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  1. You are mostly correct about the RM, but at this point in time, there is no better paper feel, electronic writing device in the marketplace.
  2. Can I move a handwritten Remarkable document to Good Notes, and have it indexed before moving to Evernote? What would be the best format for the exported Remarkable doc?
  3. Good news, Apple just credited me $40.80. I guess this is the prorated credit.
  4. Being the impatient person I am, I upgraded to the annual Personal plan. Hopefully I will get the 49.99 refunded.
  5. I have been a Premium member since 2011 - I guess Premium is not longer Premium. Ouch, my ego will never be the same! Looks like Personal is the new Premium for personal use. How do I upgrade to the new Personal level, without losing the $49.99, I recently paid for one year of Premium? Will the 49.99, automatically be applied to a personal membership? Thanks, Jeff
  6. No response from RM personnel, so don’t hold your breath.
  7. 2 requests: 1. Recurring tasks would be great! 2. Ability to choose whether I want a task displayed in calendar. thanks
  8. Now I understand. Thank you for explaining.
  9. Why is important to disable tasks? Just don’t use it.
  10. Now that I own GoodNotes , I guess I should at least try the Paperlike. thanks. I have 2 apple watches and a few iPads, iMac and mac-mini. Yes, I am seeing a professional about my electronic toy issues! But, I really like taking notes on the RM2 and having the iPad ready and waiting for all other digital activities. Boy are we spoiled!
  11. By the way, you are spot on about the RM2. The other thing I like about the RM2, just like a paper note pad, there are no distractions from texts, emails, etc.. I am easily distracted, like a child . Of course I could shut down the iPad apps and network connections, but that still leaves me with a poor writing on glass experience. Obviously my opinion on the writing experience, but most people that try writing on the RM2 are very impressed. But, it is a little expensive for what it does.
  12. PE, I purchased Good Notes 5 as you suggested. It doesn’t ocr/index externally created PDF’s containing “Remarkable2” handwritten notes that I email to my Good Note app. Or, I am doing something wrong. Maybe you can try it yourself if you have time. I have an ipad and apple pencils, but they don’t come close to the feel of writing on the Remarkable2. And asking me to use goodnotes on an ipad is equivalent to asking me to use a pickup truck instead of my porsche. I have a pickup truck and I use it as intended all the time. But when I want a great driving experience, I use my porsche! Like the Remarakable it is not as useful as an ipad, but it does the one thing I am doing (writing) better than any other device on the market today. If you can not provide any factual helpful response, no need to respond! With respect to your latest snarky reply, the handwriting device I use to create the file is not relevant. A SVG and PNG files are standard file formats. What device they are created on has no bearing on the issue. But, to 100% confirm the file contained the pages in order, I emailed it and it arrives the same way it was sent. However, when I send it to Evernote, something is done to the file. Your explanations about the internet and taking different paths is old news. This does not effect files. What goes in, comes out the same way - Period. Whether the IP traverses over frame relay, atm, vpn or sdn, it works. Understand? Do you need me to explain these network protocols to you? Thank you.
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