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  1. Hi, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that notes are searchable from spotlight. So my suggestion shouldn't be impossible: Possibility to integrate notebooks right into the dock. So they will be treated just as regular folders in the dock, with grid view etc etc....
  2. Hi, on a just purchased Mac Book Pro, I find the scrolling of the notes themselves, not smooth at all. One solution for this would be to offload the main thread from doing the scrolling. In some apps this has dramatic improvement effect. Would you consider implementing this ? Thanks, Benj
  3. Hi, it's been years that I await this feature to be incorporated. It's really annoying to be limited to 1 level of nesting folder. When working on projects, I need more and i'm sure i'm not the only one. This is the only feature missing that keep me from using Evernote for all my projects. Any plan to add this ?
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