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  1. I just noticed the same problem: the tags-list shows the correct number of notes in brackets, but if I filter by tags it only shows a few or even zero notes with that tag. I logged out, and also re-installed the app. At first things seemed to be back to normal but now I have the same problem again. I'm not sure if the problem was gone and came back, or if I only tried 2good" tags by accident after re-installation.
  2. I just wanted to post a separate bug report, but I think it is linked to your topic/discovery. I also have a couple notes that were created with the "scan a document"-funktion. They all show the same, generic icon. But more important (to me): The "documents" were not OCRed, at least the text in the images isn't showing when I search words from these documents. I noticed this today, when I was looking for one of the documents. Then I tried three "document-scans" (all showing printed text in a good quality): I couldn't search for any of them with search terms inside the foto. I was won
  3. Looks like something is off with the automated update of your version. My current windows version is: v10.8.4 Editor: V 118.1.15148 Service: V 1.28.1 I would suggest you re-install Evernote 10, if your version is still at 10.2.
  4. I would not want to get rid of the free canvas as the baseline - I would just prefer it if I could choose a paper size and see the sketch reduced to that format. But as I said above: that would only make sense combined with an overall strategy for excellent note-printing. And I admit that this may be an overall bad focus for a html-based note app. Probably better to drop a word/publisher/whatever-file into the note whenever you need dedicated options for printing / paper size.
  5. A detail that I found out pretty much by accident: At least on a touchscreen you can move around the canvas, if you use a two-finger-gesture. With two fingers you can zoom in/out AND also move around on the canvas, if you place both next to each other. (I just checked: this sitll isn't mentioned in the help-article about the sketch-feature that I linked in my post above. And the paper color selector mentioned there still doesn't exist in the actual sketch-feature.)
  6. Do you people have opinions on Boxcryptor as an alternative? To encrypt the files that can then be stored in OneDrive / Dropbox / Google Drive/ etc.? https://www.boxcryptor.com/en/ (It is supposed to de-/encrypt files locally in a way that only the encrypted version is uploaded to the cloud.)
  7. I deleted a few notebooks. Evernote always asked "Do you really want to delete this notebook?" My suggestion: This pop-up should show the name of the notebook which is going to be deleted, so I can recognize if I klicked the one above or below the correct one by accident.
  8. ^ Yes. It shows Evernote 10.0 and behind that the (1107959)
  9. This is currently the case with the new android-app. Widgets are supposed to be added back in later. Here is a quote from the release information: Source:
  10. If you delete a tag on the new desktop-version, the "are you sure..."-security question contains the actual tag that you are going to delete. The android-version only asks something like "are you sure you want to delete this tag", but doesn't tell you which tag you are actually deleting. I would prefer the same behavior that the new windows-client has. Before I delete a tag I would like to confirm that I didn't open the menu via a neighboring, heavily used tag by accident.
  11. @PastorPaulReynoldsI'm sorry. I have no idea and too little time to start tinkering with something like that at the moment.
  12. I always begin any new note with a title. I would like to have a setting in the preferences to set the curser in any new note in the title-field and not the main note area. (The same is true on windows and on web, by the way.)
  13. Ah, I'm sorry. I posted right after getting up, apparently I wasn't fully awake - didn't see the "detail" with the modified Android-version your smartphone uses. As for older versions: I'm just saying that the description in the app-store makes another claim - of course I have no idea if that is correct or an mistake.
  14. I remembered this statement: Source: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055388913 Seems like it may take a while, and that in should be available on Android 11 as well. In the description of the new app in the store (already got the update, Android 10 though) it also says Android 10 upwards. Morever there is a statement in there that Android 6, 7, 8 & 9 are going to be supported later on: Here is a screenshot of the play store (german version):
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