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  1. As far as I know, no one has addressed this problem. My old notes are very difficult to read in iOS. I'm using my android tablet to read Evernote, and I've been very careful NOT to upgrade to the latest version of Evernote on android, because I've read it also messes the formatting. The latest Windows version of Evernote also messes the formatting, so I'm keeping the "classic" version of Evernote on Windows (unfortunately we don't have this option in iOS). I'm giving Evernote a few months to fix this problem, until my paid subscription expires. If they keep ignoring the issue, I'm out at
  2. Here's a random example from my notes. The original webpage was at https://longreads.com/2020/08/07/the-endgame-of-the-olympics/. On September 5 I saved it with Evernote's web clipper. I'm attaching images of how an excerpt looks in iOS, Windows, and Android. As you can see the new Evernote iOS application stripped the lines between paragraphs and centering formatting. In other notes (not depicted), I just see continued sentences in the new iOS app, while I can still read the same notes just fine in Windows and Android. This is on top of several other problems with the new Evernote app fo
  3. I frequently email my notes. Not share the link to my notes, but email my complete note. That feature had already been eliminated from the web version of Evernote, and it has now disappeared from the new iOS version. Is that a bug? Emailing notes is an important part of my work process, and if Evernote is going to eliminate that feature and rely exclusively on sharing notes, then I’ll have to reconsider whether I want to remain a paying customer, after many years of doing so (since May 2010, according to my profile). Of course, this is on top of other issues with the new version of Everno
  4. I use Evernote on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The old version of Evernote for iOS was working fine for me. The new one is messing the formatting of my notes. Basically non-stopping text without paragraph breaks. I can still read those notes fine in the other operating systems (at least on my Android phone, which I’m carrying with me). This is just one of the ways in which the new version of Evernote for iOS is seriously messed up. Any help would be appreciated. I’m in the middle of a trip, and my iPad was supposed to be the main way to read my notes, and after the update I’m s
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