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  1. I added the tag "++" to about 10 of my notes for which I need to save the PDF file. However, when I do a search for "++", it is not coming up. I find a note with "++", do a Filter by Tag, and yet nothing is coming up. I really need to find the notes I just tagged with "++" so I can print them! And I have to say, the whole process of tagging and such is so clunky because of all these slight delays.
  2. I'm working from home today and here's something interesting -- it's all working fine. Attachment previews, including PDFs and PNG/JPGs, show in Evernote. Whereas when I am at work, they are not showing. So quite interesting. It does sync at work. Previously, they didn't work at home. So let's see what happens today.
  3. Thank you for responding. When I installed it last week, I used the Evernote website. I can try that again. My IT would not approve of me installing applications on my own, but they don't stop you. And it syncs fine (at my previous job, Evernote syncing was blocked). Just the attachments won't open. On the legacy Evernote, they opened fine.
  4. My work computer got forcibly upgraded to Windows 11 and I lost all my applications, including my legacy version of Evernote (which could pull up information, just couldn't sync). So now i installed Evernote 10 on my work computer. It mostly works, however, it can't open up any attachments. I CAN open up attachments on my personal computer Evernote. So I wanted to report this. Is there a way perhaps to move the data file that may have an affect? Note, I have no problem opening up these attachments on Evernote web, though then I have to download it. And, as many have noted, it takes forever to Evernote Web to pull up.
  5. Ah, I see now. Oh wow, they even have Priorities now. Trying to compete with ToDoist, which I started using a few months ago and really love.
  6. I went to Evernote Web. It said 50% of personal. I clicked, and it said unable to validate the promo code. Over the weekend, I tried this with another offer they had the top. I hope it is not bait and switch.
  7. Thank you for providing this reference. I learned some things there. But I did not see a way, in the Tasks View, to hide the tasks that are Completed. That means when look in the Notes view in Tasks, it is less useful to me because it has sorted the notes alphabetically, and most are Completed.
  8. So I see some benefits to the new Task view. But when I view it by Notes, or Notebooks, it starts with all my completed Tasks. Wish there was a way to remove those from the view. And wish I could sort by Note AND Due Date.
  9. Yes, and when I travelled last week, I made sure to sync my tablet beforehand, and while at the airport. However, today, I was just going out to a local soccer game. Disappointed even content that I hadn't touched, downloaded weeks ago, wasn't accessible. Another reason why I liked the old Evernote better. While my tablet and work phone have upgraded, I still haven't upgraded my personal phone. I just stopped syncing, so I can access everything that is there, but can't add anything new.
  10. I have a To Read notebook where I clip articles that I plan to read later. It is setup on my wifi only tablet for offline access so I can read it anywhere. Today, April 27, I open my tablet at my kids soccer game and most notes, even ones I've read on here before, our unavailable. With dates of April 12, April 19, and April 24. Now I admit, I have not opened the tablet on Evernote in a few days. But still, what I read on this tablet last week should still be available.
  11. My scan from Epson still works. But I think mine is using the email address.
  12. I agree with lionx because it allows me to find things very fast. And internal shortcuts. I never annotate pictures, and am not a big fan of Home, but I might give it a second thought after the comments here.
  13. I have submitted so many support tickets for problems with bullets, since 2021. My issue is that when you paste from another application (e.g. Word) , text that is a combination of normal text and bullets, when it appears in Evernote, it shifts the text so all the bulleted text appear after the non-bulleted text.
  14. I am just not sure of an alternative. PC, like E-mail notes, depend on web clipper, need tags. Need searching within attachments (which OneNote does not do). Need to import about 16,000 notes. No need for calendar integration, no need for Tasks.
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