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  1. Finally heard from tech support who said he had put in a fix. Had some directions to follow for my Mac and iOS versions to make sure they got the fix. Worked for about 48 hours, now the sync is off again. That's the end of the line for me.
  2. The only response I received on this issue from tech support came after my ticket had been open two weeks. They said to make sure I was signed in with the right email address and to send my logs along. That was five days ago. I can't depend on software that doesn't work and you can't get tech support for. Frustrating to see what was my most trusted and used software go down like this. I gladly paid the premium subscription, but now wish I hadn't paid for the year, which doesn't end until May.
  3. I continue to have issues. Finally heard from tech support who asked for my logs. The web version matches the legacy version. The desktop and iOS versions do not sync and when you try to create a new note Evernote immediately deletes it. Weird behavior.
  4. I moved everything over to Apple Notes. I exported my notebooks individually, then imported individually. Seems to have worked seamlessly. I did this with a little over 2,000 notes. There are things from Evernote that I will miss, but I just have to have a system that works. BTW, the ticket I put in over ten days ago has not been responded to (premium member here). I can't imagine what it's like working tech support for Evernote right now.
  5. Yeah, I got a "we made a ticket for you" response. I thought I would try the new Beta to see if that fixed the problem. It's actually worse. I would create a note in the inbox and it would be disappear after about 30 seconds. Evernote has been a mission-critical app for me for 12 years because it just worked and I never once worried about it. I can't not trust it and still use it.
  6. I tried deleting the folders/notes on my iPad, much as you are talking about. They get put back almost immediately. The notes don't appear to have any content, just basically titles and placeholders.
  7. So every instance of Evernote I have is different. The desktop Mac (legacy version) is different than the web version of my notes, which is different than the iPad version of my notes, which is different than the iPhone version of my notes. The iPad version shows the notebooks still syncing, but they appear to be stuck. I have reinstalled, powered down my devices, etc. This is a deal breaker for me, since these notes are mission critical. I have to be able to trust sync and I can't lose a note. This has been the reason I have been with Evernote since 2008, leaving and taking my 2,300 notes is going to be painful.
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