
  7. Mac Version 6.9.1 (454120 Direct). I am unable to highlight and copy text from PDFs embedded within notes. I normally use this capability every time I use Evernote. Is anyone else see this behavior? I've raised a ticket (1845916).
  8. I use hierarchical tags to achieve this. I only have 3-4 notebooks, but I have many many levels of tags.
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