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  1. Hi Darryl, I've just submitted it for certification in Canada. Unfortunately it isn't just a question of checking an additional checkbox. Hopefully it will be approved quickly. Damian
  2. Missing Notes in Notebook Evernote Web

    FWIW I'm seeing the same issue right now. Just sent this as DM to @EvernoteHelps: On web, notes I created today via auto file import on Windows appear in "All Notes". Note properties show they are in the default notebook, but when I go to default notebook they are not there. Both old and new Web UI. Same behavior when using API (findNotesMetadata with default notebook as filter does not return notes). Known issue? (Damian - former Evernoter).
  3. I've just published an Amazon Echo skill which lets you create Evernote notes. To enable it, say "Alexa, enable the My Notebook skill". You'll need to link to your Evernote account in the Alexa app (it just asks for permission to write notes). Then you can say "Alexa, tell My Notebook I've hidden the kids ipads under the sofa". It will respond with "I've added I've hidden the kids ipads under the sofa to Evernote",. Now you'll never have the embarrassing situation where you confiscate your kids' screens and then forget where you put them. Or is that just me?
  4. Mac Version 6.9.1 (454120 Direct). I am unable to highlight and copy text from PDFs embedded within notes. I normally use this capability every time I use Evernote. Is anyone else see this behavior? I've raised a ticket (1845916).
  5. I've just posted a UWP example: https://github.com/DamianMehers/EnUWPAuthDemo
  6. Pebble Time

    No - just the text explanations.
  7. Pebble Time

    This is possible with Powernoter. Demo: Store: http://apps.getpebble.com/en_US/application/565abbf0a5c4c9a657000011 Damian (disclaimer - I created Powernoter)
  8. I wasn't able to get this working with arbitrary credentials, but it is useful to be able to tell Alexa to create notes in my own Evernote account http://damianblog.com/2015/11/11/alexa-evernote/
  9. Hi, The Pebble Evernote app doesn't talk to the locally installed Evernote app on the phone - it talks directly to the Evernote servers, which is why it doesn't know about the offline notes in the Evernote app on the phone. I believe that shortcut notes are cached, but not other notes. Damian (Evernote Wearables developer) [Technical explanation: The Evernote Pebble app uses Javascript on the phone, which can't talk to the local apps. The advantage of using Javascript is that the app works on both Android and iOS, is not dependent on the version of Evernote installed locally, and even works without Evernote installed on the phone. The disadvantage is that it can't take advantage of the locally installed Evernote's capabilities].
  10. android Evernote for Samsung Gear

    Hi Troy, The gear should show the recent notes as listed if you use the Evernote widget on your phone, and tell it to display recent notes ... basically the notes you looked at recently on your phone. Could you try using the Evernote widget to display recent notes, and let me know if you are seeing something different? Thanks, Damian
  11. android Evernote for Samsung Gear

    It starts from the same list that the standard Android Evernote client displays if you configure the widget to display recent notes. It skips notes that are big (larger than 4K) or notes that have associated images/attachments. Let me know if this isn't the behavior you are seeing. Damian
  12. android Evernote for Samsung Gear

    Hi Dustin, For checkboxes we only show notes with unchecked checkboxes in them ... it's unlikely, but is it possible that your notes have no unchecked checkboxes? For recent notes, we only list recent small text-only notes ... do perhaps create and view a small text-only note? If you have the Evernote Android Widget installed you can make it list recent notes, which is the same list we draw from to display in the Gear. Can you verify that it display the note list correctly? Damian
  13. android Evernote for Samsung Gear

    Hi Tony, Could you first try restarting the watch (press the button on the side until you are prompted to restart) and your phone? If that doesn't work could you try reinstalling Evernote for the Gear using the Gear Manager app? There are not many levers to pull here, since there is no real configuration for the gear app, it should work in tandem with Evernote on your phone. Thanks, Damian
  14. android Evernote for Samsung Gear

    It should be back now - let me know if you don't see it. Also any feedback/suggestions on the app are very welcome. Damian