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  1. I just played around with the new sketch mode. This is in my opinion a huge improvement to Evernote on Windows. (No sketches were one of the main reason why I switched to OneNote years ago, and I would be glad if the Evernote 10 grows into a tool that could replace it again. So this is a great step in my opinion, even if the main application still needs to grow a lot further.) Here a few recommendations for further improvement: 1) an easy way to move around on the canvas I found no easy way to freely move around the drawing area in order to see different parts of a sketch
  2. Yes. Especially if features are dropped for good. For example I'm afraid this may be the case for import folders, because these probably won't work on all clients. Should I accept this and move on or do I just need to wait? No idea... (As to the communication so far: I was also impressed with the "behind the scenes"-videos, but the communication around the new clients was disappointing (besides the bugs). If you drop a whole bunch of features and the new client is much, much slimmer (-> less capable) at least say so up front, together with some explanation about the next st
  3. I am using windows / android. Around 2014 I bought a 2-in-1 laptop with an integrated pen. Evernote didn't offer pen-support under Windows and OneNote did (and does) a good job with that, at least under windows. The webclipper was (and is, in my opinion) decent under windows as well. And I rarely needed to save and search scans or pdf-files. Never used reminders inside Evernote or GPS-based notes. Most of my notes are actual written notes (ideas / concepts / memos / etc.) or web-clips about topics that I could sort well by notebooks and subcategories. OneNote worked better at that time for me
  4. Same here: Fingers crossed. I'm hoping that Evernote overcomes the challenges of all the technical dept and pulls off the new versions. Personally, I'm hoping it turns out well because I would prefer a refreshed Evernote over the OneNote I am mainly using at the moment. I rejoined premium last fall to play with it and gäbe some feedback in the preview program. But the Lack of communication is starting to irritate me - I liked the new style of communication, both in the blog posts and especially the video-updates. I get that such compex projects usually take longer than
  5. I'm currently having another look at Evernote for at least some of my files / notes. (I used Evernote around 2011 but drifted over to OneNote and stayed there till now.) To me, this seems pretty necessary as well. If I wanted to switch all my notes over to Evernote some of them would be pretty personal. Sure, I could log out of Evernote, but in day-to-day life this isn't always practical (working and moving back and forth from the laptop, especially working with a group of people) and in my experience people often forget to lock even their screens. Evernote even offers a pr
  6. Yes, this would be a good feature for a note-taking app that prides itself with the ability to index handwritten notes if you take them with pen and paper and shoot a picture afterwards. Personally, I'm mainly a OneNote user for a long time, especially thanks to their pen support, but at the moment I'm taking another look at Evernote, probably at least to store some types of files. I'm still using a 2014 (?) first generation thinkpad yoga with pen support and I have no plans to switch back to a regular laptop once this breaks. Quick, handwritten annotations / markings in pdfs or enri
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