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  1. I'm not seeing anything if I right click on a notebook, I'm running version 10.7.6 No options come up.
  2. Thank you gazumped and DTLow, You can see, every time I ask this question I get different answers. I thank you both but haven't you both contradicted each other. DTLow you say "A local copy is stored on our Window/Mac computers", is it that when you say "Our" you mean you work for Evernote and you mean their computers, not mine. & gazumped you say "your notes are held in temporary storage on your local hard drive while the software is in use. The storage is cleared when the app is closed." These could be two completely different answers to the question and yo
  3. In version 10+ where is my data stored now. I keep hearing that it's no longer on my computer, is this true. If it is true it raises some important questions. 1. How do I back up my data. 2. Is it encrypted where it's stored. 3. Does anyone else have access to my private data. (I remember Evernote employees did at one stage, is that still true). I did to a search for the answer to this question but unfortunately could not find a definitive answer, there was lots of confusion amongst users.
  4. I quite agree, it’s taking them far too long to bring in this essential keyboard shortcut, anyone that’s used it knows, it’s essential. If you haven’t used it you simply don’t know what you are missing.
  5. It’s not called legacy, it’s called Classic!
  6. Could you let me know what your system setup is please because on my system Evernote 10 is completely and utterly unusable, it’s not a case of simply not liking Evernote 10 because of all the missing “essential” features and the glacial speed and the fact that it takes on average 3 times to get the program even to run on my computer, it’s that on my new iMac 8gig of ram it’s utterly unusable. (Evernote Classic runs on this same system like a dream, instantaneous). please share your setup that seems to work so well for you. Thank you.
  7. The actual quote from Ian Short was (less than 2% use tags) hard to believe but that’s what he said.
  8. It still shocks me how utterly unusable Evernote 10+ is compared with Evernote Classic. I don’t think they use their own software, instead of looking for alternatives we should ask Evernote what they use because it can’t be Evernote.
  9. For me Evernote 10+ has been the slowest most frustrating software “upgrade” I have ever come across. Since 1989 Yesterday for instance I thought I’d give it another go because really, it can’t be that bad but no, it was and then some, three attempts to just start it and no, it just froze on startup each time and had to be force quit, then after about 10 mins of trying I finally got this pile of @£&?! Going and it was so slow it was laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that it had ten years of my life tied up in it, ten years of my dedicated input over countless hours with my valued data st
  10. Oh my goodness, has it really come to this?
  11. This is by far the most incredible “update” I’ve seen in my software history 1989 and counting. please Evernote fix this awful situation. You have my full support but for goodness sake, fix this!
  12. I didn’t know that, you do understand a hidden feature may as well not exist. Someone should tell Evernote.
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