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  1. I have already finished switching. From Evernote to Apple Notes, after temporary staying on Notion. Notion can replace Evernote for me, although some adjustments are needed. However, I don't want all of my notes and databases totally online, and I am aware of some security and privacy issues. I also don't want to fall into a trap of designing a beautiful website or dashboard, feeling a sense of control rather than true autonomy after taking notes. I finally deleted the account and tried other apps like Nimbus, Standard Notes, Joplin, Bear... Joplin is okay for me, but on MacOS it ca
  2. Evernote 10’s user interface renewal is shockingly bad As the new Evernote released, more and more people raise their concern and problems about the application. The whole UI and workflow is better while the details like more steps and buggy issues almost destroy its usefulness. An app should be like a kind of craftsmanship which has to be carefully taken care of, as it is the only way to provide full services for users. Yes, software is free, but if it's quality is bad, users cannot get what they want/what the company promises to provide after paying their membership. The long term
  3. I don't mind they make mistakes, but do mind how they deal with it and whether they are willing to learn from it. Usually a company at least has official saying in this case, but after more than a month Evernote has not said and promised anything yet. They updated iOS version for four times (v10.0.1 to 10.0.4) but no further actions for more than two weeks. They updated Mac/Windows but stopped at v10.1.7. The latest action was to further limit number of devices for free users including counting against web version. The customer support also stops replying to me as well. I don't
  4. I never thought of Apple Notes until Evernote v10 sucks. Apple Notes is very solid and reliable and fast. Notebooks can be moved and arranged as I like through drag and drop, unlike in Evernote in which renaming is needed. Unwillingness to communicate with users, just say something through YouTubers' interviews, is a deal breaker for me. They update iOS version to v10.0.4 and stop. They may be working their best insisting on launching the Android version. Nice they have grit like this! If Evernote is sincere, please issue an official statement through your website about the roadmap a
  5. They are trying to step up and challenge more and more users. Unusable iOS version to some mobile users. Mac/Windows versions removing features to larger amount of power, paid users. Free users' number of devices limited (calling up to pay before their new Evernote is complete). For step 3, they have done similar before. The price hike in 2016 without any improvement. I have followed Twitter by searching "Evernote" to see how users respond to the above actions. They have sparked more and more users' frustration for a month. More people addressing Windows issues, and
  6. Thinking that some places like Hong Kong and Taiwan, which can still enjoy the original USD$45/year subscription, will have a price hike to the same as other countries very soon. Next up, (I predict) this forum will be shut down as it provides support for basic free users. To have support please pay first and contact their support team directly. I don't want to criticize the company like this but every their move is showing me they want you to pay (more) while giving you less and worse.
  7. I have been switching to Apple Notes in which notes do not need times to load (already offline), and local notebooks are always on every device. Sketches are not laggy and in high resolution which can be converted into texts and even links if you like. Notes can be printed too. Widgets and Apple Watch are here. Spotlight can show results other than note titles. Yes, there are only notebooks without tags that Ian Small may think as the most ideal, while Apple can make them into n subfolders. Drag and drop makes moving notes from folder to folder without any steps. And these features
  8. I did have before, and EN shows about 5 times compared to notes apps like Notion and Bear with the same screen time. Mac version does have the same problem which can make my MacBook Air turn on.
  9. If you use Facebook for free and you are the product, the case in Evernote is definitely much worse than that. You have paid but you are worse than a product. A toy? No. A ***** labour who have to pay to the employer rather than getting paid. Well said. The worst company I have ever seen in the world.
  10. From releasing the new iOS version I have already called for pulling down and legacy version, urging for an official statement addressing the issue besides the normal customer service. The company ignored almost all of this and still insist on launching Mac/Windows in which much more people are affected. They have missed the opportunities of first round, and also missed the second now, where many users asked for the roadmap and called for moving out. The YouTube clip shared here yesterday about the interview of Ian Small is nothing. Actually I am really shocked to see a company can COMPLE
  11. If he really does something, he should have come here to directly answer users' questions, or post a blog article to address the issue. He at least didn't do something like what former CEO Chris O'Neill did. Ian Small is indeed the worst Evernote CEO ever. Beautiful words alone are only false hopes and scams. Only actions consistent to words can build trust and confidence.
  12. I think everyone has his/her particular needs, so there are no best apps or the best replacement of Evernote. We use Evernote as it suit everyone's different needs. That's it. But when you leave EN, you have to ask yourself which apps suit you most. Yes, Keep It and Nimbus seems similar to Evernote, but their UI and UX can be a bit different in which users can find it not satisfied. This is not the app's fault. For me, I will prefer Notion, Bear and Apple Notes. Notion is in a different approach but I can figure out how to change the way to organise and write notes, but no offli
  13. Having tried local notebooks before, but afraid they can't be seen?
  14. After updating to version 10 all of your notes will be downloaded to your computer from the server. If you check "Save Data" which means you don't have to download them again when logging in again. They now upload every note you create to their server, and no notes can be chosen to stay only local.
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