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  1. I also heard that Craft came with 1.0 almost bug-free. iPad is also my concern as I expect the app can function as on Mac. This is very disappointing when the new Evernote for iPad is just an iPhone app with bigger screen. I use Bear because the functions and interfaces are almost the same on iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can also export and import notes on iPhone and iPad as well. On Evernote, I need to waste more time on Mac when, for example, you add an internal note link (web link on iPhone/iPad vs app link on Mac), create and edit a table (still 3X2 on iPhone), rename an attachment (only
  2. Is it like Notion while it's not an Electron app? I tried Notion before but I just realised it's a sense of control (with various dashboard). I like Evernote just because I can add some colours and formats in my note which helps me think something better. Bear is great as well because of the link function (wiki link and generation of link through searching in note editor). Although text cannot be coloured and there is only one colour in highlight. Not to mention the latest widgets for iOS 14, reliability and speed (2s to open on Mac vs 12s for Evernote), as well as their upcoming new edit
  3. Although I already left Evernote for Bear, I keep trying it when it is updated. But every time I have to delete it again and again. This time: A note added on desktop web version was synced successfully on iPad... after 9 minutes. Notes (>30) downloaded successfully after installing. However when I update some notes, notes need to be redownloading and the process is never completed. Scanned document is still incomplete. The camera does capture the whole area, but I am only allowed to crop within, say 60% of the area. I cannot crop the shape I like as before (just like
  4. or you can email a copy and copy and paste from the copy. Should be a better than nothing solution at this moment.
  5. The only way to copy the image is to save it first and upload it to the place you want. Yes, not a good user experience at all. There were users discussing this issue almost half a year ago, but Evernote officials did not address it.
  6. I understand they are working hard in fixing the app, but stilling not usable for some people is reality which can't be ignored. And I don't think users are ranting as they are explaining how that happens in detail. Empathy with and understanding different kinds of customers is a very important and basic process in designing/rewriting an app.
  7. These has been mentioned since v10.2. They say coming soon but we may end up waiting for at least half a year, so in v10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7... we may see the same coming soon statement. Such a big liar to customers.
  8. Yes, they really need to bring search to whatever situations. Now on Mac you can search online with instant suggestions, and offline without suggestions ('enter' needed after typing keywords). While on iOS you can only search online with instant suggestions, and offline search is impossible even you have all your notes downloaded. They think you can pay for a wifi if you want to search inflight haha!
  9. I downloaded all the notes and search is not possible. I submitted the ticket and the official admits the search is online only. They are considering having this for offline.
  10. Now we can still have an offline access because Evernote allows, but cloud default, sending to cloud first, no local. But for some services like Notion, they totally depend on internet connection. After version 10, it seems Evernote is more dependent on cloud because of cancelling local notes and the new search. I found that I can't search on iOS while I can search (without immediate so called smart search suggestions showing you related tags, notebooks ...) on macOS. Even when there is perfect internet connection I need to wait for the server to update my database. I contact the support
  11. I find it occur when deleting a tag every time. On v10.5.7, macOS v11.1, MacBook Air (2018)
  12. I heard some users said they were notified in their old version to update, which means they were encouraged to download the new version to the old one. Which contradicts what the release note implies that "thinking twice before updating". "Please be aware that..." is just an escape clause that Evernote has NO responsibility when you get this buggy product. This is you who CHOOSE to download the product not ME (EN) who didn't force you to do that. Power users are not their priority, and I don't know who are really their priority. As everyone gets this garbage now.
  13. Late to admit mistakes but better than nothing. However he didn't mention when users were working hard to report bugs and provide feedbacks. As a writer (sorry I forget who) said trust is like a China plate. When it is broken you can't go back to the state before breaking. Even you glue the pieces together.
  14. Yes, better update. But why can't app link be copied in iOS? I can only copy web internal link on iPhone/iPad and so on Mac I open the note link in a browser.
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