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  1. Yup - same here. iOS 8.1.1 on iPhone 4S Seems to be working OK on my iPad Air, same iOS. I have auto-updates turned OFF on both the phone and the iPad to prevent nasty surprises, so I'm not sure how this snuck through..... Both devices showing Evernote v7.6.2.313133 Power off/on worked for a while on the iPhone, but now it has stopped again. No notes - I can see the list of notes (snippet view) but if I tap on one, I see just the blank note under the title. Then I get the "Timed out" error. Between the disaster that is Evernote for the Mac v6, and now this one for iOS, I'm rapidly losing faith in Evernote and their priorities.
  2. Oh boy - I'm so glad I didn't do my usual trick and jump straight into an upgrade - I'm still on v5.7.2 here. For those who want to downgrade, JMichael has posted instructions on a couple of threads, but here's a brief version: 1. Use the free AppDelete or a similar app to uninstall Evernote from your desktop machine(s). To do that, run AppDelete, open your Applications folder, and drag Evernote.app onto the AppDelete window. AppDelete will then search for all support files to do with Evernote, and let you delete them too. 2. Reboot - to get rid of modules/stubs of things like Evernote Helper and .plist files that are already in memory. 3. Download the version you want to downgrade to from here: http://evernote.en.uptodown.com/mac/old 4. Install it as a brand new installation, then run it. 5. Let it reload your entire database from the server. If you get error messages about sync failures, try another reboot. It should work just like a brand new installation on a new machine. 6. The reload may take a long time, depending on its size. And the loading/reformatting of things like snippets for the Snippet view can take even longer. It may take a few syncs. For some reason, it may stop syncing (?time-out?), so you may just need to hit the Sync button again - and again.... Hope that helps.
  3. Now THIS is very interesting - posted by me on another thread, but relevant to this one on the interface and UI: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78578-evernote-for-mac-603-released/page-3#entry331445
  4. Well, hello, hello, hello.... What do we have here, then? After all the pleas from people, including me, for more configurability, and in the face of Evernote's baffling refusal to give us that, and with their excuse or justification being that they are following Apple (!?!), now the leaks about iOS 9 are starting to appear, and look what they're supposedly doing... They seem to be moving towards much more configurability. Here is a quote and a URL reference - bolding by me:
  5. Just a thought that occurred to me, as I was doing some work in Photoshop - my monitor is calibrated for colour balance etc, to do photographic work. I wonder if those who are saying that they LIKE the new Evernote interface are working on non-calibrated monitors, or have their brightness/contrast adjusted differently, so what they see may not be the same as others see on calibrated monitors? That may not be a significant difference, but was just a thought I had as I was adjusting the exposure values on a photo in Photoshop, and noticed that the photo itself was being adjusted as I rode the slider, but the background - the main Mac desktop and the Photoshop toolbars etc, obviously were not being changed.
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong. I agree with your assessment of where they think they want to go. But my point is that they should continue the BASIC Evernote app as it is, given that it has got them to the 100 million user base already, but ADD a second level of app aimed at the business users. Like Evernote Business...! OK - I'm off to do some work. Using various apps that are specialised for their functions, like Pages, Curio, and Keynote
  7. Morning Grumpy I take the points you made, but I don't agree with them. First, on the interface - it looked good on Mountain Lion, and v5 STILL looks good. Yup, we bitched about some of the changes to v5 too - but they were minor in the grand scheme of things - nothing like the disaster of v6. There was certainly NOTHING like the hue and cry back then as we're seeing now. All these folks signing up to be first-time posters on here just so they can vent their complaints. And the vast majority are to do with the UI, and thus they overshadow the vital stuff about real bugs in the functioning of the program. And Evernote's vision for the future is not good business acumen, IMHO. It is NOT just a note-taking app, so it is not competing with other purely note-taking apps. And the fact that so many have posted on here that they are having difficulty in finding something to replace Evernote speaks volumes for the fact that it STILL has a unique market niche. OneNote is getting there, but it ain't there yet. But if they REALLY want to try and make Evernote something we all live in all day every day (which is what they seem to be trying to do), then they should do that as a separate program. The one thing that rocketed Evernote to fame and fortune is its unique ability to store, search, sync across devices, and do OCR. And I'd venture that a very large proportion of users that got it to where it is now are individuals, not businesses. Many, including myself, use it for both work AND private stuff. And by cutting off those users at the knees, by making Evernote into something completely different, is a foolish, stupid move, once again IMHO. They should ADD, not SUBTRACT. With v6, they are indeed trying to add (context, chat, etc) but they are also SUBTRACTING (removing progress bars, removing configurability - yes I know that happened a couple of versions ago - hiding "Email Note", etc etc). And they have introduced all sorts of bugs, like the empty notes, the titles that disappear, the notes that many can't edit, etc. Why not keep the CORE functions of Evernote as they used to be? There's nothing wrong with "going back to 2011" if it actually worked better then? And the UI is a matter of personal taste - some may say it looked "dated" whatever that means. So, if the UI is a matter of personal taste, why not give us the options to make the UI the way we want it, using options and configurability? Why are they going AGAINST Apple's own standards by not having a configurable toolbar, for example. And if they DID keep the core functions as they were - but continued to polish them so they worked perfectly for everybody all the time - then they could introduce all this new stuff like chat, context, etc into Evernote Business, as a separate program. A bit like Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements - aimed at the different user groups. Adobe - much as I hate their pricing models, especially here in Australia - have at least got the basics right. Photoshop hasn't really changed its UI in all the years (decades) that I've been using it. Subtle bits here and there over a long time, but it has remained the same basically. And in terms of function, I can't really think of ANY function Adobe have actually removed. They have worked on getting it so that it works all the time, every time, for everybody, and THEN added some new functions (like the context-sensitive healing brush, for example) but WITHOUT removing existing functions. The earlier spot healing brush, and the clone tool, are all still there, and many people who have got used to a workflow using those tools still use them every day. It is the perfect example of how to make a program into a standard, a classic, and even such a default program that is has spawned its own verb. Evernote, by changing direction and trying to be all things to everyone, is (once again IMHO) more likely to put people off. It has built its remarkable success on word of mouth and excellent functionality. They risk losing both.
  8. (Rant mode on) I'm puzzled as to what exactly has got into Evernote.... We have the unmitigated disaster of Evernote v6 for the Mac - design changes that the majority of posters hate, functional problems of crashes, notes disappearing, lagging and slowness, editing problems, titles vanishing, functions that a minority may use, like Context and Chat, non-configurable toolbar, etc etc. And as an ex-Penultimate user, I've just been checking the App store feedback on Penultimate for iPad. Wow - Holy Cow! A huge mass of 1-star reviews slamming the product for - wait for it - design changes that the vast majority of posters hate, functional problems of crashes, notes disappearing, lagging and slowness, editing problems,.... All sounds a bit familiar, yes? So what has happened at Evernote? Did Phil Libin get carried away with his own success, and see himself as the messiah of the universe, and decide to try to make Evernote products all things that they are not? Was it somebody else? Who, in their right mind, would take products that have not only established the company, but made them so successful - and then totally balls them up in almost every imaginable way? And now, of course, they have their pride to consider. They won't listen, they won't go back to the way it was on principle, and they will blunder on regardless of the feedback that they are copping from every direction. Why don't they just accept that: - they need to revert to Evernote v5 and Penultimate v5, and completely scrap the version 6 of each and go back to the drawing board. - they need to fix any and all problems on the fundamentals of each app - get them working perfectly, and make them even better at what they do best - which is what they used to do. - they need to forget about dreaming up these delusions of grandeur and trying to be Microsoft, Adobe, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter all in one - they need to give up on dreaming up ideas that most people don't want, such as context, chat, etc (at least, going on the majority of posters who are engaged on these forums) - they need to give back to the users the ability to configure the theme and appearance of each app, configure the toolbar in Evernote, make as many things as possible options in the Preferences. If they would only swallow their pride and admit that they have really gone off in the wrong directions with both Evernote for the Mac and Penultimate for the iPad, then they may have a chance of redeeming their user base's trust and confidence. But at the moment, they're losing that very rapidly, as word spreads of the complete and utter disasters that are the version 6s of both EN Mac and Penultimate. I'm just waiting for one of the more influential magazines to publish a REAL review, rather than just regurgitating the press releases. Once that happens, Evernote will be in big trouble. (/Rant mode off)
  9. Oh, wouldn't it be nice to see that sort of array of buttons that we could drag on and off the Mac EN toolbar. And of course, it would be even nicer if they were in actual (gulp) colour.... With all those bland grey icons, there is no way that they could be recognized by appearance alone - they NEED the text label. Which begs the question - why have an icon at all if it's not to make things easier to recognize at a glance without having to read the whole thing? The main advantage of having icons there at all is that they can be in colour, so that specific shapes AND colours can be associated with specific functions. And then we can turn off the text labels once we've got used to the icons. And it's interesting that Apple's own apps, like Pages, Numbers, Keynote all still use coloured icons for that very reason - at least on my Mavericks they do. Don't know about on Yosemite, as I'm not going there.
  10. I can understand their reluctance to provide tech support for older versions, but it's still not nice of them. There are a LOT of people - myself included - who are still on v5. However, if they stop older versions from syncing with the servers, that almost amounts to data theft - there should be no reason and no way that they could do that. If they were to do that, I can see a few smart lawyer-types starting a class action on behalf of users who are locked out of their own data unless they yield to the "blackmail" and upgrade to v6. That is as bad as ransomware viruses.
  11. Love it Superb use of sarcasm and humour to make the point. Classic
  12. @Quantumpanda: GREAT post (and a great name too) I should point out that I'm one of those clinging to a MBP 17" in addition to my iMacs. And your comments about the App store are spot on. It's not an app I fire up very often, so I just went to check it out - and you're right. It's light grey on white, and the text is fuzzy. And that's on my non-retina iMac 27".
  13. Excellent post indeed. If they're going to follow Apple (and many think that may not be necessarily a good thing), then at least do it properly. But still I harp on about customization. Your comparison between Evernote and Mail is valid - Mail has a fully customizable toolbar, a customizable layout, and generally much more user-friendly interface. Just needs a bit more colour for even faster recognition of icons, symbols, etc. As does Evernote.
  14. Isn't that a self-defeating argument? If the design really WAS good, then why are so many people complaining about it, across multiple forums from Evernote to Apple, Macrumours to Twitter, and on the App store. Once again, you can't claim that just because you happen to like minimalism, that it is the RIGHT way to go - not if so many are complaining about it. "Everybody is out of step except me" is the way that argument goes. And once again, we come back to customizability - give us that, and all those complaints would simply disappear. You could have grey, bland, and delicate, while I prefer "crude" coloured, and individual.
  15. I've been a user of Totalfinder for a long time. Maybe there's an opening here for some entrepreneur to create an app that does for Evernote what Totalfinder does for Finder?
  16. To extend your analogy - if we were given the ability for full customization of everything from the skin, the theme, the appearance, and the toolbar, then each user could have their very own version of a fragmented stickman - one that they in fact liked and wanted...
  17. But Evernote should not BE all about adhering to Yosemite principles. It should be about adhering to Evernote principles. Otherwise they are ignoring the fact that a large, and significant, proportion of their user base is NOT using Yosemite. Nowhere do they say that Yosemite is a requirement (if they did, they would probably lose a lot of their users), and the app needs to look good AND work properly on Mavericks at least, and probably on earlier OSs as well. I keep coming back to it - but CUSTOMIZATION is the way to go. Let users choose how their own version of the app LOOKS, while Evernote determines how it WORKS.
  18. No, I'm not. I never said that "most" people hate Yosemite. I said "many". I'm going on the advice of our IT department at the university where I teach, where the IT dept has been busy downgrading most upgraders back to Mavericks. The IT dept also put out a bulletin telling people NOT to upgrade to Yosemite - not because of the look, but because the Mail app does not play nicely with the university exchange server. There are all sorts of problems. Also the wifi issues are a big problem for many. And your comment that I am "going to have to deal with it" is completely wrong. No I'm not. I'm simply sticking with Mavericks, just as many others have stuck with Lion, Mountain Lion, or Snow Leopard. That is my choice - I do NOT have to "deal with Yosemite" if I choose not to. What I do NOT like is Evernote pushing Yosemite appearance stuff onto me. I can "stick with my revolt of Evernote", and you can stick with your "defence of Yosemite and Evernote". That's fine - I don't really have a problem with that. But it does seem rather odd that given the numbers of complaints, you seem to be marching to a different tune and claim to be the only one in step, while everyone else who has criticized the appearance of Evernote v6 must be out of step. It is that dictatorial attitude - Evernote's and yours - that gets people annoyed. You're quite welcome to enjoy whatever appearance you'd like Evernote and Yosemite to have. But please don't tell everyone else that it is the only way to go, that it is "much neater" (only in your opinion) and that we are going to have to "deal with it".
  19. Um your Mac Finder for Yosemite is incorect.... Thats not how it looks... dont know where you got that image by the way... here is what it looks like on yosemite... https://www.evernote.com/l/AS4QsXpSD4xJx5Ud2tMGt0PiXolTTdTJlDo less colour... Much neater... Much cleaner. Yuk - how can you say that less colour is much neater and cleaner? That's awful! I know you like it, and it's a personal choice. But there are many more who don't like it. What IS it with this trendy fad that seems to declare colour as being a bad thing? After all the years of monitor and graphics card development so we CAN have colour (and in these days of 4K televisions with a bazillion colour reproduction), now the cool gang want to go back to grey! THAT is exactly why Evernote should give control of the appearance, the theme, the toolbar - everything - back to the user. Then lykoz can have it in bland grey and white, while I have it in glorious technicolour! PS: JM can answer for himself, I'm sure, but his picture of Finder looks different from yours probably because he has translucency turned off, while you have it on.
  20. I think I may just get myself a monochrome monitor and be done with it... (tongue firmly planted in cheek) PS: or I may just leave my cataracts the way they are!
  21. Just to add my 2c worth - again, given that we have a new thread specifically on the topic of UI design, let me make the following points: - lykoz and a few others like it. We can get that out of the way as a start. Yes, there are some who actually like it - fair enough. But that doesn't make them "right" (there's actually no such thing), given that they're in a minority - at least on here, on the App store, and on Twitter, they are in a tiny minority of about 95:5 against. - the problems are not JUST the changes in contrast. It's everything to do with the UI. Some people like colour in both the app itself and also in the icons (I do) - what is wrong with colour? Colour makes the app look like an Evernote app with its own identity instead of bland grey nothingness of many other apps. Colour in the icons and buttons makes them MUCH easier to take in without having to "read" every icon. Colour is good. That's why we now have the ability to use millions of colour shades. But what does Evernote do? It goes to grey...! And given that Evernote states that they are following Apple's design decrees, what about Apple's own products such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc? They all still have coloured icons and buttons, especially under Mavericks. And we wont' mention the fact that Apple' own standards have apps with customisable toolbars, yet Evernote doesn't... - a LARGE part of the problem is that Evernote are dictating the way the app looks completely, as well as dictating what features are in there, having removed some (progress bar, for example) and hidden others (email note). They have forced buttons on the toolbar that the vast majority of users will never use (chat) and introduced features like Context that only a few will ever use, but they still haven't got the basic functions working 100%. - if Evernote want to stop the complaints - at least about the UI design - then they should give control of what the app looks like (within defined parameters) back to the users. That way, I can choose to use the Classic theme, for example, with a dark sidebar, green surrounds, and coloured icons. I could customise the toolbar and remove the Chat button, and put buttons on there (with coloured icons, of course) for Email note and for Print. Others can tailor things the way THEY like. And people such as lykoz who actually like the new design can choose to have it that way. - Surely, making as much as possible to be customizable will remove ALL complaints, grumbling, and downright ANGER about the appearance? - Then we could use these forums to discuss REAL bugs in the software - things that actually affect how it works or doesn't work, as the case may be. Sync problems, editing problems, formatting problems, etc etc. These are really much more important than the design of the appearance. But the design has met with such a storm of criticism that it has completely overshadowed the REAL bug reports and discussions. The mere fact that so many people have signed up to these forums as first-time posters just so they can complain, mostly about the appearance, should be a huge wake-up call. - and LISTEN to what people are saying. Stop trying to spin things to try and fit them to your preconceived design, with tiny tweaks as concessions but announced as "updates". Please just accept the fact that you have got it wrong on this occasion. Go back to the drawing board, stage 1. And involve your users, especially those who are engaged enough to take part in these forums. Accept the input from everyone. After all, they are not going to make suggestions that would make Evernote HARDER to use, are they? Nope - they are making suggestions to make it BETTER. B E T T E R...... Got it? Fully customisable interface, no more complaints about the UI, and sort out the real bugs. Simple really... But it does mean swallowing a bit of humble pie - something that Evernote seems not to be very good at! Oh, one other thing. The move up to Mavericks was basically a no-brainer (although a lot of folks are still on earlier OS versions). But the move to Yosemite is fraught with problems, and please do NOT assume that all users are now on Yosemite. Clearly, we are not. There are major problems with Yosemite (badly broken Mail app, serious WiFi problems, not to mention the radical look - translucency is a cool fad that has many people turning it off). As I've posted elsewhere, a lot of folks who went to Yosemite (at our university, for example) have been, or are being, downgraded back to Mavericks using Time Machine or SuperDuper or similar. The "uptake" of Yosemite is hard to judge, as the number of downloads of the OS doesn't equate to the number of people who stay on it. Personally, I hated it before downgrading back to Mavericks, and will be staying on Mavericks. So blindly following the Mac OS X upgrade is not a smart move. Yes, make the app compatible with Yosemite - you have to do that, agreed. But DON'T work on the assumption that only a minority of users are still on Mavericks. Evidence - at least anecdotally - suggests that Yosemite is still only a minority or on new machines. This may be the case for some time to come. Bit like the fact that the most widely used OS on ANY computer around the world today is STILL Windows XP. Sorry for the long post, but I will restrain myself from posting more - I just thought I'd summarise the situation as far as the UI design goes, given that we now have a thread dedicated to it. Over and out
  22. Yup - that's what I was referring to in the post just above your last one. Simply placing the cursor in the note field activates edit mode, and the "Modified" property is set. That does not happen on v5.7.2. And that's a problem if you have the snippets or list or whatever sorted into "By Modified Date".
  23. Are you sure nothing has changed? Don't get yer knickers in a knot, JM I do recall seeing somebody - but I can't recall which thread or who it was - saying that if they just put the cursor in the note field, thus automatically entering edit mode, but did nothing, it registered as having been modified, even though it hadn't. My v5.7.2 doesn't do this.
  24. As I've posted elsewhere, maybe we need v7 to be released fairly quickly, to jump over v6 altogether? And v7 needs to have fully customizable themes, colours, layouts, TOOLBARS, icons (with colour), fonts, and did I mention TOOLBARS? If they gave control of almost all of the UI customization to the user, then all complaints about it should simply disappear. That would make the Evernote devs a much happier bunch than they ought to be right now. It would also allow everyone to focus on functionality and problems with it. Oh yes - and bring back the download progress bar, put Email Note back where it should be under the Share button (and allow it to have both a keyboard shortcut and also be placed as a button on the newly customizable toolbar). Just doing a quick scan of comments across these forums, plus those left on the App store for the new version there, AND (despite what has been alleged) on Twitter, it would appear that v6 of Evernote is scoring about 95% against vs 5% for. That's not a good record for a new major release version. So - onwards and upwards to version 7, huh? Please?
  25. That's because v5 made decent use of colour for contrast, instead of just shades of grey, grey, and yet more grey - and white...!
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