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  1. While I know there are a lot of complaints about the new Evernote v10... I am one of the few who actually like it a lot. EXCEPT for the inability to sort saved searches by reminder date. I can't believe they are on 10.4 and still haven't addressed this. It is not a "feature"... it is a "bug" when they have a column that you can click on and it displays an up or down arrow, but has no impact on the sort of the list. This seems like it should have been a low hanging fix to address quickly after release of the new version but the fact that this is still not addressed makes me worry it may not be such an easy fix. I can't think of any other application I have ever used that had sortable columns where half of them don't work.
  2. @dvollc I follow you and couldn't agree more. This would be an awesome improvement and someday/hopefully it will come. In the meantime, I would love them to just allow us to actually sort by any column, since you can't currently sort by reminder date in saved search results. One point about your suggestion... it is actually worse than the fact that it keeps the same sort/column display on all lists. Saved search results default to sorting by "relevance", which is totally useless for most of my GTD saved searches. I have searches based on reminder for different contexts, and the inability to sort those results by reminder date is probably my number one complaint about v10 so far (and generally I am very happy with it). However... it would be great to be able to sort by any column and save sort preferences by notebook, tag OR saved search... so +1 for this.
  3. I may be wrong, but assume that they still are not capable of doing this until they retire the legacy versions. I remain hopeful that the migration to v10 will allow features like this to be added, but I would imagine that means all versions of the app are using the new editor so that they do not have to code this feature into the legacy versions. On the other hand, I suppose it could work out that any collapsed sections show as expanded in Legacy apps, similar to how the new Checklists still show. Either way, as @gazumped states... we have managed to wait this long...
  4. @miscelaine unfortunately, the discussion about nested notebook folders has been hashed out extensively and is likely something that the Evernote community will have to live with. It is my non-technical understanding that it is an inherent part of the structure of the entire system that the only have Notebooks and Stacks as a two-level deep organizational structure. Perhaps there is some chance that this entire upgrade to v10 will allow them to introduce something deeper once all of the legacy versions are retired, but I don't know that there is any support for this statement... other than wishful thinking. Therefore, I would suggest you get used to the limitation of organizing your notebooks into stacks and make the best of it. You reference nested tags, which is currently available and is an alternative organization structure to notebooks. I am not much of a tagger, but there are a lot of posts that advocate replacing your notebooks with tags and just keeping one or two notebooks. You definitely can have multiple levels of nested tags if you can't make the two-level deep organizational structure work with notebooks and stacks.
  5. While the more recent discussion has gone in a different direction (I agree with @DTLow that this is a note editor, not word processor)... but to address the original request of @richard-j-cand @Echnie for keyboard shortcuts for text styles, this already exists: #+[space] starts Large Header ##+[space] starts Medium Header ###+[space] starts Small Header
  6. +1000 for sorting saved search reminder date....This is probably my biggest wish list item in v10. Hopefully they will also allow saving of the sort order preference with the saved search as well. No strong feelings about the pretty-print reminders, but.... I really hope they address #1 on your original list and put an "All Reminders" button or keyboard shortcut:
  7. @magellan and @rrszynka ... this is definitely coming back per the release notes for each of the recent versions
  8. Interesting idea... not a Windows or Android user, so not sure what you mean by pinning a note, but I typically have certain notes that I use a lot "pinned" in my chrome browser. I bookmark those notes in Chrome and often will open them and pin the tab, since I go back to them throughout the day.
  9. While I generally love the v10 update, one of the items I continue to struggle with is switching between notebooks. I really miss the drop down selector at the top of the note list, and raised this as an issue in the Beta program. At least initially, Evernote staff has suggested that using the search feature was supposed to replace this quick method of switching notebooks. However, that doesn’t work at all when you have a lot of notebooks with keywords also found in the titles of a lot of notes. At best the quick search preview only shows two or three notebooks at the bottom, and often it doesn’t show any. As a result, to switch notebooks, I generally find myself searching for a note I know is in that notebook, then clicking the notebook name after it loads. I never really used the cmd+J feature of the legacy app, but have been assuming that bringing that back was the proposed solution to switching notebooks. However, reviewing the release notes for 10.4 closer, it says: “Quickly search and move to different note using a keyboard shortcut (Mac - CMD+J, Windows - Ctrl+Q)” I guess we will see what it does when released, but that seems like it is going to return the same quick results as the search box in the sidebar, which is not what I want. If Evernote won’t bring back the drop down notebook selector at the top of the notes list, hopefully they will assign a keyboard shortcut that jumps to the Notebooks tab and starts the cursor in the search box. I am surprised there haven’t been more complaints in the forum about switching between notebooks.
  10. @KellyB This has been a complaint since beta when, which impacts my workflow since you can not sort by Reminder Date in a notebook or search results. Fortunately, it appears they are working on this based on the for 10.4, which indicate:
  11. @gerrytan this is actually one of the few (only?) markup options available in v10 # + (space) = Large Header ## + (space) = Medium Header ### + (space) = Small Header Just do nothing = Normal Text Other markup options I am aware of are: *** = horizontal line [ ] = creates check list if at the beginning of a row, or a check box if in the middle of a line Anyone aware of any others?
  12. It would be ideal if they could make that URL field display without going into the Note Info... only when it actually has a value entered on the note info tab. By default the field has a value set when using the webclipper, so users would be able to see (and click through) to the source material without going into Note Info. But for users who do not use that feature, or for notes that do not have a corresponding URL, it wouldn't take up screen real estate.
  13. @Stefan H. Subject to the 50 note limit mentioned by @donnydl, you can create a table of contents (or at least a list of links to multiple notes), by selecting the notes you want, then select the three dots in the pop up menu for processing multiple notes and select Copy Internal Link. Then you can paste that list of links into a note as a table of contents. I am not sure if there other elements to the old table of contents feature, but this largely accomplishes the same thing for my workflow.
  14. I was an early adopter of the web beta last year, participated in the web beta testing of reminders and am one of the few users who really likes the Mac and iOS v10. However, for some reason my web version is still stuck on v5.33.0. I see others talking about v10.4... how do I get the new version to be activated?
  15. That is really well said... I agree, Evernote is best for storage/organization... there are better tools for capturing notes into Evernote, which for me include emailing, Fastever and saving handwritten notes captured in Goodnotes to Evernote as a PDF. Then Evernote is used to store in an organized way. So I guess that makes me a "Librarian"... but through linking notes, creating task lists and setting reminders, there is a lot of "Architect" as well.
  16. This was discussed in a prior post, and it turned out the user had some old notes with completed reminders, which makes the Reminders tab show up on All Notes, or any notebook that has a reminder (either completed or active). If you have no reminders set on any note, then the tab goes away. Try searching for "reminderDoneTime:*" to see if there are any completed reminders. Or click on the settings "sprocket" within the All Notes/Reminders tab and select "Show Completed Reminders" to make sure nothing is in there. If you "remove" any completed reminders, the tab *should* go away
  17. Most definitely... my workflow doesn't involve Apple Scripts... and minimal tagging. I do use a lot of notebooks, and switching between notebooks is not as easy with v10... but for my use case v10 is a big improvement, especially around reminders and the note editor.
  18. I continue to be surprised that I appear to be one of the few Evernote “power users” who is much happier with v10. There are some issues (like inability to sort search results by reminder date) that drive me crazy, but sometimes you need to work around limitations and make the best of things. Evernote is still worlds better than other options from my testing/monitoring.... and galaxies better than my old physical filing cabinet.
  19. I previously posted a request for Evernote to add support in iOS for side by side view of the same app. It seems like this feature was built for note apps like Evernote and Apple Notes. I understood why this wasn’t supported when Apple rolled out this feature a few years so, since the Evernote team was focused on rebuilding the apps on the common editor... but I was really expecting this to be offered on day 1 of v10. Unfortunately, my prior post really hasn’t gotten any response, and I am thinking this may create an issue with sync or something else related to the lack of ability to open multiple “windows” in the Mac version. Maybe this could be solved by just allowing one specific note to be opened in a side view window... keeping one note Open in a slide over or side by side window would be better than nothing.
  20. This is one of a number of feature disparities between mobile and desktop that I just don’t understand, since the main goal of this v10 endeavor has been to unify the features, experience and code base. Why wouldn’t the same editor features be in both platforms, especially since these limited markup features have been in the Mac version since the Beta? It is also frustrating that “features” returned to desktop since the initial v10 rollout, like editing note date, internal vs web links and the ability to select and act on multiple notes... these features should all work on both iOS and Mac.
  21. I guess I am in the minority, but I personally like Version 10... a lot. It is not perfect and missing some prior functions that were really useful (i.e. ability to open multiple windows, quickly switch notebooks, etc.), but after seeing them slowly restoring functions over the past few iterations (i.e. helper, internal links, etc.), I feel confident they are heading in the right direction. As DTLow said... if you are unhappy with v10, use the Legacy. If you are unhappy with the direction Evernote is headed, then it is probably time to look for a different solution. Based on what I have seen, anything else involves a lot of compromises... Certainly this has involved a lot of changes to my workflows, but it is working for me.
  22. +1 Saving the sort order for a notebook would be awesome... if they add this, hopefully they also allow saving the sort order of saved searches, as most of my saved searches are not useful sorted by relevance. While on the topic of sort order (in case anyone from Evernote is monitoring this thread).... PLEASE allow us to sort by any column on list view. Particularly I am really hoping they add back the ability to sort by reminder date. I have a LOT of saved searches for different types of reminders (ie combo of due date and context), and it is entirely useless to sort by relevance. I hate that the only place you can sort by reminder due date is the Reminders tab.
  23. +1 really miss the ability to have two different instances of Evernote open on two different Mac screens, with different searches/notebooks selected
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