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  1. Since v10 was launched in September last year, people have different opinions on the new version. Unlike most people I do appreciate the new UI and the note editor. Maybe I didn't engage in many functions in the old version. But what makes me feel tired is its unreliability. I downloaded v10.8.2 (the latest version so far) on my iPhone X, downloaded all my notes and tried to use it when offline. The app said I have all my notes downloaded, and that means I can access them without the internet. But some of the images in my notes can't appear, and my phone gets hotter even offline. When I connect my phone, those images can't be shown. And then I tried to look for workaround like clearing notes and redownloading and even reinstalling the app. Sometimes it's successful but sometimes other problems occur. I submit the ticket to the support team. Sometimes they are helpful with steps for me to follow, but sometimes they ask me to repeat the steps again (e.g. clear all my notes and download again). I illustrate the above example to show that even though the performance and functionality of Evernote v10 is improving, it's still not ready for some users at least. At least I have to "help" them test the app to find out the real root of the issue. I test the app more than I use it, i.e. more than the app helps me. Workaround is not a new thing on v10. It has been happening for at least nearly 10 years of my using. I can endure because it was acceptable, and there were support team members here to help. After v10, I think why, as a paid user, has to test your app more and more frequently; why it's not Evernote engineers who need to actively finding out all the bugs to fix before the customers report to them. I have spent a lot of time submitting and emailing to them, sending a lot of activity logs. But I'm really frustrated because I still can't see the app is reliable for me. Ranting mode: it seems I pay to work for them. Actually I have already mitigated all my notes to Bear. But sometimes come back to Evernote and see. Every time I found that I wasted a lot of time. The productivity app does not make me more productive, not because of the design. It can be the team does not have any focus and goals (if I am not wrong, they can't provide a roadmap as required by many users, and they said that they didn't have goals. They sometimes fixed this and that while they introduced some things to the apps. Remember that on v10.3 they said Apple Watch version would be back, but they now don't say anything on this.). I wonder if the team does have some thoughts and ideas on what and how productivity is. Wonder if they don't know and don't want to know. If you are still frequent users, you may find they recently have some pop-ups to show what they have improved and added on the latest update (and they have checklists on the desktop to ensure you to know all the new things first). Do they know these "ads" can interrupt users' workflow? Do they really the app they are making is Evernote but not Facebook or Netflix? And I think it's time to say the final goodbye to Evernote. The company may be much better in the future, but surely not these coming months. Maybe more than a decade. But I also need to say thanks to Evernote for the past nine years in my life.
  2. 台灣的客服好像一早已被解散。
  3. 試試在帳戶設定(網頁)中刪除Mac,然後再登入能否解決問題。 否則只能靠客服處理,甚至準備好撤離和轉移資料到別的筆記app。
  4. If you view apps and their companies from their ways of doing, you can't easily have trust on the company who will provide a stable and reliable app in the short and long run. The foundation is the point. Long-time users have tolerated Evernote for long, and they always created workarounds while those bugs were annoying but acceptable on the whole. Evernote's announcement of rewriting apps gave them hope, but turned out much worse scenario after releasing v10. Some users realise that they have to change. I agree with the thread starter on the true power of Evernote, and I like some of the UI compared to past version. Over the half of a year Evernote has indeed improved, but doesn't mean the app is ready to use / reliable in some cases. For example, some of the downloaded notes still can't be accessed offline, and the iPhone is very hot especially when NOT connecting to the Internet. I have of course submitted the ticket, and the staff asked me to follow the steps to redownloading the notes, and things seem solved at the moment. However when he handed over my case to senior staff, he/she asked me to clear all the notes and download again. I think it's enough, and I am not here to pay you to become a beta tester. (I have registered to become a beta tester for upcoming version for many times, but the company never invites me.) To a certain extent I insist on the team actively finding bugs before users report. I also agree with @Kolmir on consistency. For example you still can't adjust the width of column in a table on phones and tablets, and you can only copy web note links (https://www.evernote.com/...) on mobile but can't copy app links (Evernote://...). These differences seem to be out of random rather than having reasons for that. Maybe the codes are still complex that they are not able to achieve consistency at this moment (more issues / bugs may be created as a result). That's why I switched to Bear. Bear also has some inconsistency (like find in note can't be done on mobile) and bugs, but it is useable, fast and reliable overall. And they did tell users that while being busy on a new editor, they are addressing some of the issues I have just mentioned. Bear may not be as powerful as Evernote, but it doesn't waste my time to test every part of an app.
  5. Is that the image used to be in .jpg format? Sometimes I notice some of the jpg can be turned to png and even with a much larger size, e.g. 3MB > 30MB.
  6. I think Evernote's code may be more complicated than other apps (app size is 300mb after downloading). I may not be right because I am not an engineer. But in some cases Evernote is better than Notion. I don't know how Notion is now. In Sept last year, Notion lagged a second or two when opening every note. On Evernote even v10.0.x, it is a bit faster but a bit laggy in some situations like typing in my language. I just accept the performance now but I don't mean the app is nice compared to other apps especially Bear. My iPhone X feels really hot when editing notes, and sometimes sync does not work when you are back to the phone's Home Screen without returning to note list waiting for sync complete. I prefer they improve more in terms of performance and reliability first before launching Home, Tasks and other entirely new functionality.
  7. I also heard that Craft came with 1.0 almost bug-free. iPad is also my concern as I expect the app can function as on Mac. This is very disappointing when the new Evernote for iPad is just an iPhone app with bigger screen. I use Bear because the functions and interfaces are almost the same on iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can also export and import notes on iPhone and iPad as well. On Evernote, I need to waste more time on Mac when, for example, you add an internal note link (web link on iPhone/iPad vs app link on Mac), create and edit a table (still 3X2 on iPhone), rename an attachment (only on Mac), no Home (although it's understandable that widget will be much better on iPhone)... more importantly functions are working in different ways in different devices (like tagging). Just don't understand (when they stress unifying codes) why don't they unify interfaces and functions in all devices and OS (with some exceptions).
  8. Is it like Notion while it's not an Electron app? I tried Notion before but I just realised it's a sense of control (with various dashboard). I like Evernote just because I can add some colours and formats in my note which helps me think something better. Bear is great as well because of the link function (wiki link and generation of link through searching in note editor). Although text cannot be coloured and there is only one colour in highlight. Not to mention the latest widgets for iOS 14, reliability and speed (2s to open on Mac vs 12s for Evernote), as well as their upcoming new editor supporting tables / hiding Markdowns / scanning documents / advanced Apple Pencil support. Meanwhile I am using more and more GoodNotes, especially when I am reading.
  9. Although I already left Evernote for Bear, I keep trying it when it is updated. But every time I have to delete it again and again. This time: A note added on desktop web version was synced successfully on iPad... after 9 minutes. Notes (>30) downloaded successfully after installing. However when I update some notes, notes need to be redownloading and the process is never completed. Scanned document is still incomplete. The camera does capture the whole area, but I am only allowed to crop within, say 60% of the area. I cannot crop the shape I like as before (just like now what Apple Notes can do that Evernote/Scannable used to be able to) The phone is still hot even when not in use. Battery drain is serious in my case. App link still cannot be copied on iPhone and iPad, but the external website link. (So you will open a note in a browser when you are using Mac or Windows.) The overall performance does improve, but will let you frustrate in some cases. If you are lucky, okay. If you are not, sorry. That's why people even opt for Apple Notes, for stability and reliability. It's not strange why Evernote users rather choose something simpler, and simplicity can bring productivity. To be honest Evernote has improved faster than I think. But it's already five months since launching the new iOS version. For users it's long time although for the team they are moving quite fast.
  10. or you can email a copy and copy and paste from the copy. Should be a better than nothing solution at this moment.
  11. The only way to copy the image is to save it first and upload it to the place you want. Yes, not a good user experience at all. There were users discussing this issue almost half a year ago, but Evernote officials did not address it.
  12. I understand they are working hard in fixing the app, but stilling not usable for some people is reality which can't be ignored. And I don't think users are ranting as they are explaining how that happens in detail. Empathy with and understanding different kinds of customers is a very important and basic process in designing/rewriting an app.
  13. These has been mentioned since v10.2. They say coming soon but we may end up waiting for at least half a year, so in v10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7... we may see the same coming soon statement. Such a big liar to customers.
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