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  1. +1 for this update.... as I stated in a prior post (before finding this existing idea), Side-By-Side view of two instances of the same app seems to be a feature that was built for Evernote and similar note taking apps. Most of the leading note apps have been working on adding this feature since it was announced a few weeks ago and have already pushed out updates or announcements about planned integrations.
  2. I am surprised this hasn’t gotten more support... I have been a long term Evernote user, but never a tagger, and recently started using symbols at the beginning of note titles as a way of quickly tagging (and sorting them from list view).... but no way to search for notes with the symbol in the title?!? Bummer... since apparently there doesn’t seem to be any traction to fix this.
  3. Anyone see any information on when Evernote plans to update the iOS app to support opening two versions of Evernote side by side? It seems like that iPadOS feature was made with note taking apps like Evernote in mind... not seeing any info about when they expect to release it?
  4. Really surprised that (a) these features have not been added to the menu bar quick entry form yet OR (b) that some third party developer hasn't come up with an App that could do the same thing. There are like 10 different quick entry apps for iOS, but none for Mac (that I am aware of)
  5. +1! It is a difficult process to add/change/clear reminders on both the Mac and iOS apps... but particularly odd for the mac app, since everything else has such great keyboard shortcuts
  6. Yeah, I was hoping for an actual copy of the note as well.
  7. I have done some searching and can’t seem to find a way to do this... Is there an integration that can email the body of a note when the reminder is coming due? Ideally it would also be nice to include a link back to the note?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I need to look into the way you attach the actual email, as I am not familiar with that. Also, usually I am processing my email from my iOS device (which is how this started with question about setting reminder from the share menu). Ultimately, the need to go back to the email is to send a response or follow up inside the chain after the follow up period I am hoping to monitor in Evernote. I appreciate the help...
  9. I have been using Evernote for nearly 10 years, but am very new to using the reminders feature. However, I have been trying to use it for emails to help reduce the number of emails hanging out in my inbox to follow up on something. Unfrotunately, my email app of choice (AirMail) does not give ANY options on the send to Evernote feature (no notebooks, tags or reminders), which means I have to process the same email twice (once in AirMail and again in Evernote). Therefore, I have been using the Share function, which at least let’s me set notebook and tags, but it is a lengthy process to switch over to Evernote to set the reminder. I may start using the “forwarding” option for setting reminders, but then I lose the link back to the specific email I get when using the “Share” option. It seems odd that the reminders feature is missing from the Evernote “share” widget, since they have had the reminders feature so long.
  10. Thanks... that is what I suspected. Certainly not a huge issue, but would be a nice improvement if you could set reminders while sharing. I was hoping there may be a third party solution, but I haven't found one. FastEver has the ability to set reminders when entering notes, but you can't seem to send stuff to FastEver through the iOS "Share" menu (from what I have seen). I guess for now it requires sending to Evernote, then going to the "All Notes" in Evernote iOS app to set the reminder date.
  11. Maybe I am missing it, but is there a way to set a reminder from the “share” to Evernote from iOS? (ie the box with upward arrow) It appears there is only an option to set the notebook and tags... which is unfortunate since it requires going into the Evernote App to find the new note and set a reminder. Any suggested workarounds?
  12. +1 agree completely... it appears that the "Save to Evernote" add in puts a link to outlook webmail, but it doesn't work for me. Ideally it should link to the email inside the local app.
  13. I haven't looked at Penultimate in a long time, but am a heavy user of GoodNotes 5. However, there are definitely use cases where I want to jot down some handwritten notes in an existing EverNote Note... but the "sketch" feature makes the text barely legible (with my handwriting). Is it just a feature of iOS that makes the strokes look like a fountain pen? Screenshots of the sketch feature seem to use normal pen thickness https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/213493077-How-to-add-hand-drawn-sketches-to-Evernote-on-iOS-devices
  14. Is there any way to select the type of ink when you add a handwritten sketch to EverNote for iPad? I know you can change color and thickness, but the style of the ink is like a fountain pen, with drastic changes in thickness. I an not sure if it is my handwriting style, but it makes my notes pretty illegible. Can you choose to have a ballpoint per, or consistent thickness to your stroke? Also, it would be nice if you could change the settings for the background dots... the' are puts narrow ruled for guiding handwritten notes or jotting down text.
  15. I have the same problem, and it really is not clear what info they want us to share or where to submit a bug report. The problem for Evernote is that the vast majority of users will never complain, they will just stop using the software. I can tell you that over the past year, I have definitely used evernote much less because of the annoying delay in typing. I don't really want to be a beta tester or submit problem reports. I just want software that works. Apparently a year+ after this thread started, maybe it is not something that will be fixed so myself and others need to find other solutions for taking notes on Mac.
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