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  1. When I paste text from Word without bullets, Evernote preserves the blank lines in between paragraphs. However, when I paste text from Word that had bullets, all the blank lines go away and the paragraphs are all adjacent to each other which doesn't look nice. I've seen a number of problems over the years related to bulleted text from Word, and wanted to know if this was now fixed or is still an issue.
  2. My issue is that I have manual breaks to create space between my paragraphs in Word. When I copy to Evernote without bullets, the line spacing remains. When I copy text from Word with bullets, all the blank lines between paragraphs disappear. Even with this technique.
  3. I'm looking for where it sends a copy of the note via email to the recipient. Just like in the Windows version.
  4. I'm on the market for a new computer. My two biggest applications are Quicken and Evernote. I have about 10,000 notes. I am often clipping notes and cleaning them up. Other than that, I use my computer for E-mail, Internet, Word, Powerpoint, a little Excel, a little statistical software, and that's about it. But I use it A LOT. My computer is my key productivity tool. I currently have a Thinkpad Yoga and my last two work computers have been Thinkpad (current one is T480S). Given my usage of Evernote, should I buy the lower pricing Ideapad that is more for home use, or stick with a Thinkpad. I already get upset when Evernote releases a version that does't perform, so I'd hate if the computer couldn't handle it. Would like perspective of others who have used Evernote on an Ideapad.
  5. Does the new version of Web Client have this feature yet? Whenever I need to Send a Copyo of a Note to someone, I always have to drop down to the older version, fill out the survey why (where I keep telling them this), and then Share, E-mail to send a note by E-mail. I just want to make sure I have not somehow missed this feature in the Classic or Beta versions of Evernote Web. Lack of this is the only thing I don't like about the Classic version.
  6. I meant that other than the ENEX files, I won't be adding anything later on. My plan is to import each ENEX file, then Sync On Demand, which will hopefully then remove it from my hard drive. Then import the next ENEX, sync on demand, and it'll go up to the cloud, etc. Once they are all there, I'll be done, and will only interact this account via the web version.
  7. Thank you, this may work. Note that I do not plan to add to these data. Just importing some ENEX to search in the future. No adding it. I will try it out.
  8. I have a number of ENEX files (no tags) on external hard drives that are rather large (~2 GB) that I'd like to pull together to create one big searchable Evernote, on the web. On the web, because it will likely be too big for my computer's hard drive. And probably with a different E-mail address so it is separate from my main Evernote account. Any suggestions on how to go about creating it given that Evernote Web does not have importing of ENEX as a capability, and the limited space on my hard drive. I thought about importing each ENEX, one at a time, into my main account, perhaps sharing the notebook with the other account, then going into the other account in Windows and copying it over to a non-shared notebook, and then deleting the shared one, flipping back in Windows to the other account, and so forth (which may or not may work). Or perhaps going into my preferences to change the Evernote directory to the external hard for a short time while I do this. Or something else. Any suggestions on how to do this? Essentially importing into an Evernote account with minimal use of hard disk space.
  9. I think I found it. Under my name, switched there.
  10. How do I get Previous Version? I only see Beta and Classic.
  11. On the Windows (and Android) version, I frequently E-mail a Copy of a note to people. How do I do that in the web version?
  12. I export my notes often. Today, for the first time, when it created the ENEX file, it created 6 ENEX files, each starting with the same name, [2], [3], [4], etc, all about the same size. I'm used to ONE .enex file. And what I exported isn't that large compared to other things I've exported. Can someone explain if something has changed or if I am doing something differently?
  13. So it happened again. This time the email message only has one PPTX. After researching it, I think this (attachment coming in as a PNG image) when the email message is in RTF format. In this case, when I edited the message in Outlook and converted it to HTML, it clipped into Evernote with the attachment intact
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