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  1. While the length of time this feature request has been pending probably means you are right... There are several examples where "EN treats the entire note as a building block" is not true.... the introduction of "draggable" bullet/checklist items with the new editor seemed to suggest to me that this feature is coming. But maybe that is wishful thinking.
  2. Interesting… I have not had that option with Evernote Web on Safari… have you tried restarting your iPad? I don’t do a lot of text editing on iPad Safari Evernote, but do use it a lot for changing titles, folders, etc. It is really a shame that the iPad app isn’t more like the web and desktop versions, as opposed to a larger iPhone version
  3. Does anyone know of a service or ability for emails to be "reforwarded" to Evernote, so that anything copied using BCC includes all of the original email's meta data (i.e. date sent, recipients, etc). Currently, if you forward an email to Evernote, it comes in with all of the metadata at the top, including the various recipients, subject line and the date the original email was sent (with the Evernote create date being the date it was forwarded into Evernote). However, if I blind CC my Evernote account on an email I am sending to someone else, it comes in with just the body of that email and does not show who the email was sent to. Therefore, currently it is a two step process if I want to save an email I am sending into Evernote, as I need to send it, then go into my sent items and forward it. Does anyone know of a setting or service to make it easier to "re-forward" emails to Evernote? I guess I could set up a free email account through Gmail or something and set up a rule to auto-forward everything to Evernote, then use that address when copying Evernote on a BCC. However, it would be great if there was a second email address within Evernote that would do that.
  4. First, I love the latest update... very quick! However, there appears to be a bug where sorting of columns doesn't always "stick". It seems that when I change the sorting by clicking on the header, it doesn't stick and eventually reverts back to what it was before. However, if I change the sort using the "Sort Options" dropdown next to the filter at the top of the list, it does keep the sort. Also, while talking about sorting problems, it is still on my wish list to have the ability to sort by reminder date (or any column, instead of limiting us just to Title, Create Date and Update Date)
  5. While I don't use Instapaper, I heavily use Pocket and have a different perspective... For me, Evernote is where I save things... Pocket is where I put articles/content that I *may* want to read. I save a lot to Pocket that I may never get around to reading, or may find unimportant after reading. However, if I finish reading something and find it relevant for some future use, I will then forward it to Evernote where it gets stored. I would not recommend using Evernote v10 as your "reading list"... unless you just aren't saving much else there. You certainly could use it, but in my opinion the dedicated reading apps are better focused on doing that and they are much better at that one "feature". I find it very easy to save from multiple sources to Pocket... to quickly load it up and read a few things, highlight and determine what I want to do with it. I imagine I would get frustrated trying to use Evernote v10 for that.
  6. I am not sure about Android, but there are a number of quick note apps for iOS. I use FastEver all the time… I wish it was available on Mac as it is much better than the Evernote helper quick entry method.
  7. Evernote on the iPad could be so great… but it is just a bigger version of the iPhone app. I actually find in some instances it is better to work in the Evernote Web version using Safari on my iPad, and that is what the Evernote iPad app should be like. P.S. - also really would like side by side instances of Evernote on the iPad
  8. I use the search parameter "intitle:" A LOT.... when applying a filter to a specific notebook searching "intitle:xyz" returns no results even though there are notes. If I just search "xyz" it finds the results, but also searches the full note, which is not what I want. I am on 10.16.7, and I am not sure if this is a new "bug", but I haven't noticed it through all the other v10 versions I have been using since beta
  9. @TonyLim I also experienced that since 10.15, but it worked as would be expected in earlier versions. I haven't updated to the new version released today, but I am really hoping they fixed this in 10.16
  10. +1000 on this… I made this suggestion shortly after the v10 update, since the same date selector wheel is used for reminders, and this remains one of my main complaints with v10 on iOS. The iPad would be ideal for my weekly review and rescheduling tasks/reminders… but the date selector scroll wheel is unusable more than a few days in the future. Often I want to set something a few weeks out on a specific day, but this system requires I leave Evernote to figure out what date third Tuesday of next month will be. Hopefully they add a calendar date selector, or at least show the day of week on that terrible scroll wheel!
  11. So glad this is getting some feedback again. I have been longing for two instances of Evernote side by side since Apple added that ability for apps to do this a few years ago. All the other Notes apps immediately came out with updates to take advantage of it… but Evernote devs were staying focused on getting on the massive build of v10, so I understood why the previous apps weren’t updated to add this. But the v10 apps have been it for a while now and it is really frustrating to still see no mention of this feature being added.
  12. I am experiencing the same thing… very disruptive to setup and reach for the mouse to complete a move. While I imagine this bug is related to the new Tasks, I do think this is in the wrong place. It probably belongs in the Mac Issues forum (or Windows, but my experience with this issue has been on Mac).
  13. It would be great to be able to add subtasks under a task... since they display similar to a bullet item or check list item, it kept feeling like I should be able to indent the task so that it falls under another one. It would also be great to be able to fill out a few tasks so that they are cascading where completing one makes the next one in the list now ready to do.
  14. Since this is resurfaced... hopefully Evernote v10 can just add a keyboard shortcut to open the set reminder screen... seems like a light-weight lift (but what do I know, a there are a number of other things like sorting search results by any column that I would have thought are light-weight lifts, but we are still waiting)
  15. @scav_on_gelli if you are on a Mac, use "spaces"... you can open multiple desktops and swipe between them with a keyboard or mouse shortcut. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/work-in-multiple-spaces-mh14112/mac @PinkElephant I am not sure what you are referring to about "virtual desktops"... but if you are referring to the "spaces" feature on MacOS, you can't have multiple instances of Evernote open in different desktops. There may be some more advanced feature or app that allows you to boot up two instances of MacOS (similar to Boot Camp running Windows OS), but I imagine that would be very difficult to work with.
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