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  1. Wow... really glad I checked back on this thread. The discussion about Reminders really could use a separate post. After never using Reminders for more than 8 years in Evernote, they have become a huge part of my workflow over the past year. While it is inconsistent for setting reminders on Mac vs iOS, after a date is set, I use the Remember The Milk sync for management and rescheduling of dates. With the new Web Beta, I love being able to click through to the actual note in Evernote, but wish I didn’t have to go back to the task in RTM to reschedule or complete a reminder. I would love to beta test any reminders update, but don’t think the system needs an overhaul....however, it does need to be accessible from the web version (currently not available to view, set or update reminders in the new Web editor)
  2. Not sure why I didn't think of this immediately, but realized that I do have a version of Evernote loaded on a computer that I hadn't used in about a month... so YES. I was able to use that computer (with internet turned off to prevent syncing) and see a list of all those random reminders set far off in the future, and set my mind at ease by resetting all of those items that did not jump out when I skimmed through my lengthy "All Notes" list this weekend. Thanks for the help.... I will definitely be more carefully with any enabling/disabling any connected accounts from now on.
  3. Yeah, I reached out to support to see if they can at least generate a list of note titles and reminder dates from some backup. I do have an email that is sent to me automatically everyday containing the contents of a Filterize table of contents for all reminders in the next 7 days (which used to be my method of tracking reminders)... Therefore, at least I can recreate the ones over the next week. Unfortunately, those reminders I set for weeks or months in the future are the big unknown that is going to haunt me. But I guess if Evernote can't pull something like that I will just look through all notes over the next week and hopefully seeing the titles will prompt me to remember anything I set future reminders for (or at least catch the important ones). It seems likely this is just going to be a hard lesson learned about being careful when activating/deactivating anything that has ability to change the Evernote data....
  4. I am a heavy user of Reminders, and have been searching for ways to perfect the ways to manage and update those reminders for a while. In that process, I previously used the Cronofy Evernote Calendar Integration, and had the reminders display on my calendar, and would use that to move/defer reminders. However, over the past several weeks, I have been using the RemembersTheMilk integration and really like that. Since I no longer use the calendar integration, I went ahead and "deleted" that calendar from Outlook yesterday.... then today... discovered that ALL of my reminders set before I deleted that calendar are now GONE. In hindsight this was a terribly foolish way to handle, and I should have revoked access to the Cronofy extension first... It appears that deleting the shared calendar essentially deleted all of the calendar items, which the Cronofy extension interprets as removing the reminder from a note. Does anyone know a way to see my list of reminders BEFORE I did this? All of the notes are still there, but they do not have the reminder dates. This is a major headache. Anyone have any helpful suggestions (other than going through all of my notes modified in the past few months to try to remember what needs a reminder)?
  5. I believe the idea would be placing images inside of a collapsible area of the outline. There are many things collapsible sections could be used for.... Hopefully this is part of the planned enhancements after the common editor rolls out. Has anyone seen any ETA on when the beta version in the web app will make it to other versions?
  6. Really hoping that the "grab area" in new common editor (as seen in the beta web version) is the first step in getting collapsable sections. The grab area shows up to the left of the new checklist feature, as well as bullet lists.... and "grabbing" a parent item also grabs all the child items when moving them around. Really, really, really hoping that the Evernote devs add the ability to collapse these items. That would be HUGE for me (and I imagine most of the 400+ voters on this thread). Also hoping that the new "Semantic Headers" (aka styles) in common editor are a sign that Evernote will introduce some sort of outlining feature.... I guess we need to see the new common editor make its way to all the different versions of the app before they can expand on the common editor to add these features. Really hoping it comes soon.
  7. Oops... just realized there is already a long-standing idea under the general features forum. Add support here... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56257-text-collapse-outlining/
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this idea, but I am really hoping collapsable items are on the roadmap for the new common editor now used on the web app. With the "grab" area to the left of each checklist or bullet list (which not only moves the parent, but also any child items indented under it), it would be great to be able to "collapse" the child items. This would be particularly awesome with the new checklist, as you could collapse/hide checklist items you are not actively working on. This would be a killer feature...
  9. Has anyone seen any new info about when the common editor will make it to Mac (and iOS/other platforms)? I really like the interface of the web editor, especially checkboxes vs. check lists and different color highlights... It would great to see this come out of beta or get any sort of ETA on when they plan to implement this "important" feature. They have promoted this as the first step towards allowing them to make some other improvements across platforms and it has been a while...
  10. Evernote really needs to be updated for iPadOS.... opening two instances of Evernote side-by-side would solve a lot of issues (for me).
  11. +1 for this update.... as I stated in a prior post (before finding this existing idea), Side-By-Side view of two instances of the same app seems to be a feature that was built for Evernote and similar note taking apps. Most of the leading note apps have been working on adding this feature since it was announced a few weeks ago and have already pushed out updates or announcements about planned integrations.
  12. I am surprised this hasn’t gotten more support... I have been a long term Evernote user, but never a tagger, and recently started using symbols at the beginning of note titles as a way of quickly tagging (and sorting them from list view).... but no way to search for notes with the symbol in the title?!? Bummer... since apparently there doesn’t seem to be any traction to fix this.
  13. Anyone see any information on when Evernote plans to update the iOS app to support opening two versions of Evernote side by side? It seems like that iPadOS feature was made with note taking apps like Evernote in mind... not seeing any info about when they expect to release it?
  14. Really surprised that (a) these features have not been added to the menu bar quick entry form yet OR (b) that some third party developer hasn't come up with an App that could do the same thing. There are like 10 different quick entry apps for iOS, but none for Mac (that I am aware of)
  15. +1! It is a difficult process to add/change/clear reminders on both the Mac and iOS apps... but particularly odd for the mac app, since everything else has such great keyboard shortcuts
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