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  1. Thanks, @PinkElephant!! I'll check this out in the morning to see what's what. Did you have to adjust default settings in Safari (assuming you use Safari) in order to successfully get to the area for actually submitting tickets/opening up a new ticket to get support?
  2. .... just tested on a family member's new MacBook Pro using Safari, connecting through Verizon hotspot. Same account. Same loop... no error messages. Next I'll try out a new account. Since I'm not an Apple guy, would Safari block Evernote.com Logins by default? @PinkElephant, would you by chance know this? 🤔
  3. I'm starting to wonder if this loop thing is an account specific problem only... and unrelated to any other variable. Interesting Discoveries: I noticed that if I enter in my username with a wrong password in the web login... it says I changed the password 98 days ago, yet if I use my email address with the wrong password, it says I changed the password 30 days ago. Hmmm... wth? Also tried various "Submit a Ticket" / "Contact Support" links with my new Windows laptop using both Edge and Chrome. Same issues. Since I'm not too familiar with the new version of Edge, I worked with Chrome to check more into it. I found only TWO things within Chrome which were initially set to be blocked within evernote.com; Intrusive Ads and Insecure Content. I then set both to ALLOW.... and tried all over again. Same issue. Endless loop. This is on a new laptop. Tried on multiple ISPs. With not seeing a plethora of other users having this issue, I highly doubt it's related to the ISP, default Firewall or default AV settings. Some instances of the Login didn't have the ReCAPTCHA option listed. Weird. I've tried a few dozen times and it's sporadic. One thing I'd love to find out if it's specifically related to those that had the Legacy/older accounts. ( I've been a member since 2008. ) Should we do a poll to get to the bottom of this? Is there even a poll option in this forum?
  4. We know what it says...Lol. Soooo, as mentioned previously with this being a fresh install of Firefox, what might be helpful to know/consider... is that the browser might actully be the best place to look for these types of issues... FIRST... and FOREMOST- instead of going through all of the other ancillary hoopla networking variables before that. I didn't disable any pop-ups. Firefox browser... by default... may have blocked it- according to Evernote's message. I'll be looking into the Firefox browser to see if it's truly blocking it through a pop-up blocking agent or something. I haven't used Firefox in over a decade and this was my first install of it on this tablet, so should be a good place to do some testing for it. (Instead of my preferred browser; Chrome)
  5. I've had that problem for over a year. Today, I simply wanted to try sketch now that I have a tablet... and it doesn't work. Wanted to create a ticket to get that fixed before renewing. Not going to pay $130/ year for this madness....especially if we can't even open support tickets.<facepalm> It's nothing related to the network on my end. Tried multiple ISPs. This is now all being done on my tablet right now even, same issue. Even tried multiple browsers in which EN says are supported. Brand new install of Firefox.... even gets error message. See attached. I was surprised to finally at least get an error message. I think in the past, I eventually got a direct link to create a support ticket, which worked. That was in the past. Pop up settings in the browser were also an issue in the past for logins. Haven't bothered much with web stuff for evernote since...until now again. Ugh.
  6. I have searched and will continue to gather more information. 😀 I appreciate your response! And you are most welcome; s2sailor, to also add your opinion on the matter here if you'd like. Did you receive a very short notice for the price increase? Or how far in advance did they tell you about the price increase for you?
  7. Hiya Back, gazumped! Thanks for responding! Yeah, I'm not looking for guarantees of quality from Evernote users, I'm simply asking for other's opinions and insights into the matter. I'm sure you can understand where I'm coming from and why I'd be asking.
  8. I knew there was a price increase... BUT that for me was the increase from $34.99 to $49.99 in 2023. That was just last year. This year... TODAY... after getting the "Congrats! You can now use Professional for Free" pop-up window, I sensed something was up so I went into my account. I then find there will be an increase from the $49.99 to $129.99 for me.... and that starts later this month on my normal billing date for the year. So I checked my email today to see if they even notified me about the latest price hike. Turns out they did... 13 DAYS AGO. So for me, they notified me of the price hike in less than one month before I'll be billed at that $129.99. Questions: How much notice did you get about the price increase (via email)... if you had a similar "grandfathered" ordeal like I must have had? And before I start making calls... Has support and the software improved significantly over the last year... to stick around and not take all of my "notes" elsewhere? (I've had to adjust my "normal" organizational strategy over the years with using the software due to the many issues it had, and I haven't made the time yet to go back and see if things have been resolved. My understanding is that they have new owners, but this latest price hike customer-experience has me seriously questioning their business practices and the software.)
  9. Just got a Tablet with an S Pen to take advantage of the Sketch option within Evernote. Didn't work at all for me. Sketch opens, but you can't write anything with the s pen nor a finger. Is this still an issue for others too?
  10. @PinkElephant hello again. QUESTION. I'm looking to export all of my notebooks and notes... but apparently you can ONLY backup the NOTES... and not the notebooks. At least that's how I'm reading it from the link you provided. It says: Select a notebook or the specific notes that you want to export. Right-click on selected note(s) and select Export.... Am I missing something? I right-click on my notebook in the left pane (Evernote for Windows Desktop App) and don't have an option for backing up the notebook. In my previous version of Evernote, I had scheduled backups to run of the entire Evernote database. Is this no longer an option too in Evernote 10.xxx??? I can move this to a different thread/post if necessary. Just saw it was related to IOS and I'm having the same issue but with Windows.
  11. It took all but 10 seconds for us to see it become a compounding problem. Not your typical users here. We've reached out to the leadership team. 🤞
  12. Do you know by chance how many notes you work with daily? For reference, we work with about 100 per day... viewing, updating, creating, etc. I'm almost thinking of contacting their leadership team to see if things are going to change soon.
  13. @s2sailor Sadly, we've been down this road before with many saas companies. If something as simple as the issue we're talking about here (viewing a note from search updates the note) hasn't been fixed in months... there's usually a MUCH bigger problem going on that they're unwilling to share. UGGH... this sucks. And I've read the info from the link you provided- thanks. Not good. I'm going to guess they haven't communicated much else to everyone either about the current issues they're trying to resolve- in specifics. Question for you... how are you working around it? Just curious.... since to me this is a deal-breaker and such a devastating issue that would completely mess up and cripple my process.
  14. Worst. news. of. the. year. I trusted my gut with not upgrading since 6.22... until I was forced to today. This hurts my heart. 😭 Might have to go elsewhere.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
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