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  1. For a couple of days or weeks I noticed the following behavior: I have Evernote in the background, but parts of the Evernote window with the note area are visible. I drag a big files (e.g. .MP4 video or .wav) from the Windows File Explorer to another application to drop it there. But as soon as I move the mouse with the image over the Evernote note, Evernote gives me a warning that I cannot add the file to Evernote as it is generally too big or I have no upload quota left. It seems like this does not happen with other smaller files. Like .jpg images. When I did some testing suddenly the content of the note disappears. Even if I click on another note the note area stays empty. A restart helps. Had to do that a couple of times.
  2. How should this work? The checkbox "Clear context on search" is set. The registry key is also set to 1. But when I use the search box and a notebook was previously selected the context is not reset and it only searches in the current notebook. It should always search in all notebooks by default!
  3. But then the note preview window becomes so small. As I wrote above I like to have the note list next to the note - not above. And I don't like to switch permanently between Snippet Preview and Top List. I also tried side list but it is not really configurable (e.g. hide all columns except title and wrap it) Problem is also that the snippet view does not show the notebook so I usually add a hint to the notebook in the title -> longer titles which often start with similar words.
  4. I'd like to have the note list to the left of the notes. But there is no note view type which displays the full title if the title is more than e.g. 5-6 words long. I do not want a preview, just the full (wrapped) title and tags. Date would also be fine. It's quite frustrating that you can't see the full title in the search result for notes.
  5. I also have to admit that in 6.0 some features have been added which kept me desperately searching for other solutions. But this new search function is unusable for me. Strange thing is: I could not find ResetContextOnSearch in this Registry location. And when I create it (DWORD 32 or DWORD 64) it is removed as soon as I start Evernote. Any suggestions? I'm using the newest Evernote (just checked for updates) Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your reply. The list view could help in some situations. I have some notebooks, most of them nested. And I though I could quickly find the right one by searching for notes and navigating from the note to it's notbook. But so I have to manually search in the nested notebooks.
  7. I want to add a note to a notebook. But first I search for similar notes so that I can add the new note in the same notebook. Maybe I'm blind, but I have not found a method to open the notebook where a note is in when I'm viewing this note. Is there such a function?
  8. Does anybody know if there is finally a solution to this. Just started to use evernote a bit more again and it's so hard to work on longer texts, especially if the text layout is rather homogeneous. Every other programms scolls 3 lines, but Evernote 12! Line numbers would also be fine to not become lost in evernote notes.
  9. Still no option? When I scroll in Ultraedit, it scrolls 3 lines at once. In the Source View of Mails in Thunderbird its 6. But in Evernote its 12 or 13 lines! I just had copied a lot of similar looking text with some empty lines in between into Evernote. When I scroll i get completely lost, where I am. 12 is absolutely not usefull. It's really annoying that Evernote has so many features but lacks in some fundamental ones (e.g. text editing) or this here.
  10. Can't we have to option to create simple text only notes? Similar to a source code editor. In 95% of all cases I want text only notes (bold text for some sort of captions would be fine). But editing this HTML/WYSIWIG text is often very annoying. E.g. I have code snippets. But the line break handling ist rather intended for regular text. Or I want to copy a word within a text line in the Evernote editor into a Secure Shell command window. For some reason Evernote adds line breaks before the words.. (If i only select the IP address in "[client 6x.2x9.7x.2x]", copy it and then paste it somewhere else I get a line break before the first number and two after the last number (!?)) Another issues are the line brakes. Eg. If I want to copy parts (a few lines) of log files for further investigation, they are difficult to read if there is an automatic line brake. So here I would like to scroll the window. UltraEdit has solved this with a button where you can switch between scrolling and line brakes. I'd really like to have text onle notes!
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