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  1. It appears to delete, but then it reappears with the failed to delete message.
  2. When I delete notes on iphone, it seems to work, but then a few seconds later I get a message for each note saying failed to delete!! See below screenshot of msg: Thank you, jeff
  3. Unfortunately this is Not ready for prime time! Please give us back the legacy version until these many bugs are worked through!!!!! The new search function can be a great improvement, but not until this new platform is stable! thanks, jeff
  4. I said “Real Competitor”. They may be viewed as competitors in a google search, but that does not make them true competitors for a large percentage of Evernote’s base. How can they compete without the ability to come close in many of the areas that make us Evernote cusomers? (I.e. Search functionality). The other apps are like college teams competing with pro teams. Would you call them competitors? Right now Evernote is in a league of its own. I only wish one of the companies would step up their game to truly compete. Or, maybe they don’t see Evernote’s market worthy to comp
  5. You took my comment a little too literal. I do not expect Microsoft for example to make changes to their product in response to user every request, let alone respond to every user request. In Evernote’s case, there is a request from many users, quite a few years old, for a capability that has been responded to with “we are working on it”. If there is not a large enough user base asking for something, or if it just isn’t a priority, at least set the community’s expectation appropriately. In your above statement re: “market forces”, I assume you are including their existing custome
  6. To be clear, when I said “unfortunately”, it was in regards to there being no one nipping at Evernote’s heels The only winner without competition is the company, not the consumer. But, I must admit Evernote has come a long way without a real competitor. Kudos to them. Competition is healthy - It helps expedite improvement for consumers. Without competition we would still be using rotary phones and paying cost per minute to other states. For the record, this is coming from a sales leader in the IT industry for more than 30 years. With respect to your comment re: use the so
  7. I too have searched for alternatives, due to some of Evernote’s operating issues and inability to deliver on some promised capabilities. Unfortunately, from what I have seen, Evernote is still #1. I am premium and have been using Evernote from their early days. With respect to cost, it drives me crazy when people want a quality service for free. This is exactly the reason most goods in this country are manufactured in China. You get what you pay for. Free does not exist! Companies need to make money!! Free is temporary or you are paying through annoying ads or by giving away your info
  8. Been happening to me all day today on ipad pro. Locks up, have to quit app and reopen to use evernote.
  9. I don’t know if they are cash flow positive, but our (consumer) problem will be their focus on Salesforce and other B2B opportunities. We are onsie, twosies. B2B could be 10’s of millions. One loud voice vesus many small (us) ones. The question will be twofold. 1. Can they focus on B2B and consumer at the same time? Doubtful. 2. Will they even care about retail if B2B is sucessful? And the positive third-fold is, will we benefit from a B2B windfall? Doubtful.
  10. They were cash flow positive for the first time in 2017. That didn’t last long! See below: In February 2017, CEO O'Neill stated in a blog post that the business was now cash-flow positive.[8] Sequoia Capital, one of Evernote's equity owners, said, "It's great when a company starts to raise non-dilutive capital every day, which is called revenue."[8] In August 2018, Chief Technical Officer Anirban Kundu, Chief Financial Officer Vincent Toolan, Chief Product Officer Erik Wrobel, and head of HR Michelle Wagner left the company.[25] Wrobel and Wagner both joined in 2016.[26] On
  11. Maybe I am old, but I would have voted for merge before dark mode. On another note, Evernote seems to be freezing on my ipad lately. Anyone else see any performance issues of late?
  12. Pink Elephant, while I am sure you are a quality engineer, trying to find easier ways for Evernote to roll out a long overdue capability, the last thing they need is for us telling them how to do it. I am sure they have or could get the proper devlopers to work on this. The issue is usually financial constraints, not lack of knowledge. Maybe the Evernote owners are fat dumb and happy, trying to spend as little as possible, not wanting to cut into the profits, assuiming there are profits. Or, they are squeaking by or possibly still running in the red, which I doubt with the number of Prem
  13. Annah, I understand running a cloud app service is not easy, especially with the many operating systems it needs to work with. What I don’t understand is, wouldn’t 90%+ of the day to day usage be from a smart phone or tablet? Knowing this, why does notes merge keep getting pushed down the priority list, behind other hgher priority topics? I would think there are teams dealing with bugs 24x7, the same as all app service providers. Then there is probably a team dealing with customer demand for “more”, battling with the bug team saying give us a chance to stabilize the platform. But a
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