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  1. I find interacting with Evernote to be a frustrating experience. For example, on issue that still isn't resolved after many months is pasting a combination of bulleted text and non-bulleted text from Word to Evernote for Windows 10. They respond in an inconherent way, and keep asking the questions that are apparent in the screens shots and videos I send. After all that time going back and forth, they tell me they don't have a timeline to resolve.
  2. Thanks for the responses. About an hour later, the scans did come into my Evernote. It's just whenever something isn't working in Evernote, I fear they made some change and won't fix it for awhile, if ever. I should clarify why I do scans this way. I have an Epson printer. One of the possible Destinations in the Scan to Cloud setting is Evernote, and for that, one must use the Evernote E-mail address. My computer is not part of the process. The printer is downstairs, not far from the door, so when important snail mail comes in, it can be quickly scanned (though most is scanned to Dropbox, not Evernote).
  3. I was scanning on my printer this morning, which is setup to send to my Evernote email address. I scanned 11, which got to my Evernote (~5 MB) but then none came into the database after that. The printer scan log shows 6 more scans that were sent, but is has been a half hour and none have gone into my database. I am a Premium member and it says I have 98% remaining with 7 days left in my month. Could it be some type of Evernote SPAM filter? Will they come later?
  4. I realize I reported this problem with pasting bulleted text from Microsoft Word to Evernote back in November. Today I was pasting something with nested bullets, and it stil is appearing out of order. I get so frustrated when interacting with Tech Support so I don't think I'll report it, but wanted to post on this thread about it.
  5. Thanks everyone as I able to restore Evernote 8.13.3 on my tablet since I've never been able to make Version 10 on Android work for me. And even on PC, I use 10 some of the time, but still feel comfortable with the older version.
  6. I am having this same problem on my tablet which has the lastest version of Evernote. Makes it unusable. Can't pull up a note because as I scroll, it closes. Luckily I have blocked updates on my phone so still using an old version of Evernote there.
  7. I'm very happy to see that E-mail a Copy has returned. Loss of this feature has been the main reason I've been unhappy with Evernote, since I clip articles, highlight them, and send to others. Very happy to see this back. I'll be much more positive now!
  8. Evernote Support told me it was fixed in later versions of Evernote Web, and that I was running 5.33. And that my upgrade was delayed because I have 10,000 notes. That's what they told me a month ago too, that I had to get my Evernote Web upgraded. And then wala, today, the problem seems fixed. Even though I am still on Evernote Web 5.33.
  9. I've been using Evernote for 10 years so perhaps I'm mixing up platforms. I'm noticing on the web client, if I start to search for something, it is not giving me hints. Was that always the case? Or is this new? I thought it would give hints of a possible title or tag match, but maybe that is only the new Windows and Android version?
  10. Thanks for letting me know. I'm still on 10.6.9, as I am not beta testing anymore. So I'll look for it the next time and update comes out.
  11. Yes, would really like this. On my Windows, I keep both versions.
  12. Luckily, my IT Desk folks are reasonable. They told me today that Evernote was originally blocked on the Corporate network, but people provided justifications so they unblocked it. They want me to write a couple sentences to justify unblocking it on the guest network, and indicated it would likely work. So let me do that and be set. They also gave me an URL I can use instead to get on evernote.com, but that wouldn't work on the Android App.
  13. The problem I'm having with the web client has been reported before where a PDF attachment looks like just plain text of the file name. It has to do with whether the note is HTML or not. If one can break the HTML, which I think I can do with the Windows client, v10, then it is possible. I reported it when I did the beta testing, and created a thread for it, but it hasn't been resolved. Unfortunately, I think the blocking of it is from my own company, and only on the guest network. I can't even get on these forums on the guest network. But I can with the corporate network as I am now. I can't use my company laptop to access the PDF because it is accessing via the web client. Similarly, my work phone doesn't have Evernote installed (and we are supposed to stay on the guest network with our work phones).
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