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  1. @TGG I have not seen any indication about plans for M1version of the app.... but I am running Evernote v10 on Macbook Air M1 and Mac Mini M1, and it runs very fast with no complaints at all about speed. Therefore, while there are still a number of features missing in this v10 app, I hope they are not devoting resources to making this faster on M1, as speed is not an issue with the Intel-based app.
  2. @skirsten sadly... and quite ridiculously by the 8th generation of this v10.... you still can not sort search results or a note list by the reminder date (or any field other than created, updated and title). This has been my #1 issue with v10 since the beta testing and it is more than a little concerning that they have not responded or fixed it by now, as I have assumed it was a bug. (What sort of app has a clickable header that doesn't impact the sort.... very weird). While this was previously a HUGE part of my workflow with saved searches created for different contexts, which I then s
  3. @chpe6 I am not sure when they made this change, but I have noticed lately an option to convert the embedded link to a normal link (click the three dots). It is a pain, but does seem to get rid of the big rectangle for the embedded Google Doc
  4. Since upgrading to Evernote v10.7.6, I have been experiencing a very annoying bug that occurs occasionally when attempting to set or reschedule a reminder. When this happens, quitting the app and restarting it seems to resolve the problem and reminders work as intended for period of time... but inevitably it happens again. I posted about this last weekend after updating, and have been dealing with it as an inconvenience this week. However, during my weekly review it has been a major pain. Since I don't see anyone else reporting this same issue, I figured I would post this to the su
  5. +1.... the current Home page has pretty limited utility. BUT if they gave you the ability to pin multiple notes (of varying sizes depending on your preference) it would be awesome. It would also be great to be able to place saved searches in a tile.... and give us the option to display the notes/notebooks in these tiles as smaller list items instead of the big icons.
  6. Wow... a little aggressive for a support forum. I haven't followed this entire conversation (since Evernote forums are also not great at organizing a conversation since it doesn't default to sort by date), but I can't imagine anything on an internet form about a discussion on nesting notebooks that justifies this sort of behavior. @Tazzz while you may not appreciate my input either (and I won't try to tell you tags are better than multiple levels of notebooks/folders)... the reality is that you aren't going to get more than Note/Notebooks/Stack any time soon from Evernote. You can try to wo
  7. Sadly thought the activity in this topic may be a sign that there was an update that allows users with high note counts to move to the v10.x of Evernote web... but unfortunately not.
  8. One of the new features in Evernote 10.7 is a keyboard shortcut for Cmd+Shift+J, which takes you "All Notes" and opens the Filter menu with the tag search activated... While I am not a big "tagger", this is interesting and does provide somewhat of a workaround for the difficulty switching Notebooks in v10. One of my biggest complaints has been the removal of the dropdown at the top of every note list to easily switch to a different Notebook. I am hopeful that the coming feature for Cmd+J will solve this feature, but I am concerned since the "coming soon" references using that to switc
  9. Be aware... there appear to be some bugs with this (unannounced) release. I have had it lock up a few times when trying to change reminders... hopefully they release a fix when announcing the new version. Is there an easy way to return to a prior release version?
  10. I consider myself a heavy user of Evernote (14k+ notes and constant use throughout the day)... although maybe not a "power" user, since I don't rely on things like Apple Script, encrypting text or use tags at all. My organizational method is purely notebooks and note titles, attaching multiple files and using the note body for checklist/checkbox to keep track of progress on projects. While there is some sluggishness, I have not really had any issues with impacting my Macbook Air 2018 version (or new M1 Mac Mini). While there are still some things Evernote v10 needs to address, I find it
  11. IMHO the prior version sucked as well.... it is better than the current version, but was also unnecessarily limited. Provide a field for title, note body, tags, notebook and reminders... then it will be perfect.
  12. I am not OP... but I think a direct link to open Evernote Web starting with a new note would be excellent. It is similar to the Evernote Helper (which really isn't that helpful). While I mainly use the desktop app for Evernote, I live in my browser all day... I have bookmarks setup in Chrome to go to some of my specific notes on Evernote web, and if I know I want to start with a new note, it would be great to have a bookmark to eliminate the step of loading... then clicking +. This seems imminently doable... but if it is not possible, yes this should be moved to feature request
  13. This must be a bug, as v10.5 defaults Reminders for today to the next half hour.... that is the way it should be.
  14. Maybe I am not properly following the recent discussions that this thread has evolved into (off-topic)... but Evernote v10.5+ DOES include an option to copy either "app link" or "web link"/. When you copy "app link"... you can paste into another app or anywhere in format of evernote:///view..... (at least on my Mac I can)
  15. While most of the forum discussion seems to focus on complaints about v10 and missing features yet to be developed... I am one of the happy v10 users and excited about where things are going. With the recent release of "Home", the following interview with Ian Small referred to this as the first "boulder" in a series of "boulders" that will be building upon each other over the coming months... So lets get some positive mojo going in this thread and talk about what future "boulders" you hope to see coming to make Evernote even better (assume for discussion they have already resolved your o
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