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  1. I disabled wifi, and browsed, old content with lots of images. It was still accessible. So I guess the entire database is still stored locally on the HD.
  2. Okay, thank you for your answer. And how can I view the local database file? The method for 7X doesn't work on 10.
  3. Hi, is the entire database downloaded locally on the 10 version? When I installed it from scratch, there was no particular downloads of all my gigas. So how does 10 works in relation to the db?
  4. I went ahead and updated. At first upset not having the sync button, and the settings... I like the look and feel of version 10 so i'll keep it. I also switched to mac app store version for ease of update and notifications.
  5. Aaaa ok I got it. The version 10 is the new thing... kind of a schism from previous version, and not ready for all customers to update, and more of a personal choice as for now....
  6. Hello, I use evernote on my Mac, and I downloaded it on my PC. To my surprise, the PC version is version 10, and I checked the mac App store or download version for mac, and they are version 10 also. I'm at version 7, and it says i have the latest version when I check for update. Why is that? Can I safely update my download version? Should I delete it and switch to the mac app store version? Please advise.
  7. (Evernote on Mac) Hi, why isn't this information displayed inside the account information link from the evernote menu is beyond my understanding. So how to know the size of my database? There is no "troubleshooting" sub menu in my help menu, and pressing the option key on about dialog won't show a database folder link.
  8. Hi, it's been years that I await this feature to be incorporated. It's really annoying to be limited to 1 level of nesting folder. When working on projects, I need more and i'm sure i'm not the only one. This is the only feature missing that keep me from using Evernote for all my projects. Any plan to add this ?
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