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  1. Following up to my own post... First, it seems that note history is a premium feature, I recently updated to premium, which explains why I did not notice the issue before. It seems that when I search, evernote searches the note history as well. That is search will find notes that include the search terms, if the search terms show up in the history, even if those terms are not in the current version of the note. This is good, although not real obvious as implemented. This is good because if gives the opportunity to search history for confidential information -- so that action can be
  2. Evernote Team and Users, I use the encrypted text feature to encrypt sensitive information in evernote. But I've noticed that the "note history" (control-shift-i -> view note history), will have historical versions with the text unencrypted, which defeats the purpose of encrypting the text. How can I work around this problem ? Is there a way to delete the note history ? If so, could I delete only some of entries in note history, or is it all or nothing ? Maybe I need to create a new note, encrypt the text immediately, and then permanently delete the old note ? no
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