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  1. As a VERY long time Evernote Premium customer/user, and having stuck with EN through thick and thin, I just want to say how BAD this v8 for iOS is. It is incredibly slow, it frequently screws up the formatting of saved articles, and as I look at my iPad Pro 12.9" screen version of Evernote as I type this on the computer - I can't see the tags anywhere. I know there is a dropdown list of tags at the top of the snippet column. But where are the tags shown for each note? On the Mac and Windows versions, they are shown in the snippet and also at the top of each note. But on the iOS version - latest update 8.1 - they have disappeared. At least on my two iPads and two iPhones in the family. It would also be nice to get back the line separating the header subject title from the rest of the note. I'm still using EN v5.4.2 on the Mac and am sticking with that one, as it continues to work perfectly. But this new iOS version is the pits, it really is. I think perhaps Evernote should just bite the bullet and admit that it wasn't ready for release, and revert all customers to v7 for iOS. We shouldn't have to futz around the various workarounds to downgrade. v7 was good - the only improvement I would have suggested (and it hasn't been done in v8 either) is to change that stupid little double arrow icon to expand the note to something that those of us with normal size fingers can touch without accidentally touching something else beside it.
  2. Hmmm - looks like only two of us with big fingers tht have this problem
  3. Good to see I'm not alone in the digitus biggus stakes...
  4. Hi from Down Under, and a period of hibernation Long LONG time Evernote user, with most of my forum contributions on the Evernote for Mac threads. This, however, applies to EN on the iPad. When I tap on one of my snippets in the list (yes, I use Snippet view all the time), I get a split screen, with the shrunken snippets on the left, and a tall, narrow version of the note on the right. However - and here's the problem - the only way I can make that note full screen is to tap that tiny little double angled arrow icon, just below where it says "Close". Needless to say, I hit 'Close' more often than I manage to get my note full screen. Now I have big fingers, as I'm sure do many others here and elsewhere - so why is the only way to go full screen such a tiny little icon, and tucked away between all the other hot-spots and links? Surely there needs to be a BIG button - maybe up on the top row somewhere - that is easy to hit to go full screen. An even more useful option would be to be able to set a default that when tapping on a snippet, it automatically goes to full screen. None of the split-screen stuff at all. Actually, I NEVER want to see that split screen thing. I'd much rather just be able to alternate between full-screen notes, and the full-screen list of snippets. Close the note, see the snippets. Tap a snippet, see the full-screen note. Is that possible? Why have we had this tiny, silly little double arrow thing to put up with all this time? It may be OK for those with skinny fingers - people who can thumb-type on an iPhone, for example - but my thumb covers about 2/3 of an iPhone keyboard! And my finger ain't much smaller... Just a suggestion...
  5. Nice piece, Troy. I hope the EN team have read it!
  6. Well, well, well...! What have we here??? I leave the forum in frustration a few months ago, and now I read this article before checking back in here. And to find that Lubin has gone, a new CEO rules (we think), and that some people think that Evernote has lost its way... Hmmm - let me see: Right here, in this very set of forums, many long-time users, (including moi), most very knowledgeable (me a little bit), and most with no axe to grind (like me, we all want EN to continue and thrive), repeatedly complained about several things, only to be told that it was basically their way or the highway. Things such as: - Constant "new" desktop (Mac in my case) clients that were worse than older versions. - Poor editor in the desktop clients. - Removing the ability to configure even the fundamentals such as the toolbar, especially the ability to ADD functions - you know, stuff we don't REALLY need to do much, like PRINT and EMAIL NOTE... (sarcasm switch flicked). - Awful change from a nice characteristic green/black/grey colour scheme to an awful faded grey on white mess "because Apple said so" (no they didn't). - Added in not only the useless (to most of us) Work Chat rubbish, but then forced the button onto the non-configurable toolbar for all of us. And the list goes on. And on. So WHY did nobody take any notice of the valuable feedback they were getting from long time denizens of these 'ere forums? (fora??) I got the distinct impression, despite Marcus's responses on the forum (and I'm referring to the Mac client branch of the forum here, as with the list above too), that it was Lubin's "vision" that was taking EN away from what it was good at. And instead of building on its strengths, it just kept trying to pour out new versions, new "features" (eg Work Chat), while at the same time ignoring things like Penultimate, Skitch, etc. Me? I'm still happily using Evernote for Mac v5.4.2 (I downgraded ages ago and have updates turned off). I do wish I could add functions such as Print, Email Note, etc as buttons to my toolbar, though. That ability had gone even as far back as v5.4.2 - but the Work Chat button isn't on there in that version. I use EN on my iPad, my iPhone, 5 separate desktop Macs (iMacs and Macbooks) at home and at work. I'm heavily invested in Evernote. I've been Premium since almost the beginning, and have a Family subscription. I have thousands of notes, clips, etc all random, but tagged, and sorted into many notebooks. I can find anything in there in a flash. I would really love a better editor, both on the Mac and also the iOS versions. I would REALLY love the ability to embed video clips instead of just their URLs. I would love to have a FULLY configurable toolbar. I'd like more colour to be put back so that it looks like my v5.4.2. So, yes, I'd really love Evernote to thrive. But they need to get their ***** together. Stop putting out progressively worse Mac desktop clients. Get all versions of desktop EN to be feature-consistent across the board. Get configurable toolbars back. Get the signature colours of Evernote back. And most of all - LISTEN TO YOUR MOST LOYAL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE USERS, RIGHT HERE ON THIS FORUM. End of rant....
  7. OK - apologies - I was a bit ambiguous there. What I meant was that the "customisable toolbar" does NOT allow you to ADD buttons for functions other than the ones Evernote have deemed should be on the toolbar. Yes, I can remove buttons (not that there are many on there anyway - has to be the most useless toolbar on the Mac). And yes, I removed the "New Chat" button. And yes, I can shuffle buttons by inserting spaces etc. But what I meant was that I really REALLY want to add some different buttons, such as "Email Note" and "Print Note" to name two. And then be able to put them anywhere on the toolbar. But I can't do that, as there seems to be no way to add other functions to the toolbar.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily push for an apology - Marcus has done the right thing by bringing back the darker sidebar. Let's just be grateful for that. Now, as to the other stuff: - I'm with JMichael re the overthinking it thing. It shouldn't lose focus of the selected notebook or other sidebar item once clicked - even in my Firefox broswer, to use your own analogy, a clicked bookmark stays highlighted (highlit?? ) - Now, about my long-standing, and oft-repeated complaint about the "customisable toolbar". After I dropped off the forum due to frustration some months ago, and having been happily using EN v5.4.2 ever since (and still), I notice that you've at last made it possible to "customise" the toolbar only as far as removing the silly "New Chat" button for those of us who will never use Chat. Thank you. But a fully customisable toolbar, as in most other Apple and compatible apps, involves being able to add stuff onto the toolbar (eg Email Note and Print Note - things I do all the time), and also to rearrange the position of these buttons along the toolbar. The current version still doesn't do that. What exactly is the resistance to adhering to Apple guidleines on customisable toolbars? - And finally - how about restoring colour to all the icons? The whole purpose of icons was to provide glance recognition using shape and colour. But even the colourless ones you have aren't consistent with Apple's standard ones - eg the Back and Forward buttons. And there's no colour. And the "customisable toolbar" does not let us choose "Icon only" or "Icon with Text" to help with recognition. OK - enough whinging from me - again. I'll retire to my neutral corner and shut up. Oh - and I'll keep on using v5.4.2 for as long as I can. It's brilliant. (Except it doesn't have a customisable toolbar - but let me not harp on about that)
  9. What do you mean by "lack of customization of toolbars"? As far as I know, you can customize both the toolbar and the sidebar anyway you want. In fact, I removed the Work Chat button from the toolbar as well as Atlas, Market and Announcements from the sidebar. Now I only have my shortcuts, recent notes, notebooks and tags just like the iOS version and I'm quite happy with this setup. As for the design, I've noticed quite a few welcome changes. They removed the annoying translucency of version 6.0, increased the overall contrast and added a dark sidebar which I absolutely love. So I'm also quite happy with the design. I just wish they made the selection color green instead of blue. As I haven't downloaded the latest iteration of v6, and having read so many negative comments, I was assuming that Evernote were holding fast to their refusal to make the Toolbar customisable. Many people - including me - probably made life hell for Marcus and the rest of the dev team for months, harping on about how Evernote was shouting about how they adhered to Apple's UI conventions - but they always refused to make the toolbar customisable like it used to be in much earlier versions. So, are you telling me that they finally relented and DID IT??? Wow..! So you can do all the things Apple lets you do, like drag icons on or off the bar, shift them around, select icon only or icon + text, etc etc? You know, all the things you can do in just about every other app that works on a Mac? Maybe it's time for me to risk everything and upgrade one of my "less core task" Macs to see how it looks? Thanks for the heads-up... EDIT: OK - so I just upgraded a spare old iMac to v6.0.16, and while you CAN customise the toolbar insofar as removing that objectionable "New Chat" button, it still is NOT customisable really. There's no choice of icons vs icons+text, for example. But the biggest let down is that you can really only remove the original buttons, or restore them. I can't ADD buttons for functions that I commonly use, such as Email Note, or Print Note. I can't see any way to do that. But THAT is what most people would mean by a "customisable toolbar". There are some general improvements overall, but it still lacks any personality or colour. It no longer looks like Evernote - it just looks like yet another plain grey and white app. Even Apple's own Mac apps, from Mail to Pages (and don't even mention things like Final Cut or Logic - they're spectacular) all have icons with colour, working on the principle that recognition of icons (as opposed to text-only labels) is a visual thing based on the shape and the colour. But Evernote know better, apparently. Still, it IS a small grudging concession that they've allowed us to remove the Chat button. In the meantime, I'm sticking with v5.4.2 at least until they bring back some colour, some personality, and FULLY customisable toolbars.
  10. G'Day all - long time no see. I got fed up with complaining about the awful UI of v6 and its progeny, and also the lack of customization of toolbars, icons, etc, and the overall lack of colour. So I rolled back to v5.4.2, and have been happily Evernoting away with it ever since, and I dropped out of these forums. But I just popped back in to see if there had been any significant change, because I have "Check for Updates" turned off on every installation of Evernote. But nope - it all looks like the same washed out, over-bright, colourless, non-customizable mess. The dark sidebar that Marcus menioned above MAY give it a little bit of the v5 pizzazz back. But for me, v5.4.2 is still the best. And there's no mention of the silly "Chat" thing in the toolbar in v5.4.2 either. So I never have to see or hear about something I'm never going to use. Does ANYONE actually use Chat? Just curious.... So, it's back to working with v5.4.2 for me,. And I intend to stay there until doomsday if I can
  11. I've been deliberately quiet for the last 2 or 3 weeks, as I was getting so frustrated by the apparent disdain in which Evernote holds the opinions of those who engage with them here. However, the response above describing how we can share a NOTEBOOK with someone is completely, totally missing the point. I don't want to share a notebook - I just want to share a NOTE. I keep patient information brochure sheets in Evernote, and after a consultation, I can email a copy of a single note - NOT A NOTEBOOK - to the patient. This has been a big help over the years, as patients often are so emotionally challenged by the consultation that they don't take it all in. And if they need an operation, they need to know all the risks, complications, etc. These are all in the information notes. I most certainly do NOT want to share notebooks with them, I sure as heck do NOT want them to have to open Evernote accounts just to receive my notes, and I do NOT want them to be bamboozled by these strange requests and links for some chat function. I JUST WANT TO EMAIL THEM A NOTE. One note. A single note. Yes, I can still do it, but you're gradually moving it out of sight - it's currently buried two deep in menus. And the toolbar, of course, is not customisable, so I can't add a button on there to "Email Note" like we used to be able to do. Why can't Evernote just LISTEN to the opinions and wishes of those who have taken the trouble to engage with them on here?
  12. Or you could simply do what we've all been doing since 2008 - email the note. Absolutely no need for the recipient to turn on workchat at all.
  13. It only affects how others use the app in a collaborative situation. Many people - including me - never, ever, use Evernote in that way. So having the ability to switch it off, and eliminate all traces of it including the button, would be good, and would affect nobody else at all. And yes - the button IS too big and in the wrong place. The Search box should have absolute priority in that toolbar, so that even if the app is narrowed down to the minimum size it will go, the Search box should always be there.
  14. Why? Why would customization - which is the norm for almost all other software - make Evernote harder to use? I completely fail to see that.... And although it isn't possible, I would really be interested to find how many users actually DO use Workchat... Going on posts on this forum, I don't think I can recall a single post from anyone who says that they like it and use it. There are lots of posts from people who do NOT want it but none that I can recall from anyone who IS using it. Now I'm sure that somewhere, somebody must almost certainly be using it. But as NoelK said - if we can turn off Context (which we can) then why can't we turn off Workchat? Completely? And customise the toolbar to get rid of the button that pushes the Search field off the window when the window is narrowed down? Better still would be to include Context and Workchat in Evernote Business, but not have them in there at all in Evernote Personal.
  15. Is there anyone - anyone at all - who actually LIKES and USES Work Chat? I haven't seen anyone post yet that they do. For me, I keep a whole stack of Patient Information Leaflets in Evernote, and I simply email the appropriate one to a patient after a consultation. Simple, clean, and NEVER had a problem with this mythical "bad formatting" problem. It has NEVER been a problem for me. This whole chat nonsense would confuse the hell out of my patients, many of whom are elderly and who are apprehensive about upcoming surgery, if they open an email, and instead of finding the information leaflet, they get a link to something that takes them out of their email program. I have absolutely NO use for Chat at all. I want to get rid of the Chat button. I want to install an "Email Note" button on the toolbar. I want to install a "Print" button on the toolbar. Once again, we see Evernote going off on its own crusade to force a "feature" on us that nobody seems to want. Please listen to your users. Give us back the easy way to email notes - not buried two deep, and deemphasised (your words) in a menu. Surely you should be able to see from all the negative comments about ENv6 that Phil Libin's "vision" for the program is NOT what many (?most?) of the users want? At least, not the ones who are engaged enough to come on here and comment. You seem intent on killing the goose that has laid the golden egg for you. The program that made you famous and got you 100 million users, is changing into something that is quite different. And a lot of people are NOT happy...
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