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  1. How do you export a note list to a spreadsheet? Also, what do you mean by processing and how do you get any of the changes/notes made to the spreadsheet back into Evernote? My reference to folders and drawers was as an analogy to the prior method of filing and saving material that myself and a lot of the world used for decades before the introduction of the concept of tagging or digital systems that make that possible. I get that you and many others find that to be a great benefit, but I was just explaining my system and how I view Evernote as my digital version of the filing system I have used well before the existence of Evernote.
  2. @NewHero Wow... not sure how I missed this great narrative when it was posted, but thanks for putting together this well thought-out piece. I couldn't agree more with the statement above! For me, Evernote's strength is not as a note editor, but as a digital filing cabinet. It is my GTD filing system for supporting documents, and it is an added bonus that it also operates as my GTD inbox and project organization. Whenever I try to make it do more, I get frustrated. Therefore, I use other services for tables (Google Sheets), editing documents (Google Docs) and ink (GoodNotes), then link or import those files into Evernote for storage/reference. Here is a short summary of my setup... As a filing cabinet, the Evernote stack is the equivalent of the filing cabinet, and the notebook is the drawer or large expandable folder inside a specific drawer. In my system, the individual notes are organized into "folders" within the notebook through the note title (I rarely use tags). I typically start the note with a sub-topic that may be common among many notes in that notebook, then use a date (YY-MM-DD) and then a short descriptive title. That way if I sort the notes in a note book by the title bar, it sorts the individual notes into their folders and sorts them by date. I can then use the search for "intitle" to find whatever I need. For example, a typical note title is: Short Topic YY-MM-DD Longer Keyword Heavy Description of Note (I have never been able to wrap my head around tags or make them work, so basically I view everything in the title of the note as a keyword/tag I may want to search. I don't find it to be a limitation that a note can only go into one notebook, as I am used to the same limitation from prior use of a physical filing cabinet) For the GTD project organization, I typically have one note for each project and start it with a "#" symbol so that it shows at the top of a notebook when sorted by title. Then I add links to the important supporting documentation and use TODO lists to outline the various subtasks that need to be done for that project. I then assign a reminder to the project note, and include the next few actions in the title. For example, a typical note title for a project note is: #Project description: +Next Action > Future Action > Future Action" (with reminder set for today if it is active or future if I am waiting for something to do the next action)
  3. @iszyman the functionality of checklists vs. checkboxes was only added in the Web Editor (for now I guess)... since the first day it rolled out, the older editors have worked this way as they still sync back and you can view the same note in either the new editor or old editor. I don't imagine they view this as a feature of the old editors that they would announce, as much as how the old editor displays the new feature of the common editor. On a somewhat unrelated comment... one of my favorite uses of the new web editor is to combine checklists and check boxes, allowing a main task item, with several subtasks that can be checked off:
  4. @iszyman unfortunately in the world of software, it is tough to make everyone happy I suppose... but I agree it is an odd thing to drop. Part of the reason I think Evernote had been so unable to adapt and improve the software in recent years is the fear that every change alienates certain users... the new Web editor is a pretty good example. I love it... but I imagine there will be a storm of frustrated Mac OS users who will be upset when that is added to the Mac app. I can't wait for the common editor to be added to the Mac app....
  5. Any chance for an update or new "Behind the Scenes (from Home)"? It feels like it has been forever since the new web editor beta was released, and it is GREAT... except it is not fully functional (without reminders or ability to easily file notes into notebooks). I understand things are probably delayed due to COVID-19, but it would be great to provide some transparency and an update on anticipated timing for devoted Evernote users eagerly awaiting an update (for a long time)... This migration to the common editor is clearly holding up any updates to all apps, as the iPad Evernote app still doesn't take advantage of the ability to open two instances of the same app side-by-side, which seems like a feature built for Evernote.
  6. I really love the new web beta editor, and really look forward to these features (and uniformity) rolls out the Mac and iOS apps. As much as I like using the Web client now, the difficulty moving notes into notebooks makes it nearly impossible to avoid going to the other apps. Can we get a quick search or filter box on the "Move To" that allows you to find notebooks... or at least show the notebooks in their stacks, rather than a long alphabetical list of all notebooks... P.S. - Also really need ability to edit reminder dates.
  7. Not sure if you have used the new Web Beta, but it does have “strikethough” and grey out for “checklists”.... and there is a different option for “checkboxes”, which can be inline (ie one line or checklist item can have a number of checkboxes, which have a green outline. I find them pretty easy to differentiate when complete, and really love the new web editor. Can’t wait for it to come to iPadOS and MacOS.
  8. Fingers crossed for some behind the scenes updates about what this "maintenance" will allow Evernote to do. While waiting for web access to be restored, really hoping for: access to Reminders on the web interface easier selection of notebooks when moving a note on the web interface roll out of the new web editor to iOS and Mac! Keep up the great work Evernote... can't wait to have the same experience with the new common editor across apps.
  9. Just seeing this thread for the first time, but the solution to this problem was mentioned a year ago... Filterize does this and it works really well. You also get a bunch of other features that can automatically tag or move notes, create tables of contents, etc. Check it out. https://filterize.net/
  10. I can't wait for the new web editor features to make it to iOS and Mac versions... I find myself essentially checking these forums everyday looking for some hint or indication about when they will be rolled out, as I plan to completely revamp my task management workflow. I absolutely love the task lists vs. task boxes, as well as the highlighter colors. It is great to combine a task list item with subtasks inline using task boxes... then when the entire thing is complete, check it off and the entire row with all subtasks get marked complete. The little things make me happy... but it drives me crazy knowing what is coming, yet not having access to the same features in iOS and Mac apps.
  11. Wow... really glad I checked back on this thread. The discussion about Reminders really could use a separate post. After never using Reminders for more than 8 years in Evernote, they have become a huge part of my workflow over the past year. While it is inconsistent for setting reminders on Mac vs iOS, after a date is set, I use the Remember The Milk sync for management and rescheduling of dates. With the new Web Beta, I love being able to click through to the actual note in Evernote, but wish I didn’t have to go back to the task in RTM to reschedule or complete a reminder. I would love to beta test any reminders update, but don’t think the system needs an overhaul....however, it does need to be accessible from the web version (currently not available to view, set or update reminders in the new Web editor)
  12. Not sure why I didn't think of this immediately, but realized that I do have a version of Evernote loaded on a computer that I hadn't used in about a month... so YES. I was able to use that computer (with internet turned off to prevent syncing) and see a list of all those random reminders set far off in the future, and set my mind at ease by resetting all of those items that did not jump out when I skimmed through my lengthy "All Notes" list this weekend. Thanks for the help.... I will definitely be more carefully with any enabling/disabling any connected accounts from now on.
  13. Yeah, I reached out to support to see if they can at least generate a list of note titles and reminder dates from some backup. I do have an email that is sent to me automatically everyday containing the contents of a Filterize table of contents for all reminders in the next 7 days (which used to be my method of tracking reminders)... Therefore, at least I can recreate the ones over the next week. Unfortunately, those reminders I set for weeks or months in the future are the big unknown that is going to haunt me. But I guess if Evernote can't pull something like that I will just look through all notes over the next week and hopefully seeing the titles will prompt me to remember anything I set future reminders for (or at least catch the important ones). It seems likely this is just going to be a hard lesson learned about being careful when activating/deactivating anything that has ability to change the Evernote data....
  14. I am a heavy user of Reminders, and have been searching for ways to perfect the ways to manage and update those reminders for a while. In that process, I previously used the Cronofy Evernote Calendar Integration, and had the reminders display on my calendar, and would use that to move/defer reminders. However, over the past several weeks, I have been using the RemembersTheMilk integration and really like that. Since I no longer use the calendar integration, I went ahead and "deleted" that calendar from Outlook yesterday.... then today... discovered that ALL of my reminders set before I deleted that calendar are now GONE. In hindsight this was a terribly foolish way to handle, and I should have revoked access to the Cronofy extension first... It appears that deleting the shared calendar essentially deleted all of the calendar items, which the Cronofy extension interprets as removing the reminder from a note. Does anyone know a way to see my list of reminders BEFORE I did this? All of the notes are still there, but they do not have the reminder dates. This is a major headache. Anyone have any helpful suggestions (other than going through all of my notes modified in the past few months to try to remember what needs a reminder)?
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