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  1. Urgh.... still only able to sort search results by title, create date or update date (like the Mac app). I was really hoping to see the ability to sort by reminder date. Hopefully that will come shortly to both Mac and iOS together
  2. This seems to be related to a problem I posted about automatically converting links to Google Docs to embedded boxes...
  3. Currently when you paste a link to a Google Doc, it converts it to a box that appears similar to an uploaded document. However, it doesn't provide any option for an inline preview like you can for a PDF and ultimately it is just a fancy link to the Google Doc. I have experienced unintended consequences from this when I use the Google Doc as a hyperlink with set anchor text. For example, often I may highlight certain words and add a link to the Google Doc. Once set up, it initially works as expected/intended. However, if I cut and paste that text into another note or another area of th
  4. In one of the latest YouTube interviews with CEO Ian Small, he indicates at 27:20..... "at this point, we are not implementing tabs... we will see what happens to that set of feedback, but that was not a massive heavily used feature" It came amid what I think was a bit of miscommunication between Ian and Tom Solid, as Tom seemed to think that Ian said you could open two Evernote windows and indicated maybe that is why tabs are not needed. However, Ian was referring to opening multiple Note windows.... not multiple versions of the Evernote list/search, etc. For my use case, I would much
  5. This has been a big complaint of mine since the Preview/Beta, as it is way too hard to switch to a specific notebook. There were some questions from Evernote staff about why using search for switching notebooks doesn't work, but most of the time the notebook I want to go to does not appear in the suggested search results. The "easiest" way to switch notebooks currently requires (a) clicking on the Notebooks tab in sidebar; and (b) navigating to the search box on that page... way too many clicks. I would really like to see the notebook selector dropdown at the top of the note list like
  6. I agree... inability to paste a date in there really slows things down, especially when you are editing to a date that was months ago. This is one of several unusual decisions made around date selection across the new apps. I also dislike the scroll wheel date selector for reminders in iOS.
  7. +++1 The iPadOS feature that allows side-by-side instances of the same app was BUILT for apps like Evernote. It was disappointing when Evernote didn't immediately release a version to coincide with the release of that feature when it came out (over a year ago?)... but I understood that they were focused on building the new apps, not updating the existing versions. However, I am a bit surprised this was not in the new iOS when released. They need to leverage this feature of iPadOS for sure
  8. @amfeather try hitting Cmd while clicking on the link... that should open the specific linked note in a new Window (from within Evernote 10)
  9. This is specifically mentioned as "Coming Soon" in the release notes:
  10. @stocky2605 and @gbarry - is it possible that the disconnect here is that the column is showing up in the list view, but just not sortable in search results ? Stocky indicates "when I select/deselect columns - the list view remains unchanged".... so it doesn't appear that it is an issue with the column showing on the screen real estate, but that it is not changing the sort order. I have experienced the same thing with the Reminders column, but it only fails to work in saved searches. If I am in All Notes, or a specific notebook, I can sort by the Reminders column. However,
  11. Sounds like this may just be an odd design choice to not hide on All Notes like they do in Notebooks... but maybe search for "reminderDoneTime:*" to see if there are any completed reminders. Or click on the settings "sprocket" within the All Notes/Reminders tab and select "Show Completed Reminders" to make sure nothing is in there. Maybe there is an old note in the trash or something that is causing it to think you have some reminders set. (Or maybe it is just a bug/bad design choice)
  12. For Expand/Collapse [Outlining] we have a number of "competing" proposals for how to best handle... I WANT ALL OF THEM: +1 for "outlining by headers" with some sort of index in the "Note Info"... presumably this would include ability to link to these header/outline items directly from the internal links, but I want to stay on topic here +1 for "insert collapsable section" to add a block that is created similarly to a code block, allowing them to be collapsed into just a preview. If these sections could be given a "title", then they could be incorporated into an Ou
  13. Sorry for the confusing title, but these are all related. For my purposes, I would really like to have a quicker/easier way to get to the All Notes/Reminders tab. There are a few ways to solve this with new features that could be beneficial for all users: 1) Allow Reordering of the Sidebar: for me, I would drag "All Notes" to the top... others may prefer to have tags or notebooks above shortcuts, so on the Mac app, it would be great to have the ability to move these around. If not... 2) Put "All Notes" at the top: Even though the purpose of these new apps was to provide cons
  14. Very weird... Are you seeing that on both the All Notes tab, as well as in individual notebooks? I can't test the "All Notes", since I am not going to remove the tons of reminders I have set... However, when I go into a notebook that doesn't have any notes with a reminder, the reminders tab is not there. (When I add a reminder to a note it displays, then when removing the reminder it goes away again for sure within a Notebook). Therefore, it is an odd behavior to display it on "All Notes". One thing I would be interested in you double checking is to make sure you don't have any old
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