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  1. 實際上Evernote的搜尋一直都怪怪的…XDDDD 試試以下: 重製全文字搜尋索引 ,最佳化資料庫等等動作 => 一時之間找不到操作手冊,好像是alt+右鍵點說明,裡面找一找會找到 把Snow用英文引號裝起來 => "Snow" 只打部份字,再後續加上其它條件篩選 => Sno加上日排序,或是記得同一文中也有別的字加上一起找,或是加上tag來找 用其它版本,不同作業系統Evernote Client試試,看看結果會不會相同 也許無法完全解決你的問題,參考參考。
  2. Hi. I have a large note, about >100MB note. My subscription was ended earlier and I wasn't aware I have such a note. Now I cannot edit, sync or even tag this note. Moving it directly to a local notebook is not an option because that would require syncing. So I plan to: 1. Export it into .enex 2. Import it back into a local notebook But it turned out to be not possible. I can only import note <25MB because this window will show up while I am doing the importing step. Although I would like to directly import it into a local notebook (no syncing) but I can't. The other possible solution would be: 1. Split main note (>100MB) into several smaller notes (<25MB each) ahead 2. Export into .enex 3. Import .enex back into a local notebook But I am afraid this may consume all my quota this month. Which is totally unfair because I was trying to import into a local notebook. Is there any other possible solution? Thanks for reading.
  3. I was trying to use sandbox account with this beta client by following this and failed. I can only use my production account to login. It was working fine for version 6.12.3 GA (App Store version).
  4. 您是指:「將文字內容寄到某指定信箱,會變成新的一則記事。」 這個功能嗎? 再者,您所謂「無法再寄送」是指?有無出現任何錯誤訊息?
  5. 記事本可以有多本。 但是,目前版本,堆疊下只能再有一層,也就是說總共兩層。 我知道標籤(Tag)並不是您要求的,但是它可以多層。 如果您無論如何都想要多層結構,可以考慮看看標籤這個替代方案。 據說很久以前的版本是可以很多層,後來被改掉了。 我印象中,這個功能從我剛開始用Evernote,就已經被討論很多次,許多使用者都很想要這個功能。 但是Evernote硬的很,完全沒有要改的意思。 附上最新的戰區
  6. I just switched to another EN account to test for you and the warning showed up for this account while no warning for my main account. It could be different for each account. Maybe you should wait a little bit and retry.
  7. I get it. So it's totally possible to assign a serial of tags to an existing note. I will just have to design dialogs matches my own flow. Will give it a try. Thanks a lot!
  8. I believe this is the same issue. Bad news. For 6.8.1 beta, it's still there.
  9. Actually, I didn't. I simply checked "Hide unassigned tags" and there happened to be only GTD tags assigned to that note. By following certain tag naming convention, I don't feel there is a need to do so. I am not sure I understand your solution correctly. I suppose that you typically create a new GTD note by selecting one template from the dialog you programmed with AppleScript. Is that correct? If so, it seems to be a pretty good solution to me. It would definitely speed up my creating process. I would love to take some time to tinker around AppleScript. Is it possible to even generate our own "tag picker dialog" with AppleScript? There are times I have to edit tag list of an existing note. btw, I know nothing about AppleScript. So if it sounds silly...
  10. What I am searching for The "Assign Tags" dialog on Windows, for Mac. I found a great reply implied that there was no equivalent functionality on Mac back in 2015. What I am trying to do My implementation of GTD workflow relies heavily on tags. For example, every note should have assigned at least one project, context, energy, time, and priority tags. For each note, there are about 5~10 tags assigned to it. On Windows client, the "Assign Tags" dialog helped a lot. I can see all assigned tags in one same view while editing tags. For Mac client, even with editor window maximized, it is not unusual the single-lined tags field cannot display all the tags assigned. Especially with the relatively small screen of MacBook. Workaround Copying tags field to a text editor (or simply another new note). It would become a comma-separated list. With line-wrap turned on, I was able to refer to that list while editing tags field. Beside the "Assign Tags" dialog solution, "multi-lined tags field" were also suggested to solve a similar problem. Personally, I prefer the "Assign Tags" dialog. I know some people implement GTD using tags too. I was wondering if they are facing the same problem, and how they deal with it. Any kind of suggestion would be welcome. Thanks.
  11. 不太懂您要的是不是這個: 我是使用6.7.5.5825 (305825) Public (CE Build ce-1.28.2184)版。 使用Ctrl-M增加,Ctrl-Shift-M減少。 或是Tab增加,Shift-Tab減少。 至於最近evernote在搞什麼…,聽說是在把整個編輯區翻掉重寫,因為新功能表格的關係。 所以和編輯區相關,不管是編輯或是顯示,都出現無法理解的Bug。 如果有在用Evernote工作或是學習的人,現在這階段停在6.6版可能比較好。
  12. Updated: I think it's back to normal again. Can anybody else confirm this? Mine: Still.
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