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  1. Sounds good - one thing I've done on the Mac version but not yet on the Windows version is to allow you to import an Evernote ENEX file, which speeds things up massively since the app no longer needs to download notes and resources from Evernote's services, it just downloads metadata such as the tag hierarchy. Damian (grew up just outside Cardiff).
  2. No I'm afraid not - I wanted to keep it super-simple, so notes go to your default notebook.
  3. After working on it for a month, I've just published the first version of the Windows app - it is in the store, but not visible without the direct link which is here: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/exportnote/9N1SG9DJVT94 It really is the first version I've made available to test, so please don't hesitate with any feedback about how it looks or how it works. You'll likely hit Evernote rate-limits when doing the initial sync, which forces the app to wait, so expect to leave it for many hours if you have a lot of notes. Once that initial sync is done it should be much faster. If you have a moment, let me now what you think! Thanks, Damian
  4. This morning I pushed an update to TestFlight that should make all links relative in the generated files. You can use the File menu item to remove all generated files, and then export again. This means you can move the folder containing the generated files elsewhere and all the note links, and the tag symlinks should still work.
  5. Indeed - it was a weekend of total coding bliss - family was away. I reused some tests from a PHP html-markdown converter but wrote it all from scratch in Swift. I'm sure there are bugs, but I have quite a lot of tests, all passing (at the moment): I'm working at the moment to remove all the full paths in the generated files, so that they are all relative, so that you can move the generated files to another folder and all the symlinks, note-links, etc. will work.
  6. I've added support for generating Markdown I implemented the Evernote Markup Language to Markdown converter from scratch over the weekend. I've a lot of tests, and I've checked a lot of my own notes, but I'd appreciate feedback if you notice Markdown not being generated properly. I'm generating "pure" markdown (no HTML tags). Also I don't support tables yet. Let me know if the behavior isn't as you'd expect for anything. I'm not generating markdown index files yet either. Thanks, Damian damian@exportnote.com
  7. One thing ... by default it only generates html for the first 1000 notes without a one-time in-app purchase. However in the TestFlight version you can "buy" the IAP without actually paying any money, so I suggest you do this to see all your notes - you won't need to re-sync everything, just regenerate the HTML (there is a menu option to remove the generated HTML).
  8. Uhh indeed ... in this version I tried making the app download two notes (or attachments) at the same time, to halve the sync time. Looks like I need to change it to just download one at a time. FWIW if you enter a dev token at login then it downloads 16 at a time, because the Evernote service doesn't seem to rate-limit dev-tokens. I believe it is possible to ask that an app be given a special initial sync boost to allow multiple simultaneous downloads, I'll check with Evernote. Damian
  9. Absolutely 🙂 I remember you from when I used to post here back in the day as an Evernoter, along with GrumpyMonkey and others!
  10. They are indeed. PDFs and images are displayed inline. Here is the index file I create, although you can also just browse the html files.
  11. I'd love to do a Windows version - I want to see if there is enough interest in the Mac version first - I've developed plenty of Windows apps in the past.
  12. Thanks! To clarify it doesn't talk to your local Evernote app, but talks directly to the Evernote service - the downside is that the initial sync may take some time, the up-side is that you don't have to have Evernote installed locally.
  13. I'm a long-time Evernote user (since 2009, ~12,000 notes), and I wanted to always have a local html copy of my Evernote notes, including my tag hierarchy, so I've created an app for that, called ExportNote: https://exportnote.app It is currently in beta and can be downloaded from https://testflight.apple.com/join/uwMdXI4d My privacy policy is at https://exportnote.app/privacy/ (I don't collect/export any information, I just talk to Evernote's servers once you've logged in). I'm looking for feedback, big or small, to see if this is something I should release to the world. This app is in no way associated with Evernote. Thanks, Damian PS for those that care about such things, tagged notes are created as symbolic links to the note in the notebook folder, so you'll save space. Also I set the creation and modification dates of the generated files to match those of the original note. I create an HTML index file, but you can also browse on disk. PPS I did work for Evernote in the past, creating their Windows Phone app, working on Evernote Food, Evernote Pebble, Evernote for Android Wear and more ... none of which remain! This app is in no way associated with Evernote.
  14. Would love to have "Actual Size" the default. "Automatically resize" is showing me a fraction of the PDF's content and is of no use. Have to change it to "Actual Size" every single time I view a note with a PDF.
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