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  1. In Windows 10, the best way I've found is to just use the Emoji shortcut: Windows Key + ; (semicolon) Other option is to... Use the Touch Keyboard: Right-click on the Windows Taskbar and choose "Show Touch Keyboard Button".... which then places a little keyboard icon/button in the lower right side of the taskbar. Then you simply click that when you need to use emojis: There's an Emoji key right next to the spacebar on that virtual keyboard. The On Screen Keyboard on the other hand (Windows Key + O ... didn't have an Emoji key- at least not for me. Not sure why that is... but I'm totally fine with the options mentioned above.
  2. +1 Anyone have a link to the original Feature Request for this? And... is there a specific place we are to go for submitting Feature Requests, as opposed to just randomly posting about them here? Thanks!
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