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  1. happens to me (ipadpro 2020 latest ipasos using locked landscape mode) when opening an image from within a note
  2. Agree, same with me on an iPad Pro 11" 2020 with Apple Pencil 2 and ios14.01.... How could preproduction release testing not picked this up?
  3. Thanks for checking.... I can see that the emailed notes were received afterall, but arrived in an archived notebook that is not designated as my default notebook. Checked my settings.... seem ok in that what I thought was selected as the default notebook (in Options settings) is the default - strange.... at least I now know where the emailed notes go...
  4. Dont know if it's related to the ios v10 debacle, but today emailed notes (premium function) is not working where the web, windows & android versions are not showing emailed notes. My ios v10.02 is currently revoked until a fit-for-purpose version is available. Notebook-notes alignment issues with ios v10.02 remains, but all ok for the other platforms, eventhough emailed notes function seems broken on all platforms,
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. The web version is correct and aligns with both a windows desktop and laptop versions. I did a reorganisation of my note in notebooks about thee weeks ago, well prior to the ios update, and all versions were at that time all aligned & in-sync with each other. After the ios v10 update, I both deleted & re-installed the new ios app and also revoked the old access. So should have been a clean slate with alignment to web/windows. Sadly, not yet. Showing about 5500 notes in @inbox when that should be almost zero.
  6. Still getting notes in v10.01 incorrectly located in different notebooks compared to properly synced desktop version. Have revoked ios version so as to not undo work done on desktop. Will wait and see if future ios releases work properly ( ie full testing before release as a production version). I pay for a subscription for working alpha’s, I do not provide a free testing service via support mediated troubleshooting. I will use Notion/Pocket on ipad in the interim. Is ios app using an out of date notebook:notes index, rather than syncing to current version ?
  7. While looking like it will become a good app one the development is fit-for-purpose, v10 on ipados14 is very buggy indeed and clearly has not been rigorously tested. It is currently a beta version. I will not open it again until undated as I am fearful of deviant sync from flaky migration of note to v10, and the risk destroying my last several days work as other users have reported. ps tell those AGILE ideologues that they are reputation destroyers, and make sure proper testing is undertaken before an alpha release... this v10 makes you look bad (even though the deign and function intent
  8. Is it just me, i find that ios share to evernote or copy to evernote (depending on app) is very variable deprnding on app and webpage - sometimes renders ok in evernote, other times it will not work and renders jibberish. The bookmarklet javascript work around seems flawed and no longer works, and apoesrs unsupported by evernote guidances. Is there an ios shortcut script option that works? (Pethaps including diffbot?). As the ipad is now a major web content consumption device (pc more for wordprocessing and other non-consumption related activity), the excellent desktop web browser
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