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  1. +1 x100 for this one... I hate that any time I use a link to a Google Doc or Google Sheet it converts to an icon that looks like an attachment. That provides ZERO utility for me.... also, it causes issues when I use anchor text for the links... initially it will appear the way it should, but if I cut and paste the text it loses the anchor text and expands the link to Google Sheet to this stupid icon. PLEASE FIX this
  2. While I still hope that Evernote adds collapsable sections... I am blown away by Workflowy.... off to search on how power Evernote users integrate. Would love to hear more about workflows between Workflowy and Evernote if anyone has any links... otherwise, hopefully I will find them shortly in my search
  3. This discussion under the Windows Requests forums is a duplicate of this long-standing feature request that has 627 "votes" and has been hanging around since 2011. I am in the camp with @s2sailor and can't see any logical reason why a user of Evernote would be opposed to this. I see them working very similar to the new "draggable" blocks in the editor, but allowing the option to collapse them. Another alternative way this could be implemented would be to add another element to the "Insert" (Blue +) for a collapsable section. Similar to adding a code block, you could highlight the section you want to make part of a collapsable section and add the block from the insert menu to provide a section of content that can be expanded or collapsed... ideally when collapsed it would display the first line of the text within the section. While it may be delusional thinking since this has been on the wish list since 2011... but I remain optimistic that this is one of the big features on the roadmap for post-v10. However, the fact that it was not added to the editor with highlighters, check lists, etc. seems to suggest that this may be incompatible with the old editors... meaning that maybe it will be hung up until they get everyone off of the legacy versions. And there are a LOT of other more pressing items they need to address before they can phase out the legacy apps... so this may still be a long way off.
  4. +1000 on this.... but for my application I am waiting (impatiently) for the ability to sort saved searches by reminder date
  5. @QFieldBoden ... I definitely understand your frustration, and the lack of support (or presence on the forums or in the community clearly outlining what the direction will be). If you have found a better solution than Evernote for your digital filing cabinet (I have not)... or decided to just stick with Legacy until there is more widespread positive feedback on v10 before wasting your time troubleshooting this, I understand. However, out of curiosity, can you clarify whether the issue with the Search is that it does not deliver the note with the matching search terms in the list of search results... is the problem you encountered that it does not highlight the search term throughout a multi-page PDF? If it is the latter... I can understand that would be frustrating, especially since old Evernote displayed all pages of the PDF... but I would imagine it is a pretty easy workaround to open the PDF in Preview to search within the document... I imagine there are a number of improvements on the Evernote internal roadmap regarding PDF/Annotations (or at least I hope so), so I could imagine that this is a compromise until the bigger feature set is released.
  6. @QFieldBoden continuing the exchange from the other thread here... have you tried searching for a term in a PDF that you know is OCR'd? I wouldn't think that would be the issue, as I believe Evernote scans for OCR when indexing attachments, but wonder if that is the issue? Maybe try taking a new PDF and confirm you are able to search for a unique phrase or number within the Mac Preview app... then add that to a new Evernote note to see if it finds it? You could also take an older PDF already in Evernote and download it to see if you can find a term/phrase within Preview and then see if that same document is not being returned in Evernote? It seems like you may have an indexing issue. From the other thread, I know myself and at least another user posted examples where we are still able to find specific terms within an attached PDF using the Evernote search: \
  7. @danio72 and @QFieldBoden ... we should probably continue any further discussion on this search issue under the other topic... maybe after the issue is resolved, @QFieldBoden will be back on this thread to join in on the original topic of expressing love an appreciation for the new Evernote
  8. @toao great write up on DevonThink... thanks for sharing. While I am one of the few long-time Evernote users who it appears is happy with the new v10 (I really like the new editor and consistency across platforms), DevonThink is probably the one app that keeps me intrigued. I actually used DevonThink for a short time before switching to Evernote in 2009. I am not really looking to switch, but thanks for sharing.
  9. Me to... but it works within Mac, iOS or web for me. That is very odd... maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling, or submit a ticket, as that is definitely not a feature they "dropped" with the new version. I haven't seen other threads with similar complaints, but you should be able to search within documents.
  10. @JCummings that is weird, as the new Evernote definitely still searches within the contents of attached PDFs for me... it doesn't for you? I have over 15,000 notes and most have attachments. I don't often use Evernote to search within the documents, as my titles have descriptions that allow me to find what I am looking for by searching "intitle:". However, I just tested searching for a phrase (put it in quotes) that was within an attached PDF on a note I uploaded yesterday and it found the note. I also know that it works to even find word matches against handwritten notes saved as PDFs from Goodnotes, as I just tested that as well (although it is a little unreliable due to my poor handwriting).
  11. @danio72 I second your sentiments... while the Evernote v10 is not (yet) as good as it should be... it works much better for me than the prior version did and it remains head and shoulders above other available solutions in my opinion. My few gripes (some of which are pretty big, such as the inability to sort by reminder date in search results and difficulty quickly switching to a different notebook) should *hopefully* be resolved soon, as they don't seem like major issues. I am also curious what @MrIllustrator means by "unusable"... for most commenters on the thread that suggests that there was some prior function that was critical for their workflow that is not supported (i.e. local notebooks, lack of apple script support). As far as I have seen, there really aren't any other solutions out there that have those missing functions either (or at least not all of them), as most have been sticking with Legacy to see if the features that make the v10 unusable are added back. I personally am finding the new Evernote much better and also look forward to what features/enhancements are to come in 2021 (and beyond)!!!
  12. I am surprised there hasn't been any official response for users still stuck in 5.33... While I certainly don't want to be upgrade if it is not ready to handle the load of my notes, I am really hoping to get access to the ability to set reminders in Web. I find myself using the web version for certain notes I have bookmarked in my browser, since pretty much all my other working apps are web-based (other than Outlook and Evernote). I find it much easier to stay in the browser and open a tab to make a quick update to a specific note... but need to go over to the desktop app to set the reminder.
  13. No, I understand what Legacy is, I meant which of the two screenshots with the list is Legacy and which is the new Evernote v10? Re-reading your comments, I think you mean the left is Legacy and right is Evernote v10. I misread before
  14. @AlbertR thanks so much for sharing... can you clarify which is Legacy vs v10?
  15. Has anyone figured out what the sort order is for symbols in note titles in Evernote 10... or if it is even consistent? I use symbols before my note titles and notebook names to create the sort order I want, but have not been able to figure out what is going on in v10. I have been hesitant to put a lot of time into it, since it seems inconsistent and buggy. Also, it is really hard to test, since the sort order for saved search results takes several minutes to refresh before showing when you resort the list. At a minimum, I know that they are different. Here is what I have found from my non-exhaustive testing of Evernote v10.5 (did not test every symbol, but just based on the ones I was already using in notes/notesbooks) Notebook Symbol Sort Order: This seems pretty consistent with what it has been in the older version, and how ASCII symbols are supposed to sort with letters/numbers. "-" "." "@" "*" "/" "&" "#" "%" "^" "+" "=" ">" "~" "$" Numbers (1-9) Letters Note List Symbol Sort Order: However, when sorting a note list, there are several differences in the sort order in Evernote v10... Here is what I have seen based on some limited testing when a note title starts with... "!" "#" "$" "+" "-" "/" Numbers (i.e. 1 through 9) "=" ">" "?" "@" "[" Letters (A to Z) "~" The odd and frustrating thing about this for me is that "~" is all of a sudden way down at the bottom after all letters, and why are the numbers showing up in the middle? I generally use symbols to sort by title in my saved search results for different sets of reminders (putting the tasks/reminders into the context where I want them on the list). I guess I could consider replacing all symbols with a series of numbers, or maybe short codes of 2-3 letters based on the context.
  16. I know that a lot of people really fought hard for the two different options under "Copy Internal Link", but I have found that putting the in a "pop out" submenu is not as convenient as having the option directly in the menu. Unfortunately, I find that the keyboard shortcut does not always work as intended, especially when I have multiple notes open in different windows (It doesn't always grab the link of the window that has the focus). Also, I find it is awkward to hold down Cmd+Control+Option+C... that involves a lot of fingers. I am not sure what else they may be adding to the "three dot" menu in the future, but I would like to see Copy App Link and Copy Web Link as two different options in the main dropdown... I can't imagine Evernote is ever planning to have more than two items in that popout menu, so just add one more to the main menu and it would be much more efficient (in my opinion)
  17. @wealthychef Probably not the solution you are looking for but the keyboard shortcut F2 is "Rename", which highlights the entire title for renaming.
  18. I updated the subject of my original post, as I think the new keyboard shortcuts in v10.5 may fix (or provide a workaround) for my frustration with switching Notebooks. I am not certain whether this keyboard shortcut existed before, but the keyboard shortcut list shows: Cmd+Option+4 switches to the notebook tab... and starts with focus in the search box!! Therefore, to switch notebooks hit Cmd+Option+4 and type the notebook you want and the list below filters. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out an easy way to switch focus to the nookbook list (cmd+| does not work like it does in the note list). However, you can either it tab a bunch of times, or just use the cursor. This could be a fix for my workflow.... even if it is not perfect.
  19. This isn't really an Evernote feature request, but more of a question... does anyone know an easy way (i.e. not digging into the code of an email) to get a link back to a specific message in Outlook? Even if the link takes you to Outlook webmail that would be fine. Often I want do not need to copy an entire email to Evernote, but want to be able to go back to it quickly. I have started testing out putting a unique string of characters under my signature line on emails I want to get back to, then putting that in Evernote so I can copy and paste it to search Outlook for the email. However, (a) it is weird for people getting the email and (b) the search returns all subsequent emails in that chain where the code is down in the earlier email. Any tips/tricks on how to generate a link or quick reference to go to a specific email in Outlook (i.e. one that has attachments or something else I specifically want to return to)?
  20. I think that OneNote is a bigger part of the Microsoft gameplan than we are probably giving it credit for. Together with Teams, One Note is a big part of their push into the class room and attempt to counter the Google Docs/Sheets/Gmail, etc. push to become the go-to application suite for students (which would pose a serious risk to the long-term dominance of MS Word if a new generation of users grow up using only the Google products. I know my son's school recently switched to Microsoft products and Teams and One Note are a big part of their workflow... especially with hybrid in-class and distance learning.
  21. ugh.... It is so frustrating that you still can't sort by Reminders Date on saved searches in v10.5 and it is not even mentioned in coming soon. How? Why? Obviously this is not a "feature".... inability to sort by ANY column in a list view has to be considered a "bug", but they have ignored this since the beta.
  22. While I would definitely welcome back tabs as a "feature", I have been surprised to learn through this process that this was unique to the Mac app and Windows does not have tabs. The more concerning missing "feature" for me is the inability to open to instances of Evernote, as I find that much better than tabs since I can have those two instances on different monitors or spaces in Mac. I imagine the two are related, but if Evernote brought back the ability to open multiple instances, I imagine that could be a compromise for those insisting on tabs. As a workaround, I find myself opening individual notes much more often and utilizing the quick keyboard shortcuts of Cmd+1 through Cmd+9 to access the top favorites. I have a number of saved searches and notebooks I visit frequently in those locations. It is not the same as tabs or two instances, but it does help with processing my inbox.
  23. By default they return all search results by "relevance".... which is nonsense for a saved search based on reminder date. The "bug" that does not allow us to sort by Reminder Date in search results is my #1 complaint about the new v10, as I have a number of saved searches around reminders in different contexts. It drives me crazy that I can't sort by reminder date, and I check these forums constantly in hopes to see this has been fixed. Crazy that we are 10.4 and still can't sort by any column in the list view. While Evernote may consider this a "feature" that has not yet been added back... there is no way to look at this other than as a "bug" that they can't seem to easily fix. The column for Reminder is clickable and even displays an arrow as if it sorts... but nothing. Very frustrating. I am surprised there are not more complaints about this. Here is a related thread to put your support behind:
  24. This is really interesting... I certainly hope they can pull it off. For a lot of power users, they are distraught and upset (justifiably) that there trusted system and workflow has been irreparably disrupted. However, I suspect your indication is correct... that they have determined that the power users are not their path to maintaining a strong/independent company. Especially when a good portion of the power user base may be prone to jump ship to the latest competing start up (Notion, Roam... or whatever the next new thing is). At least for myself, I am optimistic (and hopeful) that they can get a few things with this new release fixed and start building the features that will appeal to a larger base of users and keep my trusted system in business for years to come. I guess I would rather have a crippled Evernote than no Evernote... (and other than moving to another solution, I don't really have any other option than to stay optimistic.)
  25. @vladcampos what version of Evernote are you using that displays the URL like that? I don't often use the URL field (largely because it doesn't do much good hidden in the note info), but it appears to be showing on the top of your note on the screenshot. But also your menu bar is different than what I see in 10.4.4 for Mac, as I have the blue + on the right side.
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