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  1. It would be a huge improvement in useability for me if Evernote would change the date picker to a calendar on the "Edit Reminder" screen. It is really difficult to reschedule using the "scroll wheel" for the date, especially since it does not tell you what the day of the week is for those future dates. Often I want to move a retainer ahead a few weeks and set it for a specific day of the week (i.e. a Tuesday), but don't have a photographic memory to figure out what the 2nd Tuesday in the next month is going to be... I thought the entire goal of this v10 update was to make the user experience the same across all versions of Evernote... so instead of this.... Give us something like this:
  2. @toao I thought it was a VERY odd question... it is one thing to ask a user to justify a use case for some action that really has no clear/apparent reason they would need to be doing that often. It is a very different thing to ask it about the 50 note limitation. Also, two weeks after the original post it is even more odd for Evernote staff to finally surface on the topic and ask a question that seems to suggest they thought 50 would be more than anyone would ever need to move (which I just can't imagine being the case)
  3. Does the Windows v10 not have the equivalent of keyboard shortcut for top 10 shortcut spots? If not... so much for feature parity.
  4. Actually, this is an issue in both iOS and Mac.... as neither allows you to sort search results by reminder date. Hopefully both will be solved at the some time. Consider adding your voice to this topic and hopefully they will fix this. @CalS One very cool feature of v10 is that you can assign keyboard shortcuts in Mac for Cmd+1 through Cmd+9 if you put those saved searches in the first 10 spots of your shortcuts list.
  5. Interesting... maybe update the title to make this discussion about revisiting the Tags vs. Notebooks in the v10 era. I am always re-thinking my method of organization, and perhaps if the taggers become satisfied with where v10 ends up, it may be worthwhile for me to change or at least work in some sort of hybrid method. My prior issue with tags has been the difficulty making sure that I have tags set on all notes. If a note ends up without a tag, it can get lost. With prior versions of Evernote, the way tags were implemented across the different platforms largely required that if I wanted to use a tag-based organization system, I would have to process my inbox on Mac/desktop. Perhaps with the changes of v10, that is no longer the case. Most things end up in my inbox via forwarded emails. I find it much easier in the moment to forward the email and update the subject line to my "Subtopic YY-MM-DD Description"... then when I process my Evernote inbox, I can sort by title and bulk move notes to their appropriate notebook. I supposed I could add tags by putting a #tag in the subject line, but fear I will not get the right tags. Again, I am open to being convinced in the post v10 world to hear out why tags should be considered "primary"... I apply the same mentality that I have applied for years when previously organizing my paper-based world into filing cabinets/drawers/manilla folders. Nearly always there is one notebook where something belongs, or that is a sign I likely have an unnecessary notebook and should merge them and use "subtopics" to differentiate the content. In the very rare situation where I have thought that a note should be in two places, I can always make a copy of the note (like I would with a piece of paper that belonged in two physical files), or I can create a note in the second location that contains a link to the other note. I don't know that I have had to do either of those two things ever before, as I rule my organization system and can make the executive decision about the one location where it should live. I can always find things by search... True (subtopics do provide more levels) and I agree (unlimited would be my preference, but I don't think that will ever be possible with Evernote)... Using "subtopics" at the beginning of the note title actually allows me to have as many levels as I want by adding additional words. For example my bank notebook may have the following notes: WellsFargo Statement 20-10-01 XXXX WellsFargo Loan 20-09-15 XXXX WellsFargo Statement 20-09-01 XXX UBS Statement 20-09-01 XXX Usually this is not necessary, but it happens ... I am still in search of the perfect system and constantly evaluating the best software. However, at least for the past 10 years, Evernote has remained the best option available. Although, there would have to be something super compelling to jump ship and rebuild my system.
  6. This probably is not the place on the forums to engage in the whole tags vs. notebooks debate, and I am entirely sympathetic to those who rely on tags being frustrated by the move to the bottom. However, I just wanted to chime in that I have 13,819 notes and about 100 notebook, with very very few tags that are actually used. I have a bunch of old tags from years ago when I tried organizing by tags, but largely I only use them now for those rare situations where I want to create a shortcut to a select group of notes within a notebook or across multiple notebooks. I find two levels of notebook heirarchy fine, and organize notebooks within a stack using naming conventions to group the notebooks within that stack near each other. Then within each notebook, I often organize the notes using my version of tags in the note title, so that I can just search "intitle" or sort the note list and have them group together. My typical note title is "Subtopic YY-MM-DD Description".... so that if I have multiple notes about a specific subtopic I can easily organize them and find them. I imagine that if it is true that only 2% of Evernote users use tags, then it is probably less than 0.02% of Evernote users who use note titles to organize... but wanted to respond since I do not have either few notes or any mental organizational talents
  7. It would be great to have Evernote App Links (i.e. evernote:///view/xxx) that are placed in outside apps open in a new window, as opposed to taking you to the Mac desktop where the Evernote window is and switching to that note. Personally, I would prefer to have it open in a separate window. Maybe there is a parameter we could add to the end? i.e. something like "evernote:///view/xxx?target=new" I am not even sure if that type of things is possible, but in the old version I believe these links opened in a separate window
  8. Maybe I am the only one out there missing the ability to have saved searches and sort them by reminder date, but I am disappointed to still not see this in the latest 10.2 for Mac. They recently updated the iOS to 10.1 to provide the ability to sort search results, but that only allows you to sort them by relevance, title, create date or update date (like the Mac version). Hopefully this is not a sign that devs have determined those four are good enough. For my use case, I have a lot of saved searches that bring results for notes that have a reminder within certain time-frames that meat certain other criteria (i.e. contexts in GTD). However, each of the results lists is now in a largely random order since they can not be displayed with the oldest reminders at the top. Any update on adding the ability to sort by reminder date? Or any of the columns displayed in list view?
  9. Urgh.... still only able to sort search results by title, create date or update date (like the Mac app). I was really hoping to see the ability to sort by reminder date. Hopefully that will come shortly to both Mac and iOS together
  10. This seems to be related to a problem I posted about automatically converting links to Google Docs to embedded boxes...
  11. Currently when you paste a link to a Google Doc, it converts it to a box that appears similar to an uploaded document. However, it doesn't provide any option for an inline preview like you can for a PDF and ultimately it is just a fancy link to the Google Doc. I have experienced unintended consequences from this when I use the Google Doc as a hyperlink with set anchor text. For example, often I may highlight certain words and add a link to the Google Doc. Once set up, it initially works as expected/intended. However, if I cut and paste that text into another note or another area of the note, when pasting it converts those links to the embeded box and I lose my anchor text. Here is a before screenshot, showing an example where I pasted a URL on the first bullet point that converted to the embeded "SK Escrow Status 10/12/2020" box. However, the other blue hyperlinks ("MT Open Balances..." and "Other Open Balance..." are hyperlinks to specific tabs on that Google Sheet: When I copy these rows and paste them into another area of the note, here is what I end up with (not what I want):
  12. In one of the latest YouTube interviews with CEO Ian Small, he indicates at 27:20..... "at this point, we are not implementing tabs... we will see what happens to that set of feedback, but that was not a massive heavily used feature" It came amid what I think was a bit of miscommunication between Ian and Tom Solid, as Tom seemed to think that Ian said you could open two Evernote windows and indicated maybe that is why tabs are not needed. However, Ian was referring to opening multiple Note windows.... not multiple versions of the Evernote list/search, etc. For my use case, I would much prefer the ability to open two instances of Evernote (including different search results/notebooks/lists) over tabs... but sadly that is not able to be done with the current v10. Hopefully there will be some feedback to influence the apparent decision to remove tabs and multiple Evernote instances from the current roadmap.
  13. This has been a big complaint of mine since the Preview/Beta, as it is way too hard to switch to a specific notebook. There were some questions from Evernote staff about why using search for switching notebooks doesn't work, but most of the time the notebook I want to go to does not appear in the suggested search results. The "easiest" way to switch notebooks currently requires (a) clicking on the Notebooks tab in sidebar; and (b) navigating to the search box on that page... way too many clicks. I would really like to see the notebook selector dropdown at the top of the note list like the Legacy version. I know they are working on Cmd+J, and that could also solve the problem, but I would still like to see a more intuitive way to switch to a different notebook.
  14. I agree... inability to paste a date in there really slows things down, especially when you are editing to a date that was months ago. This is one of several unusual decisions made around date selection across the new apps. I also dislike the scroll wheel date selector for reminders in iOS.
  15. +++1 The iPadOS feature that allows side-by-side instances of the same app was BUILT for apps like Evernote. It was disappointing when Evernote didn't immediately release a version to coincide with the release of that feature when it came out (over a year ago?)... but I understood that they were focused on building the new apps, not updating the existing versions. However, I am a bit surprised this was not in the new iOS when released. They need to leverage this feature of iPadOS for sure
  16. @amfeather try hitting Cmd while clicking on the link... that should open the specific linked note in a new Window (from within Evernote 10)
  17. @stocky2605 and @gbarry - is it possible that the disconnect here is that the column is showing up in the list view, but just not sortable in search results ? Stocky indicates "when I select/deselect columns - the list view remains unchanged".... so it doesn't appear that it is an issue with the column showing on the screen real estate, but that it is not changing the sort order. I have experienced the same thing with the Reminders column, but it only fails to work in saved searches. If I am in All Notes, or a specific notebook, I can sort by the Reminders column. However, if I am in search results or a saved search, clicking on the Reminders column does not change the sort order. It appears that search results are only sortable by title, created, updated fields. I find this to be a huge problem with my workflow, since I have lots of saved searches for different types of reminders based on context, so hopefully this is on the radar/roadmap to repair.
  18. Sounds like this may just be an odd design choice to not hide on All Notes like they do in Notebooks... but maybe search for "reminderDoneTime:*" to see if there are any completed reminders. Or click on the settings "sprocket" within the All Notes/Reminders tab and select "Show Completed Reminders" to make sure nothing is in there. Maybe there is an old note in the trash or something that is causing it to think you have some reminders set. (Or maybe it is just a bug/bad design choice)
  19. For Expand/Collapse [Outlining] we have a number of "competing" proposals for how to best handle... I WANT ALL OF THEM: +1 for "outlining by headers" with some sort of index in the "Note Info"... presumably this would include ability to link to these header/outline items directly from the internal links, but I want to stay on topic here +1 for "insert collapsable section" to add a block that is created similarly to a code block, allowing them to be collapsed into just a preview. If these sections could be given a "title", then they could be incorporated into an Outline based on the header levels described above. +1 for "collapsable bullet lists" allowing any bullet list (or checklist) item to be easily collapsable and expandable as described by Bill C. I don't know that this is really relevant to the outlining portion of this thread... but I want this too! As much as everyone is complaining that the new Evernote 10 apps were "not ready" or "rushed".... personally I am glad they are forging ahead with a totally usable app that may be missing certain features, as I assume there are some big things like this that they couldn't introduce until all versions of Evernote 10 are out. In a recent video, Ian Smalls indicated that they had several big releases waiting on these releases to come over the next 3 to 6 months. So I am eager with anticipation!
  20. Sorry for the confusing title, but these are all related. For my purposes, I would really like to have a quicker/easier way to get to the All Notes/Reminders tab. There are a few ways to solve this with new features that could be beneficial for all users: 1) Allow Reordering of the Sidebar: for me, I would drag "All Notes" to the top... others may prefer to have tags or notebooks above shortcuts, so on the Mac app, it would be great to have the ability to move these around. If not... 2) Put "All Notes" at the top: Even though the purpose of these new apps was to provide consistency between the operating systems, this is one area where the iOS app diverges from the Mac app. On iOS, "All Notes" is at the top, above the shortcuts list, and this is where I think it should be by default on Mac if we are not allowed to reorder the sidebar. Most users keep the shortcuts list expanded, and this can get lengthy for me. Therefore, I have to scroll down a good bit to get to "All Notes" to access the "Reminders" tab. Or.... 3) Add "Reminders" as a sidebar option that takes you directly to All Notes/Reminders. This would help eliminate a click. The old iOS app had that, and it would be great to see this brought back to the iOS app and added to the Mac sidebar. Or... solve my problem with... 4) Fix Inability to sort Saved Searches by Reminder Date. For my use case, the only reason I need to go to the All Notes/Reminders tab is to see a list of all reminders sorted by due date. If the new Evernote would fix the inability to sort saved search results by Reminder date (which they indicated was coming during the Beta), then I could just add the Saved Search for reminder to the top of my Shortcuts list and have it at the top like I want it... and I could assign a keyboard shortcut of Cmd+1 through 9 to access if placed in the top spots! (However, I still think it makes sense to allow reordering of the sidebar or putting "All Notes" at the top)
  21. Very weird... Are you seeing that on both the All Notes tab, as well as in individual notebooks? I can't test the "All Notes", since I am not going to remove the tons of reminders I have set... However, when I go into a notebook that doesn't have any notes with a reminder, the reminders tab is not there. (When I add a reminder to a note it displays, then when removing the reminder it goes away again for sure within a Notebook). Therefore, it is an odd behavior to display it on "All Notes". One thing I would be interested in you double checking is to make sure you don't have any old notes with completed reminders... even though those wouldn't show by default on the reminders tab, maybe that is making it display?
  22. +1 --- equally, if not more, important would be the ability to open multiple Evernote windows. This was a feature in Mac well before the "tabs" feature was implemented years ago, and it is definitely frustrating to not be able to open two instances of the window on Mac, especially with multiple monitors and MacOS "spaces". Really hoping this comes back together with tabs
  23. This is one of the few remaining big outstanding requests I had at the end of the Beta, which really impacts my personal workflow. In the list view, search results should be sortable by any column... especially the Reminder Date. I have a lot of saved searches for different types of reminders based on context, and you still can't sort by reminder date. Going to the "All Notes/Reminders" tab is the only way I have found to sort by Reminder Date. This was something @gbarry previously indicated was being worked on back on 9/15, but it is disappointing to see it not in the 10.0 release. Hopefully it is coming soon!
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