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  1. As a VERY long time Evernote Premium customer/user, and having stuck with EN through thick and thin, I just want to say how BAD this v8 for iOS is. It is incredibly slow, it frequently screws up the formatting of saved articles, and as I look at my iPad Pro 12.9" screen version of Evernote as I type this on the computer - I can't see the tags anywhere. I know there is a dropdown list of tags at the top of the snippet column. But where are the tags shown for each note? On the Mac and Windows versions, they are shown in the snippet and also at the top of each note. But on the iOS version - latest update 8.1 - they have disappeared. At least on my two iPads and two iPhones in the family. It would also be nice to get back the line separating the header subject title from the rest of the note. I'm still using EN v5.4.2 on the Mac and am sticking with that one, as it continues to work perfectly. But this new iOS version is the pits, it really is. I think perhaps Evernote should just bite the bullet and admit that it wasn't ready for release, and revert all customers to v7 for iOS. We shouldn't have to futz around the various workarounds to downgrade. v7 was good - the only improvement I would have suggested (and it hasn't been done in v8 either) is to change that stupid little double arrow icon to expand the note to something that those of us with normal size fingers can touch without accidentally touching something else beside it.
  2. Hmmm - looks like only two of us with big fingers tht have this problem
  3. Good to see I'm not alone in the digitus biggus stakes...
  4. Hi from Down Under, and a period of hibernation Long LONG time Evernote user, with most of my forum contributions on the Evernote for Mac threads. This, however, applies to EN on the iPad. When I tap on one of my snippets in the list (yes, I use Snippet view all the time), I get a split screen, with the shrunken snippets on the left, and a tall, narrow version of the note on the right. However - and here's the problem - the only way I can make that note full screen is to tap that tiny little double angled arrow icon, just below where it says "Close". Needless to say, I hit 'Close' more often than I manage to get my note full screen. Now I have big fingers, as I'm sure do many others here and elsewhere - so why is the only way to go full screen such a tiny little icon, and tucked away between all the other hot-spots and links? Surely there needs to be a BIG button - maybe up on the top row somewhere - that is easy to hit to go full screen. An even more useful option would be to be able to set a default that when tapping on a snippet, it automatically goes to full screen. None of the split-screen stuff at all. Actually, I NEVER want to see that split screen thing. I'd much rather just be able to alternate between full-screen notes, and the full-screen list of snippets. Close the note, see the snippets. Tap a snippet, see the full-screen note. Is that possible? Why have we had this tiny, silly little double arrow thing to put up with all this time? It may be OK for those with skinny fingers - people who can thumb-type on an iPhone, for example - but my thumb covers about 2/3 of an iPhone keyboard! And my finger ain't much smaller... Just a suggestion...
  5. Is there anyone - anyone at all - who actually LIKES and USES Work Chat? I haven't seen anyone post yet that they do. For me, I keep a whole stack of Patient Information Leaflets in Evernote, and I simply email the appropriate one to a patient after a consultation. Simple, clean, and NEVER had a problem with this mythical "bad formatting" problem. It has NEVER been a problem for me. This whole chat nonsense would confuse the hell out of my patients, many of whom are elderly and who are apprehensive about upcoming surgery, if they open an email, and instead of finding the information leaflet, they get a link to something that takes them out of their email program. I have absolutely NO use for Chat at all. I want to get rid of the Chat button. I want to install an "Email Note" button on the toolbar. I want to install a "Print" button on the toolbar. Once again, we see Evernote going off on its own crusade to force a "feature" on us that nobody seems to want. Please listen to your users. Give us back the easy way to email notes - not buried two deep, and deemphasised (your words) in a menu. Surely you should be able to see from all the negative comments about ENv6 that Phil Libin's "vision" for the program is NOT what many (?most?) of the users want? At least, not the ones who are engaged enough to come on here and comment. You seem intent on killing the goose that has laid the golden egg for you. The program that made you famous and got you 100 million users, is changing into something that is quite different. And a lot of people are NOT happy...
  6. Nope - they just impose their design on their users. And while they claim to be following Apple's guidelines in terms of the UI (for Yosemite, even though there are far more people NOT on Yosemite), they continue to ignore the "Configure Toolbar" function which is pretty much a standard Apple feature across all Apple's own apps and almost every other one as well. Strange - a bit arrogant, but strange. And frustrating
  7. Sorry - to be clear, yes I know the hard reset thing. But I just did a power off/power on cycle, and it worked - but only for a while. Then it played up again. I also cleared everything out of memory that was possible, using the double-tap then swipe 'em away, plus used an app called MemoryInfo to clear all stubs out of memory that can be cleared. I've also done a hard reset since I posted the above, and again, it worked for a while, then froze again after about 4 instances of opening, a few swipes and taps on notes, then closing, then clearing it out of memory. 'Tis a mystery, but a PITA I suppose it could be due to my old iPhone 4S.... It seems to be working fine on my iPad Air
  8. In a word - no, you can't customize the toolbar. Don't ask me why - it's a pet peeve of mine. Given that "Configure Toolbar" is pretty much an Apple standard in almost every single app from all companies, I fail to see why Evernote don't make the toolbar customizable. Personally, I would like to get rid of the "New Chat" button that I will never use, and put buttons on the toolbar for "Email Note" and one for "Print Note". And move the search bar as you suggest. But we can't......
  9. Actually, if you check on the pinned iOS version thread, you'll see that a lot of folks - including me - have similar problems. No notes showing, or the app completely freezing. And sync failing with "Timed Out" errors. Overall, very buggy. Evernote are on very shaky ground at the moment, with the disastrous Mac v6, and now this iOS version. I think they need to get right back to basics, cut away all the fluff like Chat, Context, etc, and get the basic functions of the app working properly and faultlessly.
  10. Yup - same here. iOS 8.1.1 on iPhone 4S Seems to be working OK on my iPad Air, same iOS. I have auto-updates turned OFF on both the phone and the iPad to prevent nasty surprises, so I'm not sure how this snuck through..... Both devices showing Evernote v7.6.2.313133 Power off/on worked for a while on the iPhone, but now it has stopped again. No notes - I can see the list of notes (snippet view) but if I tap on one, I see just the blank note under the title. Then I get the "Timed out" error. Between the disaster that is Evernote for the Mac v6, and now this one for iOS, I'm rapidly losing faith in Evernote and their priorities.
  11. Oh, wouldn't it be nice to see that sort of array of buttons that we could drag on and off the Mac EN toolbar. And of course, it would be even nicer if they were in actual (gulp) colour.... With all those bland grey icons, there is no way that they could be recognized by appearance alone - they NEED the text label. Which begs the question - why have an icon at all if it's not to make things easier to recognize at a glance without having to read the whole thing? The main advantage of having icons there at all is that they can be in colour, so that specific shapes AND colours can be associated with specific functions. And then we can turn off the text labels once we've got used to the icons. And it's interesting that Apple's own apps, like Pages, Numbers, Keynote all still use coloured icons for that very reason - at least on my Mavericks they do. Don't know about on Yosemite, as I'm not going there.
  12. For those trying to downgrade, it may be worth checking out this thread - which may or may not be a problem for you: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76567-sync-problem/
  13. Excellent advice there, JM. I have auto-update turned off everywhere, including on the iPad and iPhone. I don't want to get a nasty surprise with an app that I like. There are too many apps these days, not just Evernote, or Mac OS X, that feel the pressure and need to keep on "advancing" the app or the OS. And that invariably leads to changes, some of which are for the better, but many of which are not. And that's not even taking into account the inevitable bugs - that's just talking about the PLANNED changes. But where this current version of Evernote has fallen down badly - and the last few versions as well - is not only by ADDING things that are of dubious benefit, but by REMOVING things that are an essential part of the app, such as the configurable toolbar, hiding the "Email Note" function, and all the other things that have been the subject of many complaints on these forums over the last few versions. You can add "colour" to that list too - they've removed pretty much all of it. Reminds me of back in the early days, with a monochrome monitor and ASCII text characters. (Yup, I've been around computers THAT long!) So - ALL auto-updates off. I check for updates manually for every app, or simply check the App Store for most (not Evernote, as mine is a direct downloaded version), then update the ones I want, usually after checking forums such as this one.
  14. If I'm right, JM, then there may have been some sort of change in the database structure when moving up from 5.5.2 to 5.7.2 (i.e. After the re-write). I have now done 3 complete uninstall/reinstall of 5.5.2, with all necessary reboots, and always get the sync failure. Now, having reinstalled 5.7.2 (which is the same version as I have on all my Macs), it is syncing back just fine - my rather massive database is gradually reappearing. I think I'll be sticking with v5.7.2 (complete with the unwanted Chat button) but i will NOT be upgrading to v6 or 6.0.1 And I'm also sticking with Mavericks, after my flirtation with Yosemite, as posted elsewhere.
  15. Hi JM AppCleaner is also very thorough, and looks in all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies. I also have Hazel, which does what it calls a "sweep" after an uninstall of anything, to root out any last vestiges. I then did a reboot, emptied the trash, and rebooted again. THEN I installed v5.5.2 - but consistently got that sync failure message. Interestingly, I uninstalled v5.5.2 using exactly the same methods (AppCleaner and Hazel), installed v5.7.2 again, and now it is syncing perfectly - still a while to go but it is pulling the entire database back from the Evernote servers. The only thing I can think of is that somewhere in the sequence through having v5.7.2 installed has involved the database being migrated - and this has created some changes at the server side of things, that prevent back-syncing to an earlier version. If Jack, Marcus, or anyone else from EN is reading this, could you either confirm or contradict that assumption? Just to clear the air? Thanks... If there has been NO change server-side, then I have no idea why I couldn't sync back to an absolutely pristine, fresh installation of v5.5.2 on a machine that had been wiped clean of everything Evernote-related.
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