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  1. This is one of the various reasons why EN 10 is flipping useless compared to EN 6. On EN6 we can disable automatic sync, to avoid any encrypted text getting uploaded in its unencrypted state. Consider that between the time you create some content in EN and encrypt it, it may already have been uploaded and in EN10 there is no control over this process. This and the removal of local notebooks means it's very difficult to secure any data that goes up to EN's servers. Encrypted file attachments in notes aren't useful to me, though I accept that's a decent enough workaround for others. I've had enough - been with EN since 2007 but I'm reluctantly shifting everything to Joplin and will let my sub lapse when it's due for renewal in April.
  2. I finally got round to reporting this, and I've referenced this discussion in the ticket. The ticket number is #3122468.
  3. I've been meaning to raise this issue for ages. Evernote should not react to a drag-and-drop event unless something is dropped on it. Most of the time you wouldn't notice this issue if the file that happens to be getting dragged across an EN window is small. In my case I have a Premium account but this crops up if I happen to be dragging video files around. EN will complain that the file exceeds the 200MB limit and causes the drag action to be cancelled.
  4. The portable launcher linked to in ab1kenobee's post of Feb 15 works just fine. I'm in a similar position, not having admin rights on my work PC, but the portable launcher works perfectly with the current version of EN, and allows EN to update itself in the normal way.
  5. Liam Gretton

    Beta testing

    I got an invite too to a new beta testing programme, but the link just takes me to my Evernote notes. Previous such beta tests had a dedicated forum, but either that's not the case now, or it was supposed to be accessible via the link provided.
  6. I primarily use Evernote for creating text notes, with occasional attachments so I'm particularly sensitive to problems with and changes to the editor. I don't mind not being able to sprinkle dozens of fonts throughout a note, and a sparse selection of fonts is ok for me but only if I can override that choice and specify which fonts I want to use. For example the monospace font used in the code blocks is not to my liking, but there's no way of changing it. I don't really care if fonts don't map perfectly across devices (it's been broken in that respect at least for Android forever anyway). I'm very glad there's being some effort put into the editor at last, but there's an awful lot of white space and light-grey-on-white design.
  7. Why has this moved from 'Product Feedback/Feature Requests' where the beta discussions usually reside?
  8. I think they slip out unannounced when they know they can't in all honesty trumpet any new features, in the full knowledge that the problems reported in the previous beta still remain.
  9. The custom dictionary is broken for me in 6.15 beta too, but I know it used to work. I'll test with 6.14 tomorrow. To reproduce: add a new nonsense word to the dictionary. Exit Evernote, restart. It will mark the word just added as being misspelled. I have a user.dic file in C:\Users\user\Evernote\Dict but it doesn't get updated. Just another feature that gets mysteriously broken like so many others.
  10. I'd love to see some control over the code block style. I use DejaVu Sans Mono and have a particular code block style in EN that I've adopted for years in the absence of any useful style controls. I've got used to wading through the font dialogue box multiple times to do this. The code block feature would be very useful to me if only it had some definition controls. It's completely useless to me as it is unfortunately.
  11. I'm on Windows 10, went from 6.13 GA to this beta. My DPI settings are 100% (even though I have a 4k monitor), I've never changed that. I've not touched the executable's compatibility settings either. I have rebooted recently while EN was running, I applied some MS patches very recently and would have let Windows deal with shutting applications down. Not sure whether that was before or after 6.14b1 was installed though.
  12. I lost my toolbar settings too. Even stranger, there's a single row of pixels visible of selectable text just beneath the toolbar. Dragging it out into a text editor and it turns out to be some metadata about a completely unrelated note to the one I'm currently looking at, one that's not even in the same notebook. In this case the text is as so: reated: 2018-07-23 10:32 Updated: 2018-07-23 10:44 Tags: Problems, RFS, Samba/CIFS It doesn't matter if I change notebooks or notes, the same hidden text is there.
  13. May I suggest your development team experiments with new programming models in its own lab rather than on us? The focus issue has been driving me nuts for months now, it's symptomatic of EN's general disregard for basic testing and quality control and is tipping me over the edge to jump ship. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  14. Lots of sync problems with 6.13.14. Seems to be server side this time, but could just be the client mucking the negotiation up: 14:21:50 [INFO ] [15048] [1656] 0% Loaded updateCount: 38589 14:21:50 [ERROR ] [15048] [1656] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 503, error: Service Unavailable 14:21:54 [INFO ] [15048] [12332] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 14:21:54 [ERROR ] [15048] [12332] * error: Sync failed due to unexpected problem server side The client grinds to a halt for minutes at a time as a result. Currently checking out Joplin...
  15. You can edit in one window and keep a view in the main one (or vice versa), but while editing in one, the other will get its view reset every few seconds back to the top. So you're fine if your note happens to fit in a window with no scrolling, buggered otherwise.
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