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  1. Thanks, but I believe I'm already up to date: Evernote 10.5.7 , ScanSnap Checking for updates doesn't show any newer version for both applications. Thanks! I was sure there was no feedback button in the app, thus posted here. But now that I looked again, you're right, it's there!
  2. Thank you for pointing out my options. The intention behind my post was to give feedback to the development team not to ask for help.
  3. I have the same issue - it's a real hassle if you scan a lot of documents you get a ton of these new notebooks (see screenshot). It wouldn't be that much of a problem if I could easily delete the notebooks after having moved the contained notes to their final destination. But deleting a notebook is hard labor: at least 4 clicks required per notebook and miles of mouse travel.
  4. I would love to use Evernote at work, but uploading meeting minutes and other confidential data to the cloud is not an option. Therefore, we would like to host our own Evernote server on our premises. We're a fast growing company with 1k+ employees.
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