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  1. Almost a year later I still get email notifications for some topics here from time to time and think it's crazy that these features are still not implemented again. While I am gladly not using Evernote any longer, I still want to chime in to say that it's highly annoying how @PinkElephant still tries to deflect and gaslight other users into thinking they are an outlier of a singluar percentage of users, who use more than 9 tags to filter a notebook 😂. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is mine that the user in question generalizes his use case in an apologetic or cognitively biased way to downplay the fact that this feature existed for years. Similar software like Keep It or DEVONthink also doesn't have this arbitrary filter limitation. While I personally use around 160 tags and realize that this might be more than some other users have, 9 tags is, quite frankly, little to nothing, and quite the opposite of an "extreme" use case. I'm left wondering why Evernote built this feature (that is still available in legacy) some 10 years ago 🤔.
  2. While I switched to Keep It a while ago, I just wanted to come back to this thread and mention a new app called Craft. It's more of a writing/research app and not really a file bucket solution, but it might be of interest to others. I've been beta testing it and it's the most performant and fluid user experience I've ever seen. Like Federico from MacStories mentioned, a native Notion, done well. So, if you want to feel embarrased for Evernote version 10, Craft version 1.0 will do the trick. The difference in quality just couldn't be higher, it's absolutely nuts. And that's just UI and UX. Take a look at some videos on their Twitter for a glimpse of all the things it can do that Evernote can't. There's also a nice review on MacStories.
  3. @bigtelco I've done the same after 12 years of Premium. Switched to Keep It by Reinvented Software. This and Apple Notes are just vastly superior apps. I still get emails from here and will take a look every once in a while, just to know if Evernote will pull out of this (not that I'm gonna switch back, hell no). But waiting months or potentially years for an overpriced app to reach its former state of features? Nope.
  4. Yeah, I wasn't gonna write anything, especially for basic features like making text bold or checklists. I made the comparison of features between Keep It and Evernote to provide an objective comparison after @wbutchart's nonfactual feedback and then somehow Bear was dragged into this and then tech support. As @Escaped to Keep It mentioned, it has become obvious that @wbutchart is not familiar with even the basics of the app (and iPadOS features like drag and drop and long-press???) and I would just recommend he consult the in-app documentation for further questions instead of claiming missing features here, only because he can't find them.
  5. As @Escaped to Keep It mentioned, formatting text options are in the toolbar (if you don't use an external keyboard and are not using cmd+b). It says “Aa“ on the left and it quickly gives you access to “Styles“, like Title, Heading, Subheading, Body and you can also save new styles, in this case bold if that's what you want. Or you can also just select “Format“ and do everything from there. If you don't wanna press “Aa“, just tap into the text field in any note and there will be Bold, Italic and Underline options right at the cursor. You can obviously also just select any text make it bold. The options are multiple, but these are really basic interaction features in iOS and iPadOS, not sure what you are missing? Checkboxes are also there in the “Aa“ submenu. For subfolders, just drag one folder into another folder, done. Or, just long press any folder, select edit and then choose the folder it should go into. Again, multiple options, based on interactions features like drag and drop or long-pressing.
  6. Yeah, I have. But it's still mostly intended as a writing app like 1A Writer or Ulysses, as reflected in their own description from their website. While Bear has powerful features, it still is comparing Apples to Oranges when Evernote and Keep It (and even Apple Notes) have more features overall. Bear can't even do OCR. You might not need those, that's fine, but Bear is a completely different category of app. I also think you don't know Keep It well, because it has features that Evernote (and Bear) don't have, especially now when comparing it to iOS version 10 and the upcoming desktop updates. Look, I really don't care what app you use. But since you mentioned that Keep It was “subpar“, I made the list below, so other users can get a brief overview of the things Keep It does that Evernote does not, and then decide if that's something they would consider “subpar“ or something they could be interested in. A selection of Keep It features that Evernote (now [iOS] or soon [Desktop]) lacks or never had: Markdown support Finder and Files app integration (open file structure, no lock-in) Tag mirroring with Finder and iOS Files app Better share sheet options (PDF, Webarchive) Ability to append text or any file to any existing note via the share sheet Complete feature parity between iOS and Mac Bundles Colored Status Labels Zero knowledge AES-256 encryption for any note (not just text) Zero knowledge AES-256 encrypted notes can be unlocked on iOS with FaceID and be edited without issues (Evernote can only show them) Reliable system integration features that are gone in the upcoming Evernote clients, like: AppleScript support Watched file folders Service menu integration (add anything to Keep It from anywhere) Working internal links You can search notes fast without switching to the app via Spotlight integration (or with tools like Alfred) The stationary feature to create templates with any file type you want Integrated annotation tools that are compatible with all other software = non-destructive (instead of Evernote's annotations that can only be edited with Evernote) Third-party editing of files stored in Keep It's iOS file provider location, meaning you can use any third-party tool to edit Keep It files without exporting and importing them In attachment search that works and even keeps the zoom level intact while scrubbing through results Saved Searches can be sorted independently Saved Searches can exist on any level (even within folders or subfolders), not just the top level Folders/Notebooks can be sorted independently Folders/Notebooks can have up to 9 subfolders, all with their own saved searches, bundles, or other tools Display options for folders can be set to include files from subfolders, to exclude them, or only show them when the main folder is collapsed Tag filtering is possible within the notes list view, with “any“ and “all“ as further options The view options for the notes list are more comprehensive, e.g., you can display tags beneath notes Better and many more Shortcuts actions on iOS I'm sure I forgot several others. The only stuff I can think of that Evernote has and Keep It hasn't is Web/Cross-Platform apps, Reminders and a higher price. Others like the API and mail-in stuff can be easily done better with tools like Hazel and Shortcuts.
  7. I'm not following. Bear is a Markdown editor with tags. Keep It (which also has Markdown support) has many more features. Even Evernote and Apple Notes have many more features than Bear (OCR for images and attachments, in-app attachment editing, PDF annotation, in-app scanner, encryption, …). They are complete document management solutions, while Bear is more of a writing software like 1A Writer or Ulysses.
  8. Since the Keep It files are just located in Finder, they are part of any backup strategy you have, like Time Machine. So, you can have at least hourly versions of any file or note, that can easily be opened by navigating in Finder.
  9. With Keep It, this is only needed for syncing to iOS. All files are offline on Mac and by choice in iOS (all, none, by folder/notebook).
  10. Thanks. Moving 6000+ notes took a few hours (less than expected) and was a pleasant surprise actually. Keep It downloaded them all to iOS in less than 30 minutes (around 20 GB). That's what great software does after all. As an Evernote premium user since early 2008, I think I have the same "right" to offer possible solutions to other users as you do. Only that my proposal didn't involve buying new hardware. In fact, I'll write more about the superior features of Keep It shortly and explain my migration in more detail (including possible shortcomings), to offer some more insight into my decision to leave. After all, this does relate to a lot of users' complaints with the new version. Of course, you are free to keep recommending people buy new hardware as well. I just mentioned a different solution.
  11. Do you work for Evernote? I've got an even easier solution. Switch to better software like Keep it or Apple Notes.
  12. Judging by the dozens of negative App Store reviews that mention how slow and sluggish the new version is compared to the older one, my guess is that it could very well be a lucky exception.
  13. Spot on. The issues people are complaining about on the App Store (slow, sluggish, …) are directly related with memory constraints. iOS makes this more apparent because of the limited RAM availability of the devices than a Mac with 32 GB would. Now with iOS 14 and widgets using a lot of memory, the less than optimal framework Evernote chose compunds these problems.
  14. Yeah, that's gone. You might want to upvote these feature requests:
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