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  1. This issue has been a thorn in the side of many for years now. So I thought that rather than keep banging on about it in various different threads, none of which are specifically about this problem, I'd start a thread dedicated to it. The ability to configure toolbars on almost every app that runs on a Mac has been a standard feature of Mac OS X for as long as that OS has existed. Those who have used Macs for longer than me can possibly recall if it was present in OSs before OS X. But Evernote, for some reason that I have never been able to figure out, bucks the system and insists on having a non-configurable toolbar. And I have never received an answer from any Evernote employee as to "WHY?" On my Macs, ranging from Macbooks to iMacs, so from 15" up to 27", the toolbar is largely empty (a victim of Evernote's unhealthy obsession with "unclutter"). But not only is it largely empty, it contains buttons that I will NEVER use and don't want there (such as the "New Chat" button), and it does NOT contain buttons that I DO want on there (such as "Email Note" and "Print"). So, could somebody from Evernote PLEASE explain just WHY the toolbar is not configurable, when it is a virtual standard feature of Mac OS X? Why was that decision made in the first place? And could somebody from Evernote PLEASE consider changing this ridiculous situation? What on earth is the use of having toolbar buttons that I would never use, while not being able to put buttons on there that I WOULD use? And of course, everyone is different - we need the ability to customise that toolbar for the way each of us uses Evernote. While I accept that those who post here on the forum would be only a tiny handful compared to the total Evernote user base, we are fairly power users, and loyal Evernoters. And you can't just assume that the other 99.9% who do not post would have views that differ from those who do. So, if anyone else feels the same way, please convey your thoughts on this thread, and for Evernote employees who read this thread, please PLEASE tell the powers-that-be that we want our configurable toolbar back. Oh, and the ability to get rid of buttons such as the "Chat" button on the iOS version (iPad) would also be nice, if we turn Chat off in a setting (that isn't there, but should be).
  2. The use of "anticipate" is a little confusing. Maybe you meant to use some other word? I.e. It doesn't make sense in any context - whether one is for or against the whole change. I think he meant "appreciate". An easy mistake if the poster is not a native English speaker. And I DO appreciate his comment on my post
  3. Thanks for the replies, team I didn't know that I had THE POWER , once I passed the 300 post mark. What amazes and amuses me, though, is the question: Why spam these forums in the first place? Surely, there wouldn't be a single idiot who would even consider responding to spam, especially all this freaky-character-laden rubbish? Surely there wouldn't be anyone here desperate enough to.... Oh, hang on a minute But Metro and JMichael are right - surely there are automated spam filters that work in the same way (Bayesian) as my email spam filters, that can be applied to a forum like this? After all, the forum software already has automated filters that stop me posting words like cr*p - which is not even a seriously offensive word? But the porn spam gets through...
  4. Are the forum moderators asleep at the wheel? How come the forums are filling up with rubbish and blatant spam? Isn't there a spam filter on the forum, or even better, a real live person who moderates the thing, who can then simply delete all these spam posts and block the IP addresses? It was a nuisance, but it's getting to the annoying stage now.
  5. Once again, we bump up against the fact that for some strange reason, Evernote DOES NOT HAVE A CONFIGURABLE TOOLBAR..! Yeah, I know I keep banging on about this, but nobody seems to listen. I have zero use for Workchat, BUT - that bloody button is right there in my face on my Mac client, right next to the "Add new page" button, but the "Email note" is now relegated two-deep in a menu, when I want it on the toolbar. Alongside the Print button, that I also can't put on there. And to make it worse, they've now done it on the iOS client too - there is a big button for "Chat" that I cannot get rid of. AARGGGHHH - I WANT IT ALL SWITCHED OFF AND BUTTONS GONE! And while we're on the subject of the iOS version, when oh when is Evernote going to do something about that stupidly tiny "two sloping arrow" button to make the note go full screen, that is too tiny for my big fingers, and is right below the Close button on my iPad, which I hit constantly while trying to make the note full-screen? I'm referring here to the iPad version (which also has the silly "Chat" button!) Evernote - please listen - give us back our configurable toolbar on the desktop clients (especially the Mac one), and add an option to disable Workchat COMPLETELY on all clients, and if switched off, make that button disappear. What is the point of having a button in our face if we're never going to use that function?
  6. I never use web access to Evernote. I use the Evernote client on my Macs, iPad, iPhone, and one Windows PC. So I really have no idea what everyone is referring to about the web client. It may as well not exist as far as I'm concerned. I do however use Web Clipping. However, that is a very selfish viewpoint, I admit, so I won't poke any criticisms at something I don't use.
  7. I too am a VERY long-time user of Evernote. I started with version 1 release 1 Point 1 or whatever. Basically, as soon as it became available. I could see that this was going to be a VERY useful tool. And I stumped up for Premium, 2 accounts (self and Mrs Self), basically to shore up support that the company would "make it" and not fall by the wayside due to everyone using the freebie and nobody paying. And I didn't want advertising. Like BnF, I use it for my 2nd brain - I store anything and everything, from patient information brochures to web-clippings (thousands of 'em), from PDFs to graphics, from scanned documents to receipts, etc etc, as I'm sure most of you all do too. Mrs Self uses it for recipes, receipts, instruction manuals, etc etc. But this new focus on business tools, should really be a separate product. I have absolutely ZERO use for Work Chat (who the hell wants another one, on top of IM, iMessage, SMS texts, Facebook Messenger, etc etc etc?) and I have less than zero use for Context. Why the hell would I want Evernote to analyse MY notes and come up with something I didn't ask for? And they have relegated "Share Note via Email" away from the "Share" button - it's now buried two deep in a menu, and they're deprecating it - usually means getting rid of the function. Very VERY BAD MOVE, Evernote team...! They took away our configurable toolbar some time ago (yeah, yeah, I know - but let me harp on it one more time) so that we HAVE to use whatever THEY dictate goes on the toolbar - which is largely empty. There is no way I can put "Email Note" button on there, for example. Or even such a commonly used one as "Print Note". Nope - it's their way or the highway. The problem seems to be that they're trying to make the one version of Evernote into all things for all people - and as a result they're going to make it not many things for a few people. Direction lost. Should be at least two separate apps - Evernote Private, and Evernote Business, for example. As far as monetisation goes, they should perhaps put more deterrents in the free version (no OCR, few more ads, limit number of notes that sync, whatever), to encourage a much higher proportion of users to go premium - and of course, keep the premium version at a reasonable price to help that encouragement. Libin is off in his own little fairy world, I think. He is not listening. He sees himself as some sort of messiah. And he is in grave danger of the company doing a swift dive into the never-never by his approach, rather than building on success and then just polishing that success to make everything work as smoothly and quickly as possible. Don't need or want Work Chat. Don't need or want Context. DO need and want configurable toolbar. DO need and want Email Note one-button functionality.... Are you listening Phil??? End of rant - for now
  8. Thanks for the replies First, I think part of the problem is that I don't get to that "Sign In page with the "Remember me for a week" tickbox unless I fully sign out, then reload the forum. Most of the time, I find that I'm logged on as a guest, and there is a "Log in to your account HERE" bit in the lines just above the first post, where 'HERE' is a link. When clicked, I don't get the option to fill anything in - it just reloads the page but with me logged in. So that cookie at least must be working fine. Gbarry - I'm logged in on a couple of computers (home, work) but always using Firefox, no different browsers, and no peculiar extensions (AdBlock Plus and a few others, all mainstream things like Tab Mix Plus). I have the page set to auto-reload every 15 minutes (I've tried 5 minutes in case the cookies expire quickly, but no difference), and it does this just fine. But for some reason, after a couple of reloads - I'm back to being a Guest. Go figure..! The reason for the auto-reload is that I can come by and check the tabs I have open and scan quickly for any new posts, both on this forum and a few others I'm on. Only this one drops me off and reverts me to Guest status. Strange... I can live with it - but it's just a bit of a nuisance. I go to reply to a post, for example, only to find that I've been bumped back to Guest and can't reply. So I scroll up the top where it tells me to "Log in to your account HERE", click that, and hey presto, I'm logged back in with my NightStalker nym up the top of the page. No need to enter anything. It's not a major priority, just nuisance value. The other problem I have with the forum software, compared to the way it used to be, is that I no longer see the tree hierarchy of the forum near the top of each page, that used to allow jumping straight up one or more branches of the "tree". Now, there seems to be no way to go UP a level, or jump straight to the root forum of a particular subject (eg Evernote 5.7) as we used to be able to do. That navigation facility seems to have gone AWOL. EDIT: Don't worry about that last bit - I just found it. It's been moved to the extreme bottom of the page, 2nd line up from the bottom. In tiny grey letters.
  9. My login keeps dropping out. I have one of the thread pages open, and have it on auto-reload every 15 minutes. I've also tried it at 5 minutes to see if that will keep it alive. But after a fairly short time, I find that I've been logged out again. It's very frustrating, getting involved in reading a discussion, then going to hit Reply and finding that I'm logged out. So I then have to log back in, navigate back to where I was, and try to recall what I was going to say. Also, the direct navigation at the top of each forum page, that used to be there like a hierarchical tree of where I was in the forum, appears to be missing. I used to be able to click on the "mother" heading of where I was to go up one level. Or the main forum heading to go to that menu. Etc. All seems to have gone. Why do I keep getting logged off/timed out? Shouldn't the cookies keep me logged in? Firefox on iMac under Mac OS X Mavericks. I have AdBlock Plus running in Firefox - but so does almost everyone else running Firefox. This is the only forum that keeps logging me out automatically for some reason.
  10. +1 for a configurable toolbar. (Sorry - I know I've been harping on about this for umpteen versions of EN). Also, repeating my heartfelt plea from the other thread for keeping the ability to email a note (work chat requires the other person to have Evernote), and also to put it back where it belongs - on the Share button. Now it's buried two levels deep in a menu!
  11. Jack - we appreciate your interaction on here too, despite our complaints. But I really have to keep asking the question as to WHY? For those of us who do NOT have any problems with "Email Note", and who are quite happy with it, why remove it at all? Just because some people had a problem with rendering etc? Wouldn't that depend more on the type of note? And the whole Work Chat thing - do we REALLY need yet another chat function, on top of IM, Facebook Messaging, Texting, iMessage, etc etc etc? I don't really WANT to chat with my patients after I've just done an hour consultation - I just want to send them whichever information sheet is appropriate - and I've always been able to do that by storing them in Evernote. The whole Work Chat idea (tell me if I have misunderstood this) seems more geared towards work environments, collaboration, etc. But that is NOT how I (and no doubt a multitude of others) use Evernote. Anyway - I've said more than enough, so you get the drift of my sentiments Keeping it civil and free flowing is good. And keep on interacting Jack - we appreciate it, we really do. As long as you can get Phil to listen to the users...!
  12. "Deprecation is an attribute applied to a computer software feature, characteristic, or practice to indicate that it should be avoided (often because it is being superseded). Beyond describing software, the term is also used for a feature, design, or practice that is permitted but no longer recommended in other areas, such as word usage, hardware design, or compliance to building codes." From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deprecation Basically, it is becoming apparent that we are being told not to email notes, they are making it difficult to email notes, and sometime soon they will be making it impossible to email notes. I wonder how many people actually use Work Chat? Really? In real life (as opposed to within Evernote corporation)? And how many people actually use Context and find it useful? I know I'm shooting from the hip on gut feeling here, but I'd suggest that it would be a tiny proportion of Evernote users. Whereas emailing notes has been the main way of sharing a note with someone from the beginning. As you can no doubt tell - this has got me very pissed off! And a company that pisses off its users is one that is not listening to them. OK - I know I'm a sample size of one - but I suspect that the overall sample size who will be mightily pissed off once they realise that they can't email notes any more - once that function is "deprecated" - is a very large sample size!
  13. Jack - please tell me you're kidding, right? This is all a huge belated April Fool joke? ARE YOU GUYS NOT LISTENING TO YOUR USERS? I store things in Evernote that I email to patients. I do NOT intend to tell my patients that they need to sign up for Evernote just so they can read them. I have always just emailed them the note. Nobody has EVER complained that they didn't get "reliable delivery and rendering". Have you broken the delivery and rendering in some way? I also email notes of various articles from journals, web clippings, etc. My wife stores recipes in Evernote and emails them to her friends. Again - not one single complaint that rendering doesn't work. And again - she is not about to tell all her friends that they MUST install Evernote just so they can get the notes. This is ridiculous. I too have been a Premium user since almost the beginning, and we have multiple Premium accounts in the family. But not being able to email notes may well be the last straw. Please, PLEASE, convey to Phil that this dictatorial approach to your users has to STOP NOW! Please STOP dreaming up new and useless features like Context. Please STOP taking away features that work and that ARE useful, such as emailing notes, configurable toolbar, etc. As somebody else posted, this is putting Evernote at risk - a startup will come along that actually listens to what people want, and Evernote is not too big to fail...! I've asked the question on here many times over the last few years - but WHY? Exactly WHY did you remove the configurable toolbar? And WHY are you now removing the ability to email notes? If Evernote is used as a repository for countless, varied, and random bits of information (which is its main strength), then the ability to retrieve that information and share it is vital. And sharing it via some hinky "Work Chat" stupidity is NOT the way to do it. Who the hell uses Work Chat from Evernote to Evernote apart from Evernote employees anyway? Whereas everybody has email. And sending a public link is just plain stupid. Please tell Phil that you know you have crossed the line once you have Metrodon complaining about things! So, a heartfelt plea - PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR ABILITY TO EMAIL NOTES AND TO DO IT EASILY
  14. Jack - thanks for those replies - I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to respond.' However, I would echo Metrodon's concerns - what do you mean by Email Note being deprecated? As he says - does that mean I can no longer email a note to someone who does NOT have Evernote? If that is the case - then you've just cut off a huge chunk of Evernote's functionality in one fell swoop. If I (and Metrodon) have misunderstood you, then what exactly do you mean by "getting deprecated"? Why can't we simply keep that "Email Note" function in the Share button and let it just keep on working the way it has always worked. I've never had a problem with recipients telling me that their email client screwed up a note...! I'm a surgeon, and I keep all sorts of clinical information notes in Evernote. I email the appropriate note to a patient so they can study things at home - operations, complications, precautions, etc etc., following a full consultation. Are you seriously telling me I'm no longer going to be able to do that? On the up side, I'm delighted to hear that turning Context off completely disables it. But why have it defaulting to "On" in the first place? I would imagine only a small proportion of your users would get any use out of it. It would have to be one of the most useless ideas you've come up with so far.... Or maybe that's just me looking at the world through the eyes of someone who is not into business, to-do lists, networking with business contacts, etc etc - perhaps they may get some benefit from Context...??
  15. Email function on the toolbar would be great - that's where I would put it - IF WE HAD A CONFIGURABLE TOOLBAR...! (Sorry - couldn't resist it ) As I mentioned in my previous post on the page before this one, I'd also put the Print button on there.
  16. Marcus - so far v5.7 Mac is working OK for me. But I have a couple of what I would call serious issues: 1. Why move the "Email Note" function into a menu item, 2 steps hidden? What was wrong with where it was in the Share button? Same old story - why change something that worked? Many, if not most, of the notes that I email are to people who are NOT using Evernote. So Chat simply is no good. It also brings up the vexed question, yet again, of why Evernote is almost the only app running under Mac OS X that does NOT have a configurable toolbar. It used to be configurable, but this was removed several versions ago - again removing something that worked. We all use Evernote differently, and I, for one, would rearrange the buttons on the toolbar, as well as adding buttons to Email Note, Print, etc. Please consider bringing back a configurable toolbar - it is virtually a Mac OS X standard anyway. 2. This new Context malarkey - completely and utterly useless for me. I'm not in the USA, and even if I were, I would have absolutely no use for that. Also, there seems to be no way to change the source Web sites from the ones you have chosen (most of which are obscure apart from the WSJ). And there is NO way that I want my Evernote to go anywhere NEAR LinkedIn - which I have a complete ban on. It is the most intrusive site, and I have a complete spamblock on all those intensely annoying "Invitations from LinkedIn" that I seem to get all the time. So my question is - if I disable Context in the Settings, is it COMPLETELY and properly disabled? As in - NOTHING gets sent to the WSJ, nothing is analysed to see if I might want some context anyway, but all I've done is hidden it? This is a really serious question - I and many, many others do NOT use Evernote for business stuff, or at least exclusively for that. And I'd suggest that the whole Context idea is somewhat freaky and spooky. I know your servers do the heavy lifting for OCR etc, but I do NOT want them to be analysing my notes (including clinical information and patient references). Please reassure me that by turning off the Context feature (which is ON by default - another bad move) truly disables - totally - all analysis of MY notes.... My own humble opinion, previously stated on these forums many times, is that you should be concentrating on improving the main, basic functions of Evernote (such as bringing back a configurable toolbar) rather than dreaming up crazy NEW things that may be of use to SOME people but may be a real worry to others.
  17. Sync is nondeterministic. Additionally, our new sync engine also sends/receives at the same time so it's not easy to report what's happening accurately. We'll look into a new way of presenting sync progress though. @Jack - reply much appreciated - thank you. Yes, I see your point about the two-way traffic, but how did the previous version come up with a progress bar? What about the possibility of TWO progress bars - one for upload and one for download? Or even just "activity" bars, rather than true progress bars? At least that way we could see if things were still being up- and down-loaded, and that the program hadn't just hung, or the internet connection was playing up. I know the spinning Sync icon stil goes around - but that doesn't really tell us anything - I've had several occasions where the internet connection has been either dodgy or dropped out (laptop), but the Sync icon still keeps on whizzing around, until I've stopped it by closing and re-opening EN. At least with activity indicators for up and down stream, reflecting true data passage, we'd know what was happening. Put it down to my desire for reassurance.... the needy type Keep up the good work. (Ahem - configurable toolbar???)
  18. @Jack - any clue as to WHY the sync progress meter was removed from the bottom left corner? Was it an oversight, or a deliberate decision? If the latter - why??? Sometimes that is the only way to determine if everything has simply hung, or if the sync is still happening. It was also very informative as to WHAT was happening (downloading, uploading, etc). We lost the ability to customize the toolbar ages ago - still much lamented - but now we seem to have lost the sync progress meter. And I'm bamboozled as to WHY things get removed for no apparent reason! Hopefully, this will be restored in 5.6.1 - yes?
  19. Thanks for the welcome JM - good to pop in and see many of the same nyms I used to see so often 1. Yes - the dropping of features - especially when I can't see a logical reason to drop them (but I'm not a programmer) - is frustrating. The Toolbar STILL isn't configurable! And now that progress bar has gone. Soon they'll be getting rid of the blasted notes - they only get in the way! 2. Yes - by "Local" I meant the equivalent of the "Offline" notebooks on the iPad etc. It would be good to have the option on the Mac OS version of EN to do that, especially when used on a laptop, on the move, or in my case, in an operating theatre which has no Internet access and is lead-shielded (XRays often used). But having the ability to look up stuff that is stored in an offline, or local, notebook would be a huge plus. For me at least. 3. I religiously do backups with Time Machine running hourly in the background, plus I run a SuperDuper! full clone "Smart Backup" every evening at 8pm - that's to a USB Drive that is then bootable. But I agree that it would be oh so much easier if Evernote had the option to do that with one click (destination set in Preferences). Ah well - I still love, and live by, Evernote Premium, across 3 Macs, an iPad, and an iPhone. But nothing is yet perfect..... (sigh)
  20. G'Day all - long time no post...! Couple of questions about this new version for Mac: 1. We've discussed previously, some time ago, as to WHY Evernote actually REMOVE a feature that is working - in that case it was all about the toolbar now being non-configurable, whereas it used to be. But now, I seem to have lost the very useful progress bar from the bottom of the left-hand column during a sync operation. The previous version used to tell me how the sync was going, progress of downloads and uploads, etc. But now - nothing. All disappeared. Am I missing a setting somewhere, or has it really gone? If it has, could it be brought back, as that really does give a useful feedback that things haven't just hung, for example. 2. As a Premium user, I'm used to setting various notebooks on my iPad and iPhone to "Local" so that they can be accessed offline. But is there a similar setting in Mac Evernote that does the same thing, or should I assume that ALL notes are stored locally anyway? Or not? 3. For notebooks that ARE stored locally, wouldn't it make sense to have a "Backup Local Notebooks" function in Evernote itself? Just a simple "Select destination" (which would include attached or network drives) and a "Go" button would do the trick, and save having to search through the Mac file system for what to back up and where? It could even have a scheduling function built in, so that all my local notebooks were just automatically backed up to the predetermined destination, say every evening, for example? If I've missed something that answers these questions already, then apologies in advance. But if I haven't, then comments and perhaps feedback from Jack, would be appreciated. NS Down Under
  21. Morning troops My iPad Air is having no problems whatsoever with Evernote Premium. However, my wife - also Evernote Premium - saves a lot of recipes, but only their URLs to sites such as Taste.com.au. And she constantly gets the same problem as described by several above. However, what works for me when I fix it for her - every time - is just to double-click the Home button, flip up every app that's running including EN, then back to the Home page. No need for all the palaver of rebooting or hard reset - it just seems to work. I notice an update is out this morning for EN on iOS - wonder if they've fixed this little bugger? I'll install it and let her have a play around with it for a while and see if it is still a bug or if they've fixed it.
  22. And one more piece of info: after the iPad has had a sleep mode, or a power-off restart, Evernote then takes forever to do anything. It seems to freeze while it is syncing and unable to do anything, including search, or scroll through notes. And this takes a long time - it's VERY slow (both over wifi and over 3G). And that is AFTER I made sure the entire database of notes was downloaded onto the iPad locally yesterday, as posted above. There seems to be something happening that locks up EN when it is first run after the iPad has been in sleep mode, and it seems to be while EN is syncing - I think. But it is VERY frustrating - I used to be able to flick into EN and look something up quickly. Now I can't. Anyone else seeing similar? Any word from Evernote?
  23. OK - further information. It seems that some or all of my problem appears to be that with the latest update, all the notes - which I had set for "store locally" - had to be re-downloaded onto the iPad. I had to scroll through the entire notebook (looooong job) and let each pageful of notes download. Now that they are all back on the iPad, doing that same search for "Jack" is as quick as it used to be. So maybe the problem was that the locally-stored notes had been wiped in the update? Recall that the problem was present both BEFORE and AFTER deleting EN from the iPad and reinstalling and resyncing. It still obviously hadn't downloaded the notes - just the headers. Once the notes had been downloaded by the manual scrolling process, all seems to be working again. Bug? Or feature? Maybe something that needs to be looked at by the team.... But for now, everything seems to be working OK. Not sure how it will withstand a complete turn-off/turn-on. It's very late at night here, so will try that tomorrow.
  24. Same problem here, on iPad running iOS7. In particular, when - or if - I get Evernote to load, eventually I get to the "All notes" page. Then I tap into the "Search" bar (which is really hidden, by the way - green on green is NOT a good colour combo, especially if visually imperfect. My vision is good, but my wife's isn't). Now that I've tapped into the "Search" bar, I start typing the search term. I was after the word "Jack". But I got the J - then it hung. Eventually it let me type an 'a' - and then hung again, this time never to recover. So I went to the old double-tap of the home button, swiped ALL my apps away, then back to the home page and tried again. Same problem. Every time. So I deleted Evernote from the iPad (holding my breath), then re-installed it from iTunes. It took forever to sync as I have a large database. And the problem remains...! Is it something to do with real-time search? Is it trying to find every instance of each letter as we go, like an online Google search does? Is there any way to turn that off, and just have search results when I hit the "Done" button at the end of typing in the search? Or is it some other problem? Didn't happen previously - this is only since the update earlier today Australia time. Although EN on the iPad was getting VERY slow and sluggish before that - probably since upgrading to iOS7. Same on my wife's iPad, which she uses for everything. Hardware is iPad 2 with 64GB RAM (mine) and 32GB (hers). Any clues? Is it Evernote itself, or some interaction with iOS7? Whatever it is, Evernote is currently unusable on the iPad here...
  25. There are no secret "tricks." My reason for asking people to send me private messages vs. posting in the forums is to let them send me their activity logs, contact emails, and specific details about their Mac configuration. This is information that I would prefer users keep private and not share in a public forum. There are times when I ask people to try out some things to resolve their problems which generally require them to send us messages back and forth. Most of these are simple things like uninstall/reinstall/restart. There is one suggestion I ask some users (not all) to try, but it comes with the potential for data loss for any unsaved note. I don't often ask someone to do that unless it seems like the only thing to try and if the user can risk potentially losing some unsaved data. I don't post this method, because it isn't the kind of thing I would want anyone "just trying" because it can result in data loss and also blows away the activity log which is very helpful for us in diagnosing potential problems. So I hope everyone understands that the request for private messages is partly protect people's personal information and partly to try specific steps to a person's unique situation or to give them a method which shouldn't be applied haphazardly. All fair comments - thanks for that. I agree totally about keeping peoples' information private, but posting various suggestions and fixes - along with any caveats about data loss or whatever - is what open forums like this are intended for, surely? Mutual help? But I take your points, and recognize that you are providing an almost one-on-one help situation for some folks, which is good for them, but leaves everyone else in the dark. OK - I won't bang on about it further, as I'm not having the problem as I'm still using Skitch v1 as posted above. But I AM following all these threads to find if or when I might try again with an update... And thanks for being a responsive Evernoter on here - it IS appreciated
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