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  1. @Jordan Thompson are you running the latest release that came out today v10.13? I haven’t installed myself, but the release notes indicate right clicking: Perhaps with this new least bar option, it defaults to turning off the note count unless you turn it on
  2. For me the issue resolved mid day Monday
  3. Yeah, I was having some issues with saved searches through the weekend and earlier today, but seems to be working as expected as of this evening. I suspect Evernote had an issue on their end, but would be nice if they let us know
  4. Just in case anyone else has been following this update... Evernote v10 for web is now available for those with bigger accounts. However, it comes with a warning that performance may be slow. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500006072561 After a lot of load time... after a few minutes of testing, works okay with my 15k notes. But we shall see!
  5. I think this is the same issue, I described in this separate post (maybe mods can merge): This was an issue early in the v10 beta, and then they got it to the point where changes reflect in the search results about 5-10 minutes later... while that is still dreadfully too long, it was workable. However, since v10.12 I have noticed reminders I changed days earlier still coming up in my Today, Tomorrow, etc. saved searches. Hopefully they roll out a fix for this quick.
  6. I hate seeing Evernote v10 taking an apparent step back, but I have been seeing saved searches taking even longer to update in v10.12. Some reminder dates I changed yesterday are still not being reflected in saved searches based on reminder date. The results are only supposed to show reminders due today or earlier, and the list shows that the dates on several of my items are due in the future, but they are still showing in the search results. This has been an "issue" since the upgrade to v10, but typically the search index updates after 10-15 minutes... but it has been 24 hours and still seeing outdated reminders.
  7. I am not opposed to the idea of the home page, and put my shortcuts list at the top with scratchpad under, which isn’t a bad place to start. HOWEVER, even with the update to 10.9... the app never loads the notebooks I have in my shortcut list. Usually the home page ends up half off the screen and the other half is blank. I hoped the update would help... but no. It also seems the notebooks no longer properly sort by title. Very annoying to have to take a step back over these past two updates to gain a feature that really isn’t very useful (for me).
  8. I use the email to Evernote function A LOT... as it is the primary way I get things into Evernote. Since it has always been rock-solid, I never check to make sure what I send is showing up. However, over the past two days I have noticed a few instances where something sent over was not arriving. I just went through and compared by sent emails to Evernote and found one additional item that did not arrive, but everything else has been coming in going back several weeks. The instances from the past few days include a series of 6 emails sent around the same time last night and only 4 of them showed up. Then this morning another single email sent did not arrive. Now I am going to need to check/compare periodically until it regains my confidence, as I often wouldn't notice if something I forward doesn't arrive. Anyone else seeing issues?
  9. I have found that "Move" shortcut (control+command+M on Mac) is not reliable when you have multiple notes open in windows and then try to move a note that is within a search result. I have not done any trouble shooting to see the exact situation where this happens, but I have found instances where I have a note open then try to use that shortcut within the main search results while working on something else and find that the note open in the background was moved to an inappropriate notebook. Since it is inconsistent, I usually end up using the menu... which is a pain. While we are on the topic of using that notebook name at the top of the note as a move button (or more likely keeping the move icon always present).... can we get back the ability to switch notebooks by clicking the name at the top of the list like we could in legacy? It was great when that was a searchable dropdown to switch to different notebooks. I am really hoping that the "quick" switcher Cmd+Q solves this problem globally.
  10. I think there is little chance they change the primary action on clicking the notebook name, although I wish they would. This was one of the harder transitions for me when moving to v10. While it was great when they added that move button early in the v10 updates, it makes no sense why it has to be hidden. There is no space savings so it would be great if that were just always there.
  11. For me... all of the efficiency losses in v10 are outweighed by the vast improvement in the editor. Using highlighter colors and combining checklists with check boxes makes it all worth while to me. My number one disruptions on both iOS and Mac is the inability to open two instances or search windows side by side. As @PinkElephant points out, this works be the “killer” feature of iOS to have multitasking available on the iPad... but equally as disruptive to my workflow is the inability to do that on my Mac, where most of my processing in Evernote is done. But definitely count me in the happy v10 user camp... I can do so much more with Evernote as a project manager and storage/retrieval system now.
  12. @pkempe While I doubt that anyone at Evernote will see this or hear you, if you want to outline some of your disruptions, happy users of v10 may have some feedback or suggestions on new workflows. While change is difficult, especially when hoisted upon workflows unexpectedly, humans are really good at adapting and getting used to new workflows over time. Personally, I find a lot of my "disrupted" workflows are now much better with the additional things I am able to do with v10 (especially around the editor and flow of the notes). Another alternative as @DTLow will reliably point out... is the Legacy version still works and will allow you to gauge when/if to switch your workflows, or whether to plan for a potential need to move to something else in the future when/if Legacy is phased out.
  13. I could see this being implemented similar to how the Google Doc and YouTube links are handled, where it defaults to a “live” embedded link with updating title (and back link displayed on the target note), but provide a menu or option to convert the “live” link to a standard link... and consider it a standard link anytime anyone creates it using the normal link method with anchor text. I fv they do this, they better not mess with existing links, and just make it an option moving forward.
  14. I liked the idea of somehow highlighting when a note has changed or some indication of the current note title, but I would not be happy if the anchor text for all of my linked notes changed every time a note updates. Related to this request for better syncing of info between linked notes would be the addition of a back links section. Even if it is “buried” in the note info, it would be great to easily see a list of all other notes that link to ab specific note.
  15. Just like Microsoft and Google... Apple has entirely abandoned entire applications before (see Aperture photo editing app). It seems much less likely that Evernote will not abandon their entire business. If they start to fail, I am confident they will end up getting acquired and there will be time to get out. For users like @DTLow and @CalS... I am really surprised to hear that you would consider not renewing until at least a year after you have moved to another service. We are not talking about a huge cost of carrying the subscription an extra year after you migrate in case things don't work out. To each there own, but given the amount of time each of you spend in this forum (I find myself increasingly in that category lately as well), just think of it as a very low entertainment cost for you.
  16. +1 This title really made me laugh, because I also use “intitle” so often it is ingrained in my vocabulary, but never thought to calculate the amount of time I spend typing it each year. One tip if you are on iOS and Mac is to set a text replacement in the keyboard settings. I have it so that whenever I type “evnit” it replaces with “intitle:”. That really only saves a few keystrokes but they add up. More frequently I use “evnrt”, which expands to the stupid-long search string required to only search titles of notes where I have a reminder... that expands to: “reminderOrder:* intitle:”
  17. When clipping articles, if I plan to highlight or make changes, I choose to save using the simplified article format within the Web Clipper. It is a lot like saving to Pocket, and I find it must easier to read and highlight
  18. I have had this issue on occasion with the Mac version as well. While I have not been able to consistently recreate, it seems to occur when I have another note open in a separate window and am trying to change a reminder on a note within the main Evernote window. It also seems to happen on the days where I am changing/resetting a lot of reminders in one sitting. It is definitely a bug they need to fix, but quitting and restarting Evernote solves the problem for me. (I have not had it come up again during the same sitting after restarting the app).
  19. I have an M1 Macbook Air and an M1 Mac Mini... both of which typically have Evernote open and running on a space at all times. While I have never gone in to look at the system resources you are grabbing screenshots of, as a user, I have never noted any bit of slowness or performance issues on the M1 with Evernote running. I am sure the numbers above are useful if you are trying to diagnose a problem, but if the system runs fine, why worry about it. Just posting this in case there are any Evernote users worried about upgrading to M1... as I have had absolutely no issues.
  20. Fortunately this is on the “coming soon” list, and the devs have been pretty consistently working through these items... unfortunately, it has been there for about six months, so I worry this may not be that easy if a fix. It would really suck if they implement it just as a replica of the search box.
  21. @Matt Whitby did you try using the code block suggested by PinkElephant? Other than the code typeface, this produces an effect very similar to the quote on the forum. You could also italicize and indent.... or use a specific highlighter color for quotes
  22. I agree and also find this very annoying with Google Doc links. At least now they offer the option to convert to a link. The best solution I have found to eliminate the process you describe is to avoid posting a URL from Google Docs (or YouTube) directly into a note. Instead I type the anchor text, highlight, create the link and paste the URL in. Obviously you lose the auto naming feature that pulls in the title of the Google Doc, but I guess you can’t have everything
  23. I just recently reached out to support about this, as I was frustrated to see another new version released, and I am still stuck on 5.33, where I can’t even update Reminders. Here is the promising response I received a few fours ago:
  24. This is a common problem across all of the v10 apps... The only way to sort by reminders is to go into the reminders tab for a notebook/list view. However, you can't sort the main list by reminder date or saved search results. This has been one of my major complaints since the rollout of v10 since saved searches for different "contexts" of reminders is part of my workflow. However, this is one of the few remaining "bugs" they have yet to address. It is much more glaring on desktop, since other columns are clickable in list view to sort the results.
  25. This is not unique to Evernote as you pointed out... I hate using new software and feeling like I need to watch hours of YouTube videos to pick up some killer feature/workflow that is not documented anywhere for new users... However, for the Evernote dev team... I MUCH prefer they focus their efforts and resources on building new features and functionality, not improving their help documents. There will be time for that "later" (which is likely how this entire situation becomes an issue for most developing software programs).
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