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  1. Notion is also full webtech without local installation option like evernote. Hence the slow feeling reported above.
  2. Code sharing with web tech is certainly easier for the company, but can never match properly developed native tech.
  3. I really dislike web tech. Always inferior to native technologies written in c++ or c#. Also aberrant RAM use. I wish to move away from Evernote, but unfortunately there are no viable alternative on windows. Tried Notion.... (web tech). Within 5 minutes I ran into limitation of the program: limitation about font sizes you can set (for paragraph font, you have only 2 sizes - both too small for my screen size), and no image editing.
  4. If it's based on web tech, then why even bother installing it? I'm using the web version that I installed as an "app" which is in fact just a special standalone web tab, and it feels like the installed version with little disk space used and no bg process.
  5. Potential workaround for those that wait for a fix: use the web version but install it as an app on your computer. Search for "Install Page as app" on google for more information. This will install a special browser window just for the app, and it will feel very much like the original app.... to the point that I think the desktop app is only partially native and use web technologies for most of its layout (unconfirmed).
  6. What version of Nvidia driver do you have? Mine is 555.99. I updated it yesterday and seems the problem appeared since that. Although i'm NOT 100% sure of that.
  7. Same Problem. 100% of the time 100% saturation of a core on windows 11. Tried logging out without keeping data. Then logging back in: same problem. This is typically what makes me move to other competing solutions.
  8. I disabled wifi, and browsed, old content with lots of images. It was still accessible. So I guess the entire database is still stored locally on the HD.
  9. Okay, thank you for your answer. And how can I view the local database file? The method for 7X doesn't work on 10.
  10. Hi, is the entire database downloaded locally on the 10 version? When I installed it from scratch, there was no particular downloads of all my gigas. So how does 10 works in relation to the db?
  11. I went ahead and updated. At first upset not having the sync button, and the settings... I like the look and feel of version 10 so i'll keep it. I also switched to mac app store version for ease of update and notifications.
  12. Aaaa ok I got it. The version 10 is the new thing... kind of a schism from previous version, and not ready for all customers to update, and more of a personal choice as for now....
  13. Hello, I use evernote on my Mac, and I downloaded it on my PC. To my surprise, the PC version is version 10, and I checked the mac App store or download version for mac, and they are version 10 also. I'm at version 7, and it says i have the latest version when I check for update. Why is that? Can I safely update my download version? Should I delete it and switch to the mac app store version? Please advise.
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