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  1. Once again, we bump up against the fact that for some strange reason, Evernote DOES NOT HAVE A CONFIGURABLE TOOLBAR..! Yeah, I know I keep banging on about this, but nobody seems to listen. I have zero use for Workchat, BUT - that bloody button is right there in my face on my Mac client, right next to the "Add new page" button, but the "Email note" is now relegated two-deep in a menu, when I want it on the toolbar. Alongside the Print button, that I also can't put on there. And to make it worse, they've now done it on the iOS client too - there is a big button for "Chat" that I cannot get rid of. AARGGGHHH - I WANT IT ALL SWITCHED OFF AND BUTTONS GONE! And while we're on the subject of the iOS version, when oh when is Evernote going to do something about that stupidly tiny "two sloping arrow" button to make the note go full screen, that is too tiny for my big fingers, and is right below the Close button on my iPad, which I hit constantly while trying to make the note full-screen? I'm referring here to the iPad version (which also has the silly "Chat" button!) Evernote - please listen - give us back our configurable toolbar on the desktop clients (especially the Mac one), and add an option to disable Workchat COMPLETELY on all clients, and if switched off, make that button disappear. What is the point of having a button in our face if we're never going to use that function?
  2. Morning troops My iPad Air is having no problems whatsoever with Evernote Premium. However, my wife - also Evernote Premium - saves a lot of recipes, but only their URLs to sites such as Taste.com.au. And she constantly gets the same problem as described by several above. However, what works for me when I fix it for her - every time - is just to double-click the Home button, flip up every app that's running including EN, then back to the Home page. No need for all the palaver of rebooting or hard reset - it just seems to work. I notice an update is out this morning for EN on iOS - wonder if they've fixed this little bugger? I'll install it and let her have a play around with it for a while and see if it is still a bug or if they've fixed it.
  3. And one more piece of info: after the iPad has had a sleep mode, or a power-off restart, Evernote then takes forever to do anything. It seems to freeze while it is syncing and unable to do anything, including search, or scroll through notes. And this takes a long time - it's VERY slow (both over wifi and over 3G). And that is AFTER I made sure the entire database of notes was downloaded onto the iPad locally yesterday, as posted above. There seems to be something happening that locks up EN when it is first run after the iPad has been in sleep mode, and it seems to be while EN is syncing - I think. But it is VERY frustrating - I used to be able to flick into EN and look something up quickly. Now I can't. Anyone else seeing similar? Any word from Evernote?
  4. OK - further information. It seems that some or all of my problem appears to be that with the latest update, all the notes - which I had set for "store locally" - had to be re-downloaded onto the iPad. I had to scroll through the entire notebook (looooong job) and let each pageful of notes download. Now that they are all back on the iPad, doing that same search for "Jack" is as quick as it used to be. So maybe the problem was that the locally-stored notes had been wiped in the update? Recall that the problem was present both BEFORE and AFTER deleting EN from the iPad and reinstalling and resyncing. It still obviously hadn't downloaded the notes - just the headers. Once the notes had been downloaded by the manual scrolling process, all seems to be working again. Bug? Or feature? Maybe something that needs to be looked at by the team.... But for now, everything seems to be working OK. Not sure how it will withstand a complete turn-off/turn-on. It's very late at night here, so will try that tomorrow.
  5. Same problem here, on iPad running iOS7. In particular, when - or if - I get Evernote to load, eventually I get to the "All notes" page. Then I tap into the "Search" bar (which is really hidden, by the way - green on green is NOT a good colour combo, especially if visually imperfect. My vision is good, but my wife's isn't). Now that I've tapped into the "Search" bar, I start typing the search term. I was after the word "Jack". But I got the J - then it hung. Eventually it let me type an 'a' - and then hung again, this time never to recover. So I went to the old double-tap of the home button, swiped ALL my apps away, then back to the home page and tried again. Same problem. Every time. So I deleted Evernote from the iPad (holding my breath), then re-installed it from iTunes. It took forever to sync as I have a large database. And the problem remains...! Is it something to do with real-time search? Is it trying to find every instance of each letter as we go, like an online Google search does? Is there any way to turn that off, and just have search results when I hit the "Done" button at the end of typing in the search? Or is it some other problem? Didn't happen previously - this is only since the update earlier today Australia time. Although EN on the iPad was getting VERY slow and sluggish before that - probably since upgrading to iOS7. Same on my wife's iPad, which she uses for everything. Hardware is iPad 2 with 64GB RAM (mine) and 32GB (hers). Any clues? Is it Evernote itself, or some interaction with iOS7? Whatever it is, Evernote is currently unusable on the iPad here...
  6. There are no secret "tricks." My reason for asking people to send me private messages vs. posting in the forums is to let them send me their activity logs, contact emails, and specific details about their Mac configuration. This is information that I would prefer users keep private and not share in a public forum. There are times when I ask people to try out some things to resolve their problems which generally require them to send us messages back and forth. Most of these are simple things like uninstall/reinstall/restart. There is one suggestion I ask some users (not all) to try, but it comes with the potential for data loss for any unsaved note. I don't often ask someone to do that unless it seems like the only thing to try and if the user can risk potentially losing some unsaved data. I don't post this method, because it isn't the kind of thing I would want anyone "just trying" because it can result in data loss and also blows away the activity log which is very helpful for us in diagnosing potential problems. So I hope everyone understands that the request for private messages is partly protect people's personal information and partly to try specific steps to a person's unique situation or to give them a method which shouldn't be applied haphazardly. All fair comments - thanks for that. I agree totally about keeping peoples' information private, but posting various suggestions and fixes - along with any caveats about data loss or whatever - is what open forums like this are intended for, surely? Mutual help? But I take your points, and recognize that you are providing an almost one-on-one help situation for some folks, which is good for them, but leaves everyone else in the dark. OK - I won't bang on about it further, as I'm not having the problem as I'm still using Skitch v1 as posted above. But I AM following all these threads to find if or when I might try again with an update... And thanks for being a responsive Evernoter on here - it IS appreciated
  7. Hi Grumpy Yes, I agree completely about not posting individual log files here - they should be via PM etc. But the process of sorting things out, suggestions made, etc should all be out here on the forum, for the benefit of others. Interesting that you too are still on Skitch v1. I'm also still on Evernote v3.3.0 on the Mac for similar reasons - the updates to v5 and above have way too many problems, and things missing. For you, it's fonts in Skitch. For me, it's the lack of a configurable toolbar in Mac v5 - apparently I still can't put things where I want them or put a print button on there. Not to mention all the other problems that have been discussed at GREAT length in here. v3.3.0 just keeps on working for me, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I just don't NEED to upgrade either Skitch or Evernote. And I've given up on Penultimate due to the non-selective syncing and the lack of a zoom feature, and gone to Notes Plus - HIGHLY recommended. I've turned "Check for updates" off in Evernote and I never check in Skitch - v1 still has all those features that made Skitch such a great app in the first place. Wonder just WHY both Skitch and Penultimate have been degraded since taken on board by Evernote? And the main Mac Evernote program has also been degraded by the "updates". I'm getting the distinct impression of a trend here.... and not a good one. Design plans and directions that are fixing things that aren't broken, and not fixing things that are...
  8. I know I've posted this in other areas of the forum - specifically the Penultimate threads - but for those looking for alternatives, have a look at Notes Plus. I switched from Penultimate to Notability, and was mighty impressed, as are others in this thread. However, after seeing several of the Med Students I teach (who were the ones who put me onto Notability) switching to Notes Plus, I made the switch myself as well. And - WOW! If you think Notability has features, you should check out Notes Plus. It even has a built-in browser that allows you so select chunks of a page and "flick" it over to your notebook - fabulous for research or working up a lesson, assignment, etc. Its note-taking features, though - the main reason for the app - are absolutely superb. The palm protector works a treat, the zoom feature works beautifully, the writing is oh-so-responsive, it takes voice notes, and it syncs via Dropbox. It doesn't link directly to Evernote, but it has Email out, so I just email notes that I want in Evernote to my Evernote email address. Which, for me at least, is better than Penultimate syncing absolutely everything. In both directions. So, I use Notes Plus as a note-taking, scribbling, diagrams, and general writing pad app, while I use Evernote for storing vast amounts of information much of which is random and unrelated between different notebooks. And I can send notes from Notes Plus to Evernote on a completely selective basis by email. I've set up my default notebook in Evernote as a sort of inbox, as I also have it linked to other apps as well (such as Zite, and my iPad browser, iCab Mobile), so anything I send to Evernote from anywhere goes to the "Inbox" notebook. I can then sort it out in Evernote, tag it, and put it into whatever notebook I want. Works for me... But check out Notes Plus on the iPad - I use it with the Hand stylus most of the time too, which is also highly recommended. And no - I'm not on the payroll or commission for either Notes Plus or Handstylus.com
  9. Rather than trying to solve this via PMs and secret "tricks" - wouldn't it be better to do it out in the open here on the forum? Given that several people are having problems, it would be educational for all - including those who read forums but never post - to go through the process along with the Skitch team and the people with the problems. I'm not having any problems myself, as I'm still on Skitch v1.0.11 - does everything I need, and remains problem-free. But I'm following the evolution of v2.x.x to see if or when I should take the plunge and upgrade, so watching this problem get sorted out would indeed be very useful.
  10. Just to poke the hornet's nest a little - just a teensy weensy bit... Are they working on selective sync for their other product - Penultimate? THAT'S the one for which I and many others are also waiting for selective sync. I used to love Penultimate (and I know this isn't the Penultimate section of the forum) but have had to change to a different app, when Evernote introduced non-selective sync-everything between PU and EN. Every little scribble and doodle gets synced to EN, and if I delete it in EN it disappears from PU. So, maybe if they're looking into selective sync for EN itself, perhaps they could be looking to tie in a system of selective sync between PU and EN as well - said he, hopefully...
  11. Methinks you must have a tiny hand with no capacitance...! I have the same trouble with Penultimate as the previous poster - I touch the screen below where I'm writing and I either get a page turn or a mark or both. And the blasted permanent, complete, two-way sync is still there - so I've abandoned Penultimate for now. I'm using Notes Plus. Amazingly powerful, and easy to use. I used Notability for a while, but a student put me onto Notes Plus and I haven't looked back.
  12. I also have both Paper and Penultimate - but I'm using Notability for note taking at the moment, until Evernote get the whole syncing thing sorted out with Penultimate. Just in case you may be one of the three people who may have missed other posts of mine (!), I have a real problem with Penultimate syncing EVERYTHING to Evernote. Lots of scribbles, notes, doodles I do in Penultimate I do NOT want in Evernote. And if I delete them from Evernote, they sync and delete from Penultimate too. I need the ability to sync selected notes from Penultimate to Evernote, and I also need the ability to determine which notebook they go to, and also to tag them before syncing if necessary. Until I get selective and targeted syncing in Penultimate, I'm sticking with Notability. Although I may give Notes Plus a try, since many people have recommended it. And I may try to use Paper more for general scribbles and scrawls as well as more finished drawings. Just to explain why I need selective syncing - I'm a surgeon, and being a tech geek, I like to draw diagrams for patients to explain things to them, having always used pen and paper before. So I draw this diagram of what I'm going to do, complete with erasings of the bits I'm planning on removing, or replumbing, etc, and use yet more scribblings to answer their questions. But once I've done all that, and the patient has left my office, I delete that mess of scribblings. I do NOT want the whole thing to go to Evernote. So until then, it's Notability (or Notes Plus if I like it) and Paper by 53.
  13. Or, as an alternative, you may want to check out Napkin. It's not cross platform like Skitch, but if you're just on the Mac, it may do everything you need: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/napkin-concise-image-annotation/id581789185?mt=12
  14. Some good suggestions in this thread. One from me - and apologies if I've somehow missed how to do it - but a selection tool would be great. Something that I could either drag in rectangle or square format, or free-form (eg a loose circle around stuff already written or drawn). Then the ability to DO something to that selection. One example would be to change the pen thickness of whatever is already inside the selection, or the colour, etc. Highlighting after the event, so to speak. Or just to move a selection somewhere else on the page. By the way, I like how Penultimate handles the palmrest thing, by recognizing when something is being deliberately written or drawn away from the palm area, and prioritizes that input only. Very clever, and much better than the pull-up palm rest thingies on other note apps. But as someone already pointed out, that needs the multitouch gestures to be turned off, and it would be great if we could do that in just the app itself, not back in system settings.
  15. Aha..!! Light bulb moment! Happy to be proved wrong again - I see it now... It's in the drop down list - Least recent to Most recent, or vice versa. I'm just so used to having the Mac standard "click the header to toggle the sort order" that I'd completely missed that. I should mention I'm using v3.3. Thanks Grumpy
  16. Yes, of course you're right. Apologies, my mistake. But I'm on the Mac and iOS, where reverse order sorts aren't available. Lucky Windows users - and how often can we Mac users say that?
  17. The problem with that, Metrodon, is that it is only your opinion. I'd suggest that there are actually quite lot of people who would find intra-note sorting VERY useful, including all those GTD types (which I'm not), and all those who use EN to store various lists (which I do) from shopping lists to lists of owned DVDs etc. Heck, Evernote is a free-form database, so a list is just one type of note content. And sorting those lists would be a fairly basic need, I'd think. But, that is only my opinion, just as yours is only yours. I have to agree though that it IS odd that we can sort notes and notebooks, but not intranotes, particularly lists. Could be lists of anything from shopping to learning lists. The advantage of doing ALL of that in Evernote, of course, is that the data is synced across platforms. I can pull up EN on my iPhone while in the supermarket and grab the shopping list. I can search the list of DVDs if I see one that I'm not sure if we have it or not. Insurance lists of house contents. Lists of camera lenses, jewellery, books, etc etc. LOTS of instances where being able to sort those lists would be very handy. Sorting has been around since the beginning of computing. I remember programming bubble sorts way back in the assembly-language days of 8-bit Z80 programming. I'm sure there are so many sort routines available now, virtually off the shelf, that incorporating one into a note that is plain text and separated by new lines (i.e lists) should be a piece of cake. But I'm not holding my breath - Evernote still haven't got the ability to do reverse sort order for notes yet, on either the title or the date created or date modified. Wonder just WHY they have so much of a problem with sorts?
  18. Just to report back - my Hand stylus arrived a couple of days ago, after I ordered it in response to reading the posts at the top of this thread. And I have to say I'm very impressed. I have SEVERAL other styli, including the Bamboo one, and the one with the twin prongs and disc tip, and a Targus one, a Kensington one, and a few others. The search for a good stylus, in fact. But this new Hand stylus seems to be the goods. The tip is fine enough to be much more accurate in use, it is retractable, it has a pocket clip and is magnetic and "sticks" to the edge of the iPad smartcover where the magnets are. In use, I haven't had any problems with it registering on the iPad yet (iPad 2), and have tried it out on several note-taking apps and several sketching apps. All good. The only problem - and it's a generic one - is the degree and effectiveness of the palm protection in the apps. But that is a function of the apps, not the stylus. So, it would seem I may have found the answer - at least the best to date - thanks to those who suggested it at the top of this thread Thanks troops...!
  19. @cwb: thanks for that detailed reply - much appreciated. I do understand that I was referring to three different technologies of touchscreen, but not being a techie, I wasn't sure why the best bits of 2 or all 3 couldn't be combined to give more users what they want. Presumably there is a decent sized market for styli - there are a lot of players in that market, with new ones coming on line every week nearly. So there must be a demand, I would think. For me, the perfect combination of the Wacom-type technology and the existing capacitative technology would be perfect. Finger? No problem. Fine stylus with pressure sensitivity? No problem. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Just think what we could do on our iPads THEN... Also, just how good the note-taking apps like Penultimate and all the others would be and may at least be potentially able to replace a paper notebook - finally? Certainly can't at the moment. Ahh well - I'll dream on. Thanks again for your explanation
  20. I've tried several different styli, including those odd-looking things (can't remember the name) with the little plastic disc on the end of two prongs. And the Bamboo. And Targus. And Kensington. etc etc. But what is the determining factor for the recognition and resolution? Why do we need such a big tip? (Yes I realise it's supposed to look like a finger tip to the iPad) - but it still only draws a fine line - that's a software-determined issue, not a recognition issue. Does the retina display, with more pixels, have a different recognition resolution to a non-retina display, for example? Which begs the question - apart from Apple telling us that they don't intend the iPad to be used with a stylus but a finger, yet many people wanting a good stylus - why can't the iPad be made to recognise much smaller stylus tips, like the old Palm Pilot devices did? And like the Wacom tablets do? What an awesome device THAT would be - a Wacom-like tablet with all the iPad functions... Oh, hang on, did someone mention Samsung? Incidentally, I thought I'd try to protect against palm smudges and marks using a piece of paper laid across the iPad. Works fine. But then I just ended up scribbling my notes on the paper...!
  21. Let's all just hope that they don't change the Web version of Evernote, accessed via browser.... now that WOULD be a disaster for many, as it is currently the fall-back way to access Evernote when all else gets its knickers in a knot.... And I'd suggest that for those who are not sure, or those like me who have rolled back to the previous version, keep reading these forums. There is a wealth of information here, and while currently there are a lot of complaints, it will become apparent when those complaints start to die out that it may be worth trying v5 again. It's just a pity that we can't ADD the new version alongside the old version while we play with it and get used to things. As far as I know, it will only overwrite the previous version.
  22. See my post in the thread Getting previous versions of the app to roll back to (mac) for links to previous versions, along with disclaimers and warnings. But it worked for me I'm back to running v 3.3.0 and very happy to have it back the way it was, with everything working.
  23. @Jackolicious - that may be ideal for light users, but some of us have THOUSANDS of notes, umpteen dozens of notebooks, hundreds of tags, etc. The new UI may be all nice an eye-candy-ish for new users and light users, but for so-called power users it is a disaster. I could not use it. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I tried - I really did. I read the release notes, I've read all the forum posts and your replies. But even things like the lack of customizable toolbars totally ***** up the way things work. So, as I have posted on other threads, I've downgraded to a saved version of v3.0.6, with no problems at all. The database re-synced, rebuilt, reindexed, and then it rebuilt the thumbnails. Took a while, but all went smoothly (which says a lot for your robust syncing etc). Now I have v3.0.6 working just fine the way it always did. But not everyone has a saved downloaded copy of earlier versions, so i think you should offer the most recent pre-v5 version for download, along with all due warnings about backing up database first, etc etc. The downgrade works just fine, for those who want or need to do it. I think a company should repsect its customers, especially Premium paying ones, and help them roll back to a version that works better than the current one, instead of basically asking us all to be beta testers for what is a highly flawed version with many features missing.
  24. Any chance of something like this for the Mac version of Evernote? And syncing with iCal, the Mac native calendar, and maybe AddressBook? Either instead of, or preferably in addition to, the Google Calendar and Addressbook? Ecco Pro (which I also used) and Infoselect (the best flatfile random database program ever, and with the fastest search on the planet) were the mainstays of my life in Windows for at least two decades (first Ecco Pro then InfoSelect). Having the best of both of those cherry-picked and put into an Evernote addon (or into EN itself) would be fantastic...! Evernote would rule the world! I do still run EN for Windows on one machine that has some Windows-only stuff tht I run, but I've otherwise completely switched to the Mac now.
  25. Dave - you just beat me to it I was going to chime in and point out that either scanning in or photographing (on the iPhone for example) any handwritten notes will give you searchable notes, due to the OCR that is done at the server end. If I have actually scribbled notes in a real, paper notebook while on a phone call, for example, I simply snap it on the iPhone, or if it's a biggie, I scan it. Then into Evernote. No problem. Not sure that I'd see a use for actually writing pen-based notes from within EN anyway, but I realize that I am a series of 1, so there would no doubt be others out there who may use that. All I'm saying is that you don't need to do that. I must admit to finding the feel of a real pen or pencil on real paper is infinitely better than any Wacom pad - and I have 3 of them that I use for photoediting!
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