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  1. The reminder search is now working as should be for whatever reason.
  2. For example, to get today's reminders, I use: "reminderTime:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*" This worked perfectly before Evernote had the big update. After the update, it has been working on and off. Last few weeks for example, it was working fine, but BANG! Suddenly topped working again from today and returning reminders for future included. I would appreciate tips and work-arounds.
  3. I have reminder searches saved to look for notes are the due today, tomorrow and such, and they have been acting rather erratic ever since the Big Update. I noticed today that search is returning tons of wrong notes. It is affecting my productivity as I use this feature to organize my to-do's and linking them to my calendar. It is happening on my iPhone, iPad and Windows apps, all with the latest updates. Please let me know what is going on.
  4. Stacks should have the same filtering options as Notebooks: Option to view "Notes" & "Reminders" Option to "Add Filters" Personally, for "Reminders", I would love to see the old format that allowed to see Reminders grouped by Notebooks. That was super useful.
  5. For my PC, Revo Uninstaller worked. After I uninstalled EN with Revo, I think it removed one version on my computer leaving another ghost version alive. When I clicked the shortcut that was still alive after I supposedly uninstalled EN, that remaining version of EN updated to the latest version and no more endless update since then. Not sure the same method work for Mac.
  6. Hi gazumped and agsteele. Thanks so much for your advices. Strangely, I think I got 10.4.4 to stick now. After I uninstalled Evernote using Revo, I clicked the app shortcut for Evernote and it still opened. It was 10.3.7 and it asked to update again. I updated it and it became 10.4.4. I quit the app and restarted. Before, it would revert to 10.3.7 at that point and ask to update again, but now it does not ask to update. It is stuck on 10.4.4. Maybe Revo cleaned out one version leaving only the other version left in the computer which allowed clean update on that one version? Anyways, that's how got it fixed. (for now.)
  7. Just tried Revo uninstaller but that still didn't kill the app. I am not PC expert so not sure how to get rid of the old version. I would appreciate any suggestion.
  8. I think agsteele is right. After I uninstalled the app, my shortcut was still active and I was still able to open it. Windows think it is gone because it is no longer listed under the list of app that I can uninstall. I will try gazumped's suggestion to use Revo unstaller.
  9. I can't figure out any logic to the way search results are returned. Now, I noticed that tomorrow's reminders shows up in search results for Today, and nothing shows up in search for Tomorrow although I see many notes with tomorrow's reminder dates on them.
  10. I am experiencing the same issue right now, and it seems to happen after quitting and restarting the app. I got this pop ups as soon as I restarted the app, although I had 10.4.4 successfully installed and was using it before restarting.
  11. For example, I have a saved search for reminders set for Tomorrow only as: "reminderTime:day+1 -reminderTime:day+2 -reminderDoneTime:*" This used to give me exact results, but now it is returning reminders for Tomorrow AND some of Today's reminders but not all. I would appreciate any insights. (This is for Windows 10 desktop app, and still happening after installing the latest update today)
  12. Thanks, gazumped. I hope the new app gets more tweaks like this in coming days.,
  13. Thanks for the replies. I am using PC app. It has "Edit saved search" option but it let's you only change the name of the saved search. I know I can make a new one, but then that takes more steps than necessary.
  14. Did the reminder search grammar change in the new version? It is giving me messed up results!
  15. I can seem to find a way to edit the search criteria of Saved Searches. Am I missing something?
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