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  1. I want in on this Evernote Tasks Beta! I was part of the prior Betas, so sort of hurts my feelings that I wasn't invited on this one Hopefully it is ready for release and they don't need any more feedback!
  2. In my opinion multiple Evernote windows would help a LOT and is much more useful than Tabs. With multiple monitors and MacOS spaces, I really miss the ability to have multiple instances of Evernote open at the same time with different filtered lists on different screens. I really hope they fix this issue and that it is not an inherent issue with the new code base.
  3. +1 for Evernote adding better integration of hand-written notes. I am not sure how far down the priority list this is, as they have a lot of things to fix before getting there and based on the lack of any activity on Penultimate in recent years, think they may be better off out-sourcing this with better integrations in existing leading apps like Goodnotes and Notability. Personally, I use and love Goodnotes. When a handwritten note is finished and ready to be "saved" I export it to Evernote and move the note to a folder in Goodnotes indicating it has been archived. This is great for searching and finding notes, but not so great for active notes that may have supporting info in Goodnotes and Evernote. With a recent update, Goodnotes added a feature for sharing links to specific notes, and it would be great if an integration could be built between Goodnotes and Evernotes to take advantage of this. Already you can "sync" your Goodnotes to Dropbox where it will save PDF copies in the folder structure where they exist in Goodnotes. It would be great if a corresponding Evernote were created for each Goodnotes file, containing the current version of the PDF and a link to open it in Goodnotes where it can be edited.
  4. Apple Notes offers this feature. At this time, Evernote does not have this feature. If they do add this in the future, I really hope they make it an option, as I would not want my completed items moved to the bottom. If it is only checklists you are looking for, you may want to try Remember the Milk or something like that.
  5. -1 .... just want to add my voice that I really hope that Evernote doesn't change this. I really like the strikethrough when completing check list items and the ability to add a check box in-line separate from a checklist item that impacts the entire line.
  6. I hope that the Evernote team is still following these threads. I am one of the silent many who like Evernote v10 a A LOT, but really wish the iOS version of the app on iPad was as good as the desktop version. The two biggest features missing for me are: 1) Calendar Date Selector for Reminders -- I have to use my Mac when rescheduling, advancing reminders during my weekly review because the scroll wheel date selector (which doesn't even include days of the week) is just terrible. Please, please, please give us a calendar on the iPad. The iPad is perfect for my weekly review, but I always have to switch over to the separate calendar app to figure out what day of the week a future date is that I want to defer the task to. Very frustrating. Add your voice here is you agree.... 2) iPad Multitasking With Two Instances of Evernote: When Apple rolled out the ability to open two instances of a single app a few years ago, it was made for Apple Notes and other note-taking apps. Goodnotes and all the other major note taking apps jumped on this feature immediately. I understood why Evernote didn't divert resources from the v10 development to update the old apps, but am really disappointed that this still hasn't been added. providing the ability to have side-by-side notes from Evernote would be a gamechanger for my use of Evernote on iPad. Add your vote here if you agree...
  7. +1 for this as well.... I really think that apps like Evernote were what Apple had in mind when they updated multitasking for iPad OS to allow side-by-side viewing of windows from the same app. I understood why Evernote did not build this into their prior app when the new features was added by Apple, but can't understand why they haven't incorporated this into v10 yet.
  8. @TGG I have not seen any indication about plans for M1version of the app.... but I am running Evernote v10 on Macbook Air M1 and Mac Mini M1, and it runs very fast with no complaints at all about speed. Therefore, while there are still a number of features missing in this v10 app, I hope they are not devoting resources to making this faster on M1, as speed is not an issue with the Intel-based app.
  9. @skirsten sadly... and quite ridiculously by the 8th generation of this v10.... you still can not sort search results or a note list by the reminder date (or any field other than created, updated and title). This has been my #1 issue with v10 since the beta testing and it is more than a little concerning that they have not responded or fixed it by now, as I have assumed it was a bug. (What sort of app has a clickable header that doesn't impact the sort.... very weird). While this was previously a HUGE part of my workflow with saved searches created for different contexts, which I then sorted based on reminder date... to overcome this deficiency in v10, I have started adding a number to the beginning of the titles and sorting by title... I basically use a lower number for something that is the higher priority so they show near the top. This doesn't solve a search I run and want to sort based on future reminders, but it has at least gotten my by while (im)patiently waiting for them to fix this...
  10. @chpe6 I am not sure when they made this change, but I have noticed lately an option to convert the embedded link to a normal link (click the three dots). It is a pain, but does seem to get rid of the big rectangle for the embedded Google Doc
  11. Since upgrading to Evernote v10.7.6, I have been experiencing a very annoying bug that occurs occasionally when attempting to set or reschedule a reminder. When this happens, quitting the app and restarting it seems to resolve the problem and reminders work as intended for period of time... but inevitably it happens again. I posted about this last weekend after updating, and have been dealing with it as an inconvenience this week. However, during my weekly review it has been a major pain. Since I don't see anyone else reporting this same issue, I figured I would post this to the support forum. Anyone else experiencing this or have a trick to avoid it? I have been hoping that an update would be released to fix this issue. Here is the build: 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321) Editor: v117.1.15008 Service: v1.27.2 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  12. +1.... the current Home page has pretty limited utility. BUT if they gave you the ability to pin multiple notes (of varying sizes depending on your preference) it would be awesome. It would also be great to be able to place saved searches in a tile.... and give us the option to display the notes/notebooks in these tiles as smaller list items instead of the big icons.
  13. Wow... a little aggressive for a support forum. I haven't followed this entire conversation (since Evernote forums are also not great at organizing a conversation since it doesn't default to sort by date), but I can't imagine anything on an internet form about a discussion on nesting notebooks that justifies this sort of behavior. @Tazzz while you may not appreciate my input either (and I won't try to tell you tags are better than multiple levels of notebooks/folders)... the reality is that you aren't going to get more than Note/Notebooks/Stack any time soon from Evernote. You can try to work around that with tags, but I agree they are a pain and require a lot of work to maintain. However, if you feel so strongly about multiple folder levels, Evernote probably isn't the software for you. I am not a programmer, but I imagine this is a much bigger problem than us users can appreciate. The entire Evernote database is built around this limited hierarchy... if it were easy to fix, I imagine they would have added Folders years ago. This doesn't seem likely to be a problem that will be solved by the move to a new common editor across platforms, but perhaps once all legacy apps are retired they can address this. (But I doubt it).
  14. Sadly thought the activity in this topic may be a sign that there was an update that allows users with high note counts to move to the v10.x of Evernote web... but unfortunately not.
  15. One of the new features in Evernote 10.7 is a keyboard shortcut for Cmd+Shift+J, which takes you "All Notes" and opens the Filter menu with the tag search activated... While I am not a big "tagger", this is interesting and does provide somewhat of a workaround for the difficulty switching Notebooks in v10. One of my biggest complaints has been the removal of the dropdown at the top of every note list to easily switch to a different Notebook. I am hopeful that the coming feature for Cmd+J will solve this feature, but I am concerned since the "coming soon" references using that to switch to a different note. Therefore, I fear that will end up just being another version of the quick search results, which really doesn't help when trying to switch notebooks. Often I have keywords in a lot of notes that are similar to a word in a notebook I am trying to find, so the search box usually doesn't even show the notebook I am trying to switch to. Recently I have been hitting Cmd+Option+4 to go to the Notebook list and search for the one I want... however, I find that keyboard shortcut doesn't really come naturally. I like that Cmd+Shift+J takes you to all notes, and you can escape out of the tag filter, then tab to the Notebook filter.... it would be great if they provide a preference setting for whether you want this to filter tags or notebooks.
  16. Be aware... there appear to be some bugs with this (unannounced) release. I have had it lock up a few times when trying to change reminders... hopefully they release a fix when announcing the new version. Is there an easy way to return to a prior release version?
  17. I consider myself a heavy user of Evernote (14k+ notes and constant use throughout the day)... although maybe not a "power" user, since I don't rely on things like Apple Script, encrypting text or use tags at all. My organizational method is purely notebooks and note titles, attaching multiple files and using the note body for checklist/checkbox to keep track of progress on projects. While there is some sluggishness, I have not really had any issues with impacting my Macbook Air 2018 version (or new M1 Mac Mini). While there are still some things Evernote v10 needs to address, I find it works great and the enhancements with the editor (checkbox vs. checklist; highlighter colors; headline styles with markup) and keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate to the first 10 favorites far outweigh any speed improvements with prior versions of Evernote. My biggest complaints are: * Inability to sort search results or saved searches by Reminder field (or any field over than Title, Created, Updated) * Difficulty quickly navigating to a different notebook (can't understand why they removed the dropdown at the top of the note list) * Make it easier to clear the current search and quickly start a new search I am excited for the future and remain hopeful that a few future enhancements I really hope are coming soon with the common editor code, will make Evernote an even better product: * Collapsable lists or areas of text * Quicker way to create links inside notes to other notes (i.e. without going to the other note and copying the link, hoping they allow use of some sort of keyboard shortcut to search for the note you want to link to) * Display backlinks to any other notes that link to the current note you are on... even if this is only available in the Note Info... that would make Evernote connections easier to update
  18. IMHO the prior version sucked as well.... it is better than the current version, but was also unnecessarily limited. Provide a field for title, note body, tags, notebook and reminders... then it will be perfect.
  19. I am not OP... but I think a direct link to open Evernote Web starting with a new note would be excellent. It is similar to the Evernote Helper (which really isn't that helpful). While I mainly use the desktop app for Evernote, I live in my browser all day... I have bookmarks setup in Chrome to go to some of my specific notes on Evernote web, and if I know I want to start with a new note, it would be great to have a bookmark to eliminate the step of loading... then clicking +. This seems imminently doable... but if it is not possible, yes this should be moved to feature request
  20. This must be a bug, as v10.5 defaults Reminders for today to the next half hour.... that is the way it should be.
  21. Maybe I am not properly following the recent discussions that this thread has evolved into (off-topic)... but Evernote v10.5+ DOES include an option to copy either "app link" or "web link"/. When you copy "app link"... you can paste into another app or anywhere in format of evernote:///view..... (at least on my Mac I can)
  22. While most of the forum discussion seems to focus on complaints about v10 and missing features yet to be developed... I am one of the happy v10 users and excited about where things are going. With the recent release of "Home", the following interview with Ian Small referred to this as the first "boulder" in a series of "boulders" that will be building upon each other over the coming months... So lets get some positive mojo going in this thread and talk about what future "boulders" you hope to see coming to make Evernote even better (assume for discussion they have already resolved your outstanding complaints about missing features in the current v10). Mine would be... 1) Collapsable sections of text... this would be a huge productivity boost for me, and I really wish this had come with the new Editor's highlighter colors, checklists and "grabable" sections of text. Hopefully this is coming soon. 2) Ability to see backlinks... i.e. if you place a link to Note A in the text of Note B.... somewhere in Note A it would be great to either display or provide a section on the Note Info with a list of notes that link to that note.
  23. @Rabbit704 why do you continue to grace the Evernote user forums with your "TRIGGER WARNING" rants if you have moved on and are not looking back? Good luck to you...
  24. First, I have always disliked the builtin Evernote helper for MacOS and never understood why they didn't have a menu bar app similar to what FastEver provides for iOS. However, it has gotten worse with v10 and I am wondering if anyone has any suggested third party alternatives... at least until they consider: 1) Allow pasting into the scratchpad.... often I grab a screenshot (Cmd+Ctr+Shift+4) and used to be able to paste that image into the Evernote helper to create a note.... now it doesn't accept screenshots. Yes, I can use the screengrab tool within the Helper, but that adds the note separate from any text I want to add, which I then need to combine in Evernote... so it isn't much help. 2) Please PLEASE let me set a title or at least use the first line of the scratchpad note as the title. I was not a fan of the legacy helper, which only displayed the first few words (followed by...) and always wished it would give me a full title... but now it just indicates "Note - Jan, 13, 7:14am".... that is not useful at all. (a) I know it is a note since it is in Evernote, (b) the create time is displayed right there in Evernote. When I have a busy day dumping a lot of thoughts into the inbox, it is frustrating that I can't skim through the inbox later to find the ones on specific topics when I am processing messages. 3) Why not just provide a full version of the new note interface from the helper menu? Can't we get access to a title, full body of the note, tags and reminders? It seems that a number of third party apps provide these features through iOS using the API to add the info to your Evernote, but I haven't seen any options for MacOS. It seems that even a Chrome or web-based tool would work.... anyone have any solutions?
  25. Since this system for selecting a new reminder date remains difficult to use in the new v10.3, I am resurfacing this request to see if additional support may get the attention of Evernote dev team. As is outlined above, it would be MUCH better to select dates for new reminder using a calendar (especially on iPad).... currently I have to go to my mac 99% of the time to reschedule reminders since I can't remember what day of the week the dates will be in future weeks and it is crucial to my workflow to do things like "reschedule next Thu"... or set reminders on Sat when I want to see them in a few weeks during my weekly review. While my #1 request is a calendar date picker... if we MUST stick to the stupid scroll wheel on iOS, at least give us a day of the week next to the date.
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