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  1. We are no more important in their lives than, what’s the phrase, I know, less than 2% they are interested in money, not art. they had something good and they threw it away. We are not taking Steve Jobs here or Tim Cook. No they are not any where near their league. In their minds though they are right up there. Sad for all of us 2% ers.
  2. I don’t think tags will go but that was an amazing statistic less than 2% use them, I do use them for the simple reason I often don’t know what I’m looking for until I see it, so I use tags as a memory aid. I don’t know how many different associated note for instance relate to my car and I can’t do a search for the word car of course because that would bring back too many unrelated notes, so I think ahead and put the tag:car on the important car related notes and then don’t worry about finding the exact notes I want every single time. I use this for many many important things to me. Just searching without structure does not work for me at all. That is also why I put things in folders on my computer.
  3. That makes sense in some ways but did you know that less than 2% of users actually use tags, Don't take my word for it, take Ian Small's, Evernote CEO's word instead in this YouTube video recorded only yesterday 18th Oct. Data says that tags are not widely used so will they drop them going by what you and Ian Small say. Don't you think that would be a very hard choice indeed if tags were left behind, because they are "not widely used". How many of my important features or yours would rank lower that 2% going by this, I thought everyone used tags, well over 75% would have been my guess, I was way out, I was very surprised to hear this. I thought tags were essential to a good workflow, apparently 98+% of Evernote users don't think so. Go to this YouTube video at around 33:09 and listen to Ian Small say himself "Less than 2% of our audience" He moved them to the bottom because 98% of users don't use tags and they were "in the way". I wonder if Ian Small is in the (less than 2%) somehow I don't think so. https://youtu.be/7gz0mxGC4-0
  4. Yes that’s exactly what I want, not tabs but the ability just like in the classic version to be able to open two instances of Evernote windows next to each other, with all the notebooks, tags, favourites on the left of both windows. It’s so useful to be able to see two separate lists of your notes and be able to drag between and reference them, sort them, find them separately on the same screen at the same time, leaves tabs in the dust so I hope they bring that feature back. Also I never thought of myself as a power user but did you hear that shocking statistic about how many users actually use tags! Just 2%, I suppose it’s true but wow and then use that statistic instead as a example of how they have failed to get over their usefulness, use that statistic to tuck them away at the bottom of the screen in that stupid new place instead of where they should be at the top next to the name of the notebook you are in as before. To say as Ian said that this saves on screen real estate like he did is not correct, it actually takes up more room on the screen and means your eyes have to work harder getting the info on the note you are looking at. Still my eyes could do with the workout.
  5. I also have 10,000+ notes to move, took me 10 years to get to this position, I'm really hating this. The utter contempt to their users is gutting.
  6. This happened to me today, so frustrating. Eventually I opened the desktop app and found multiple untitled notes created but in iOS only one.
  7. Thank you GrumpyMonekey, I'm still looking for an alternative, I've not found anything that approaches the old Evernote unfortunately so for speed I'm forced to just go with Apple for now until I find the new place to rest my files safely and reliably.
  8. Good luck, sounds like you have taken on a full time job! By the way these are almost, if not exactly the same issues that Mac users are facing.
  9. This sounds like the best explanation so far of what’s going on by far thank you.
  10. Yes I had to load the old version as well because the new version is so shockingly bad. Never seen a company do something like this before, it’s like corporate suicide. What are they thinking? If I worked for that company right now I wouldn’t be getting much sleep. I can tell you as a 10 year paid subscriber I’m not sleeping either. Wrote this at 2:35am I put the last ten years of my life into Evernote.
  11. While export still works (no guarantee it will stay that way) I am exporting my notes, one notebook at a time into Apple Notes, I prefer the old Evernote but the company say they will stop supporting the old version (at some point) so I have no choice the new Evernote is unusable, shocking. Of course, you have to use the old version of Evernote to do this because you guessed it, the new version can’t. how to export into Apple Notes:
  12. I know Evernote has always been in the cloud of course, but it was also on my computer, that's the only way it could bring back the search results and screen re-freshes so quickly, so when I did a simple search it was instant, when I clicked on a notebook it was instant, when I clicked on a tag it was instant. As you know, now it isn't approaching those types of speeds, I can click on a tag and yesterday one took 8 seconds to re-fresh and show me the associated notes (10). I videoed it because I couldn't believe it. What do you think accounts for the incredibly slow speed so many users are experiencing now in version 10+ but not in the previous versions. I have a quite good internet connection speed and nothing is competing with Evernote for the bandwidth. 14ms ping, 148mbps download, 21mbps upload and the computer I'm running Evernote 10.1.4 on is 11 years younger than the computer in the other room running 7.14 and you guessed it the 7.14 computer is instant in it's searches and screen re-freshes instant, this one is not with it's 11 year younger architecture. I can click on a tag or a notebook and literally start counting 1, 2, 3, etc. and then it re-freshes, the longest time it took was on one tag, 9 seconds I got to before it showed the results. (Update) just did it again to show myself I wasn't fooling myself, I switched back to Evernote 10.1.4 and clicked on a tag in the side bar, I counted to 8 before it re-freshed. Approximately 8 Seconds of counting, I wasn't counting fast but trying to make each number, one second long.
  13. Remember when you could just open another entire window and place it next to the other one already open, ahh the good old days. (last week). There’s nothing more luxurious than being able to have two different evernote windows open on the same screen at the same time. That’s luxury, bring it back please.
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