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  1. Thanks for the reply - appreciated. Yes, it just seems a bit odd that the plugin to show PDFs is dependent on the OS rather than being intrinsic to Evernote v7.14, while it works in Evernote v10. And that version 10 thing of showing only one page at a time, and not the whole document that you can scroll through quickly like we could in v7.14 - that's a real pain in the ass...! Don't know who thought that would be an improvement?! Probably the team that thought changing almost everything from a faultlessly working version 7.14 to create this new monster would be a good idea! We have the updated versions of EN on our iOS devices - and hate them with a passion. It happened because I had automatic updates turned on. And now we have slow, unresponsive EN, can't sync on demand, and a lot of the time it doesn't sync at all and loses notes, and all this other stuff that we don't want - like Tasks. It's about as useless as Chat. I just want my repository of notes back, that could perform OCR on images and PDFs, and store everything locally, instantaneous search, and sync on demand by hitting a sync button or pulling and releasing on the iOS versions.
  2. I'm still on EN v7.14 on all my Macs, but I upgraded my (non-mission critical) Macbook Pro a few days ago to MacOS Monterey Public Beta and now EN will not display any PDF files. I just get "Missing Plugin" in the note pane. So I bit the bullet, and installed the latest Evernote v10 on that same Macbook Pro. Now it displays the PDF files in notes - but in a weird way - it only displays one page at a time, and you have to scroll to the bottom of every single page to find the forward/back arrows and click on them. A complete pain in the ass to find your way through a hundred page PDF...! Can't use the scroll bar, and there's no overview strip of the pages under the note pane as there is on the iPad, for example. v10 on Monterey also seems to take forever to load up and start working, whereas I'm used to the lightning fast startup time of v7.14. Overall, I'm not happy with version 10 at all, but I'm not sure how much of that is due to it running on the Monterey Beta. And I'm not game to upgrade my perfectly-working v7.14 on my other Macs that ARE mission critical. So - what is the "missing plugin" in Monterey? Is it something I can download separately and install? Is it something that is likely to be fixed with an update to the Beta of Monterey, so that I can then revert to my v7.14 (which I still have installed alongside v10)? Anyone any clues?
  3. I suspect that every complaint in this entire thread is due to the new versions of Evernote being written in Electron. I've tried alternatives, like Notejoy, Nimbus Note, but they're also written in Electron, and are not really any snappier than Evernote. So I'm sticking with v7.14 on the Mac, and ignoring the reminder blurbs that keep popping up telling me it's time to upgrade. No way...! It's just a pity that there is no downgrade pathway for iOS on my iPhone or iPad - those new versions are terrible, too, especially the clipper! And to think that while we had v7.14 on the Mac and the previous versions on iOS, they were all working so well...! The problem with searching for an alternative, and I have tried many, is that at best, they're still not even as good as Evernote has been. But what they don't seem to realize is that they need to be not just "as good" - they need to be BETTER, so that there is incentive to switch. If they're only "as good", then where is the incentive to switch? May as well stick with EN until they get it right...!
  4. Jut to clarify a point, though - previous versions of Evernote did NOT require us to open EN in order to "receive" the share. I have done it for years, particularly from Flipboard, and the share went straight from Flipboard to Evernote in the background. I've never had to open Evernote on the iPad or iPhone to "receive" the share first. When I opened EN the next time, all the shares from Flipboard were already there, and if it was a period of time before I actually opened EN, it had already synced to the EN servers in the background. My question is - why can't it go straight to EN from Flipboard the way it used to do? In the background? And sync to the EN servers - in the background? Or is it that I'm now using v7.14 on the computers but v10.3 on the iPad? Is it the mixed versions causing the hiccups, although I can't see how or why that would be the case? I'm very clear on understanding the difference between sharing and syncing. The current problem is primarily a sharing problem - we shouldn't need to open the target app to "receive it". If I choose to share to Facebook (I very rarely do that) from Flipboard, it posts directly to Facebook. I don't have to go to the Facebook app, or the browser, to receive it first. And it used to do the equivalent thing sharing to Evernote. Now it doesn't, and we have to go through contortions and multiple steps opening different apps just to share to EN. It's a royal PITA...! And we're paying for this downgrade...!
  5. I don't care how many or how few "Likes" I get - I don't count or take notice of them. My point is that after several months, as a paying Premium customer for the past 12 years, I still have iOS versions of Evernote that have flaws, missing functions, slow syncing, scrambled web page clipping, multiple steps to clip where we had a simple and working Clipper previously, etc etc. I'm back on v7.14 on my Macs, and have unchecked all updating. But my iOS versions autoupdated before I became aware of all the faults and missing features. I called for replacement of v10 with previously working versions a few weeks ago. Nothing happened, and we all still have faulty version 10 apps. So I'm renewing my call for reverting to the previous versions. We're still paying Evernote good money...!
  6. The iOS Share Clipper used to work. It was slow, but it worked. It would transfer the whole page, etc as required. It would also automatically create a title, let you set tags, and would also send the source URL. It would sync it to Evernote directly. Slow, but reliable. Fine tuning could be done on the Mac or PC if needed. Now - it is hopeless. It has become a laborious multi-step process. Clip an article and you get a message saying it will be synced next time you open Evernote on this device. So you then have to leave what you're doing and open Evernote, whereupon it then takes several minutes just to import the clip. But even then, it has only clipped locally - you then need to manually sync (pull down and release) to get the local Evernote to send the clip to the Evernote servers. Not until you've done all of that can you access the clip on any other device. And only then can you go back to whatever it was that you were doing in the first place. It is truly awful, counter-productive, and staggeringly mind-blowing how software engineers could possibly take something that worked and ***** it up so badly!! What on earth are they suggesting are the "improvements"? And don't even get me started on the main program - that is a disaster all to itself. This post is only about the clipper via the Share function. Once again, we have to ask that they simply pull ALL of the new versions of Evernote off the market, replace them with renumbered old versions that worked perfectly, and then either give up on the new version (nobody actually asked for an Electron version as far as I know from the forums) or spend several months getting it right. And do that while you still have a semblance of a customer base, and before the class actions start....
  7. I'm sitting back, using my v7.14 Mac version of Evernote Premium which I managed to block from updating on two Macs and a Macbook Pro. I'm reading the continuing stream of complaints about v10 on all platforms (I have v10 on my iPhone and iPad unfortunately) and this has been going on now for months. Yet STILL version 10 is broken. It is missing features and functions that are present and working perfectly in v7.14. So once again, I have to ask the question: WHY does Evernote not just admit that they screwed up, pull ALL version 10s from all sources (App Store, web site, etc) and replace them with working previous versions? Then they can take their time to do proper beta testing (or even alpha...!) without upsetting and losing so many paying customers. The rewrite using Electron is a massive step backwards, despite what the coders seem to have told Ian Small, and they obviously don't actually use Evernote much, if at all, and it would seem that neither does Mr Small. Go back to what was working perfectly, get rid of the predatory definition of the web version of Evernote as one of the devices which stinks of desperation to make more money, and up your support game to respond to paying customers within 24 hours, NOT 10-14 days...! This entire disastrous release is going to be the step that starts Evernote on the downhill slide to extinction. Stop it now while you still have customers!
  8. Thanks for the workaround - appreciated. Now for the tricky bit - trying to teach my wife to do that without have an iPad hurled across the room and my ears turned blue with the language
  9. Lucky that you're finding the iOS version 10 at least usable. But on my iPad - and my wife's iPad, who only uses an iPad, not a computer at all - the iOS v10 is unusable. One thing she does is clip recipes from numerous sources to Evernote. But the Share Sheet clipper just doesn't work, it doesn't put a title in, and it completely screws up the harvesting of the various source sites due to all these newer scripted web pages with slide-overs, multiframe pages, and of course, the Pinterest pages. I have to put up with her vitriol every time she tries to use Evernote, with which she has been very familiar for many years. She has thousands of recipes stored in there, all nicely tagged and titled. But now - it's useless. Even searching for something sends her into a rant worthy of George Carlin...! But without the laughs. And for this, we're paying Premium subscriptions...!
  10. For all those who keep suggesting reverting to the Legacy version of Evernote, with good intentions - you're forgetting that one of the main attractions of EN has always been its cross-platform sync abilities. But the new iOS versions are atrocious. Terrible. Unusable. But THERE IS NO LEGACY PATHWAY FOR iOS USERS...! Evernote needs to pull the new versions from the App Store and work on them to get them actually ready for prime time. And they need to replace the App Store versions with the previous versions that DID work nicely, including the Share Sheet clipper. Come on Team Evernote - have mercy on all your long-time devoted users (most of whom have been paying customers, like me) and hoist the white flag on this disaster. Take it back to the shed and work on it properly, while giving us back all the working versions on all platforms that we had before the version 10 débâcle.
  11. I suspect you are in the minority, using my missus as an example of someone who only uses the very basic functions of Evernote - and she hates the new version with a passion. Can't use a Legacy version with iOS - there isn't one. I'm back on v7.14 on the Mac, but my iOS versions are the new ones (iPhone, iPad) and I can't use them. I work in an environment where there is no Internet connection, and I have always relied on Evernote's ability to download notes to be available offline. Now I can't get my notes offline. As originally posted - at what point do Evernote accept they've got it so wrong and revert ALL platforms?
  12. Thanks for moving my rant to a more appropriate place. Although a lot of people stick to the more specific forums, eg Mac, Windows, iOS, etc. A lot of people don't use computers these days - they stick to something like an iPad, and the iOS version still doesn't work. The share sheet doesn't work, downloading offline notes isn't working for many, PDFs continue to be a problem, and the list goes on. You only have to read the iOS Technical Issues forum to see the problems. My wife, for example, has possibly the most simple usage of Evernote - she stores recipes in there. Thousands of them. She gets them in there either by emailing them in, or clipping via the Share Sheet from Safari or FlipBoard. ALL on the iPad. She doesn't go near a computer. So for her, the iOS "upgrade" has been an unmitigated disaster. And unfortunately I take the brunt of her frustrations with it...! If I could revert her iPad to the previous, smoothly running version of EN, that she knew how to use, I'd be happy. Oh, and my own iPad, which I need to be able to use offline most of the time - but currently can't as I can't get the offline notebooks to download.
  13. The ongoing disaster that is Evernote v10 on all platforms is what will bring Evernote, the company, down. Ian Small needs to step up to the plate, take responsibility, pull all version 10s of Evernote off the markets, and restore the previous versions. And he needs to do it NOW...! We are seeing large numbers of long time Evernote users deserting the platform, moving to Notion, Bear, Apple Notes, Notejoy, and others. Of those who are persisting with Evernote, we are seeing massive frustration, disappointment, data loss, and anger. Evernote has lost many of its good features, and the features that it has retained don't work. For the sake of the company and all Evernote users who have stuck with the app across multiple platforms - admit defeat NOW. You screwed up. The re-write is a total disaster, and Evernote is largely unusable now. I understand the need by the programmers and the executives to self-justify trying to persist with version 10 - but please DON'T. It is *****. It is not even at the Alpha stage of preparedness. It is rubbish. It has FAILED...! Man up, admit the failure, learn from it, revert to the previous versions across all platforms, and just keep it running smoothly - as it was. And if Ian Small won't do the right thing by all his paying users, then sack him and bring in a CEO who can rescue the company from going down the gurgler.
  14. Did they actually HAVE a beta? So far, all the v10 releases haven't even been at alpha stage...!!!!
  15. Don't forget removal of Preferences/Settings, WebClipper now doesn't create a title or tags, and many, many more deficiencies. They've removed things that DID work, changed some of them for things that now DON'T work, and generally made a dog's breakfast out of what used to be a great series of apps on all its platforms. What a load of rubbish - how much is CEO Ian Small responsible for this? Did he play an active role in defining the changes? Or did he just listen to software engineers who probably don't even use Evernote, telling him that it needed to be rebuilt from the ground up as an Electron app? Either way - he should get the boot...! Evernote needs to accept they've screwed up hugely, scrap ALL the versions of v10, and revert back to the previous versions that worked. Then think again if there was anything that actually needed to be fixed or added, such as the ability to store a video clip embedded in a note. That would be the only way that Evernote as a company will survive, I suspect.
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