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  1. I haven't looked at Penultimate in a long time, but am a heavy user of GoodNotes 5. However, there are definitely use cases where I want to jot down some handwritten notes in an existing EverNote Note... but the "sketch" feature makes the text barely legible (with my handwriting). Is it just a feature of iOS that makes the strokes look like a fountain pen? Screenshots of the sketch feature seem to use normal pen thickness https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/213493077-How-to-add-hand-drawn-sketches-to-Evernote-on-iOS-devices
  2. Is there any way to select the type of ink when you add a handwritten sketch to EverNote for iPad? I know you can change color and thickness, but the style of the ink is like a fountain pen, with drastic changes in thickness. I an not sure if it is my handwriting style, but it makes my notes pretty illegible. Can you choose to have a ballpoint per, or consistent thickness to your stroke? Also, it would be nice if you could change the settings for the background dots... the' are puts narrow ruled for guiding handwritten notes or jotting down text.
  3. I have the same problem, and it really is not clear what info they want us to share or where to submit a bug report. The problem for Evernote is that the vast majority of users will never complain, they will just stop using the software. I can tell you that over the past year, I have definitely used evernote much less because of the annoying delay in typing. I don't really want to be a beta tester or submit problem reports. I just want software that works. Apparently a year+ after this thread started, maybe it is not something that will be fixed so myself and others need to find other solutions for taking notes on Mac.
  4. +1 for a feature that would allow you to send an email to Evernote (not forwarding to an email address), and include a link back to the original email in Mail App. This feature would make it so much easier to follow up on emails and keep track of various emails that are parts of projects. Right now, if I want to follow up on emails in Evernote by forwarding them, I then need to go back to Mail to search for those emails when I want to send a follow up email or reply to the prior message. I have considered getting Mail Tags or some other app that will allow me to tag and organize the emails better without sending them to Evernote, but I prefer to have the emails and all of my notes, etc. in one central location (which is what Evernote is supposed to be). Seems like this should be a feature that can be done... OmniFocus has a similar functionality where you can have links to emails within TODO items, where clicking the link opens the mail item.
  5. Hopefully this is a "feature" they will address in a future update. As I said, I have not found a good reason to display an excel spreasheet inline in a note. The displayed info is microscopic in 99% of my spreadsheets, and the files are usually big, causing the program to hang.
  6. Is there a way to turn off the default where Evernote displays Excel spreadsheets inline? It seems to be a pretty new feature, where recently excel spreadsheets that are in notes try to "display" in the body of the note (similar to a PDF displaying in the note). I know I can right click and choose to display it as an attachment, but (a) this is a pain and ( it seems very inconsistent and often reverts back to displaying inline even after I choose to display as an attachment. I understand the benefit of displaying PDF files and even DOC files inline, but the inline display of an Excel spreadsheet is useless unless it is only a few columns wide. Also, often times when I am scrolling through notes and come across an old note that has a very big Excel spreadsheet in it, Evernote hangs (I assume it is trying to generate the inline display, as it unfreezes once that tiny representation of that large spreadsheet is displayed in the note)
  7. I know it has been awhile since I created this topic, but today I went searching again for a solution or others who run into this frustration and came across my own post (which apparently went nowhere). @Metrodon -- I certainly know that you can create a new notebook from the file menu or with a keyboard command, but in the Mac app, it still takes you to the Notebook page. If you are working in a particular note and want to put it in a new notebook, you have to go back and find that note after creating it on the notebook page. Also, on the notebook page, after you type the name of your notebook it puts it in it's place in the alphabet, and you then need to manually drag and drop it to the stack where you want it. This is not very easy or intuitive. Hopefully this forum is monitored, as I would like to suggest that from within the note, when you go to assign it to a notebook... the search box should be a "search or create" box like it is on iOS. That way if the notebook you are looking for does not exist, you can create it right then. You would still have the problem of going to the Notebook tab to put it in a stack, but at least you wouldn't have to go back to find the note. A step further would be after creating the notebook from that drop down, give the ability to right click on the notebook title in a note to bring up an "edit Notebook" window which should have the title and also allow you to select a stack to place it in if you wish. Maybe I am the only one who would find this useful, but I have gone the route of creating Notebooks instead of tags, and it is much easier to process my inbox on my iOS device, since that often involves creating new notebooks. However, after processing the inbox on iOS and creating the notebooks, I still have to go to the desktop to put that new notebook in the appropriate stack.
  8. Is there an easy way to create a new notebook on Evernote 5 for Mac that I am missing? It is so frustrating when going through the inbox to assign notes to notebooks when I find that I have to create one... which requires you to leave the inbox and go to the Notebooks pages, etc. In iOS, when you are searching for the notebook it gives you the ability to create a new notebook if there isn't one that matches what you are typing. I wish they had this for Mac. To make matters worse, on the Mac when you do create a new notebook it is unnecessarily difficult to get the notebook into the correct stack. The only way to do this is to drag it, which is tough when you have lots of notebooks and you have to scroll vertically to the right stack. Even if you right click on the stack where you want to add the notebook, it doesn't put the new notebook in that stack... Hoping they improve this for those of us who subscribe to the notebooks over tags school of organizing Evernote...
  9. I agree completely with the security concerns, and it is really ashame, because without a service like this I just don't think that "paperless" statements works for me... recently I have experimented with converting to paperless statements, but having to go into each site and pull the statements down is less efficient than getting the paper statement in the mail and running it through my ScanSnap. Even with bookmarks set up and a password manager (I use 1Password on Mac), it takes way too long to find the statements (since each provider has it hidden in a slightly different spot) and saving the document to evernote is not that much quicker than running it through the scanner.
  10. Anyone have any new thoughts on FileThis over the past year? I keep going back and forth... the few accounts I have set up through the service work flawlessly. However, I still go back and forth about the security of (a) giving my bank, etc. passwords to a company so small and ( the risks of storing my statements in the Evernote cloud. I first started looking into this last year when this discussion first started... one concern is that this company doesn't seem to have gotten any traction over the past year. Is anyone actually using it? If it is not catching on, that seems to suggest that it may not be around for very long, so I might as well not develop a system that relies on it.
  11. I have been trying to get more paperless this year... so far this has involved getting paper statements, scanning them into Evernote and then shredding the originals. I am now ready to move towards paperless billing statements... while it would be ideal if providers would have an option where they email you the actual statement (which could be sent directly to my evernote address) instead of sending a notification that a statement is ready to be downloaded... Until this becomes an option, I can live with logging in and downloading the statements. However, this has gotten me thinking whether the better option is to just leave the statements at the provider? Especially for utility bills like electric, phone, cable, etc... I have never once gone back and looked at a bill. If I need to see one, I can log in and look at it. For banks and credit cards I need to see how long they are available, but so long as it is a few years, not sure why I need them in Evernote. Thoughts?
  12. I would like similar feedback... I just bought a Jot Pro fine tip stylus, but still can't get legible print without writing three words to a page. I can't seem to figure out how this would replace handwritten notes. I love the idea... as I always have to scan my handwritten pages, but my handwritting is bad enough without making it worse like penultimate seems to do.
  13. It's been over a year since I first posted this question... I was actually doing a search again to try to figure out the answer and this thread is the only one I could find. I have to imaging this is a pretty common issue, so figured I would re-post to see if anyone else has any suggestions/tips for attaching a document that you have stored in Evernote to an email? I am working on going paperless and scanning documents from ScanSnap straight to Evernote. Sometimes I need to email copies of those documents (either immediately or weeks/months later) and it seems kind of silly to save a copy out of Evernote to a folder so that I can attach it to an email. Any work arounds to help with this? I am using Mac's Mail App.... would be great to have some sort of reverse clipper for Mail app, which would allow you to search for a note and attach documents linked to that note, but that is probably asking a bit much.
  14. There are a lot of design decisions with Evernote I don't agree with, but usually there is some good reason... not allowing this functionality isn't one I can wrap my head around... what would the possible downside be of providing this type of feature, which has been pretty standard in any list-based software for over a decade.
  15. Okay, I got this working by creating a new "profile" within ScanSnap Manager
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